Last Minute Employee Appreciation Gifts

June 29, 2023
jason wolfe
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When it comes to running a company, times can be so busy that both employers and consumers forget how much the employees as a unit do to keep stores and businesses up and running. With this being said, it is important to be sure to show your employees some appreciation every so often, and thank them for all the work that they put into their jobs. Without them a number of places would be unable to exist or even maintain business. As you read on you will learn about some of our favorite gifts for employees.

GiftYa is the perfect place to find digital gift cards to show your employees thanks as well as how much you appreciate them. They have thousands of places to choose from, and you can text it to your employees in seconds, perfect for a last minute gift!

10 Gifts for your employees

Show thanks to your hard working employees with these ideas

1. Food Delivery Gift Card

After all, everyone has to eat Doordash has you covered.

Text a Doordash Gift Card.

Image courtesy of Giftya.

Although there are many different food delivery services to choose from, we recommend Doordash as the gift for your employees. It is one of the leading food delivery services and is hard to go wrong.  Depending on the area that your office is located or where your employees work from home, the possibilities are endless. Some locations even have some grocery stores or big name stores such as Target on them so your employees can order something other than food if they so happen to desire to.

Text a Doordash Gift Card

2. Custom Onboarding Gift

Nothing is more welcoming than a little gift to welcome them to the team

A computer mouse a mug accessories galore, each and every company has a different welcoming gift that they may provide for their employees. Image courtesy of intandem.

As we know, starting a new job can be nerve racking. A welcoming gift can be a wonderful surprise to those who are least expecting it. Some of the common items that companies will include in their onboard welcoming gifts include computer mouses, mouse pads, headphones, mugs, water bottles, notebooks and perhaps pens. The company's name or logo may be located somewhere on the accessories or perhaps the company mascot. These onboarding gifts make the employees feel welcomed and like they chose the right place to work. 

3. Send a reward

This could be a gift card somewhere or small item that expresses your appreciation

Thank yous mean so much more than many people realize. A little thank you gift can mean the world to someone. Image courtesy of etsy.

At varying times of the work year employers may notice that their employees are starting to appear burned out or that they need a little boost of extra motivation. In cases such as these, one of the things they may do is either gift their employees with a Visa gift card or a small box filled with some goodies to show them thanks for all the hard work they put in each and every day.  A few different things one may consider is a box of snacks and goodies or perhaps even something like what is seen above. The best part about succulent plants is that they require little water yet can bring life to the room that they are in.

4. Cinema Box

The perfect decoration for your employees office or use at home.

This gift opens the door for your employees to get creative. With these light up boxes and the letters that come with it, your employee is given the chance to be creative and have their signs light up saying whatever they want it to say. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Now this is a gift that allows your employees to be creative. With the gift they can either keep it in their office as a decoration or they could take it home with them. Either way it permits them to be creative and either have the sign read their favorite quote or a word that means something to them. 

5. Dammit Doll

A positive way to let out some frustration at work.

A toy that is bith a great stress reliever! Image courtesy of 66 nuts.

Do you ever get frustrated at work? We know that we do. If an employer wants to provide a different type of gift for their employees, then this is the way to go. Dammit dolls tend to be fabric dolls, some made of random fabrics like the ones above, and in some cases designed to look like sports fans or cartoon characters. What makes them a unique gift? The fact that they can allow employees to let out some of their frustrations without causing any damage to themselves or their surroundings. A story that we have heard about these dolls is that part of the reason one uses these dolls is that they not only can slap the doll against things, but it is also intended for the user to voice the phrase “damn it” as they use it. They overall are great for employees to release their stress as well.

6. Travel Mates

The perfect gift for those who are always on the go.

A great small case that allows for you to easily transfer your charger along with a power bank for your phone. Small enough to stick in your purse or brief case. Image courtesy of snacknation.

Does your company require your employees to travel often? If so then this is a great gift for you to consider for your employees. Travel mates are miniature travel kits that tend to include a power pack, a USB plug, a luggage tag and even a bluetooth tracker among other potential accessories. Employees would both be pleasantly surprised as well as appreciate this kind gesture. The kit is small enough that it allows for people to easily slip it in to their backpack or carry on and comes with the accessories organized in a way that allows for them to have quick access to these items while waiting at the airport, or while sitting in the back of an Uber or Lyft as they are traveling from one location to the next.

7. Popcorn Kernel Set with Seasoning

A great movie night snack for a night off, or even a mid day treat

A tasty mid day treat that can be salted or flavored with seasoning to ones liking. Image courtesy of kitchen kettle village.

When the holiday season comes around it can be hard to come up with a good pick me up to boost employee morale as things become busy and the work quarter is coming to an end. With this being the case, a popcorn kernel set with seasoning is a great gift to give/send out to employees. Not only does it show that you are acknowledging work with this little pick me up but it's also a great little treat for them. Popcorn makes for a delicious little snack as well as a great movie night treat. Your employees will be able to pop it at their own convenience and add a seasoning of their liking.

8. Blue Light Glasses

Protecting your eyes as you work at your computer.

Keep your eyes safe and use bluelight glasses to protect your eyes while using your computes, tablets or while watching television late at night.Image courtesy of Amazon.

Are your employees required to spend a majority of their work day in front of a computer? Sending out emails, or analyzing data, their eyes slowly start to become strained as they sit there throughout the day working away. If this describes your employees work then this is the perfect employee gift for them. Blue light glasses will not only help protect their eyes as they work on their computers but also prevent them from too much strain. The light that computer screens project can cause both eye pain and headaches, by wearing these you can help prevent that.

9. Portable Chargers

For those constantly on the go.

Great for those who are prone to using more of their phone battery than they anticipate at any given time. Image courtesy of flashbay.

It is always a bummer when your phone's battery is low or goes down completely when you are out running around for work or on those rare occasions where you forget your phone charger at home and are working from the office. We have all been there at one point or another, if you haven’t found yourself in this situation, you should consider yourself to be very lucky. 

Keeping this in mind, employers can order in bulk core power banks for their employees. If they follow the link above or look further into it themselves they will find that they can order custom chargers that have their companies name or logo on it making it unique to their company. By gifting this to their employees, they are making it so that they can easily keep the portable charger in their desks or their travel bags. The main caveat that they may find is that their employees may forget to charge the power bank leading to a different set of circumstances.

10. Personalized Visa Card from Gift Card Granny

Makes the cards more special, text a personalized gift card

Did you know that it is possible to make personalized Visa gift cards? Many people don’t. If all else fails we highly recommend that employers consider ordering a bulk order of personalized gift cards for their employees. They can have a picture on them for whatever the occasion may be that you are ordering them for. Or if they are something that you are planning on having around throughout the year, you could also have the company name or mascot printed on them. Gift cards are a great go-to for any occasion or even for a weekly office raffle. It’s up to the discretion of the employer how much they feel like making the gift cards worth. Best part? Most people don’t turn their nose to money that can be spent anywhere.

Text a gift card.

After reading through this we hope that you have been inspired as well as given some ideas of potential gifts for the hardworking employees who work for you. Remember, business wouldn’t be able to run without their contributions to the company!


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