Last Minute Closing Gifts A Client Would Love to Get from A Realtor

You’re almost as happy that your client has finally found a place as they are, so help them celebrate this special moment!

A client realtor relationship is an important one, and one that you probably want to cap off with a great gift. You’ve been working with your client for months to help them find a place, and now that they’ve found one, it’s time to celebrate! This is a great moment for everyone involved, but no one is feeling as accomplished as your client is right now. You can make this moment an even better one for them with a great gift. 

Buying anyone a gift at the last minute can be rough, and you may worry that you won’t get something good in time to make a lasting positive impression, but we have scoured the internet to find you great housewarming gifts that can be delivered at the last minute. As long as you trust us, you will have an amazing gift to send off to your client in no time, so keep reading for some last minute gift ideas!

1. A Restaurant Gift Card from GiftYa 

A  good restaurant trip is always a great gift. 

Send someone a GiftYa gift card

couple eating burgers
Send someone straight to their favorite restaurant. Image courtesy of Florida Today

When you’re stuck on deciding what kind of gift card to get your client, try a restaurant gift card. Everyone can appreciate a good restaurant trip from time to time, and you can easily give someone a great restaurant experience by getting them a restaurant gift card from GiftYa. GiftYa is a digital gift card supplier that makes gift card purchasing really quick and easy. When you go onto their website, you can pick out what you want the gift card to look like and what restaurant your client can use it for. 

You will then text or email the gift card straight to your client, and they will get to use it from their phone right away. GiftYa offers gift cards for a number of chain restaurants and local restaurants alike. You can get a gift card for Red Lobster, Longhorn Steakhouse, Pollo Loco, The Oven, and many more places. If your client happens not to be in the mood for the restaurant you chose, GiftYa even offers them an option to switch it out for another one!

Send someone a GiftYa gift card

2. Espresso Machine

Get your client’s days started off right. 

Espresso Machine
This will start someone’s day off right. Image courtesy of illy

Coffee is something that most people drink just about every day, but not everyone has an espresso maker. An espresso maker is a gift that someone might not know they even needed until they get it. The chance to have cafe quality coffee in your own home is a huge upgrade, which is what makes an espresso maker such a great gift for this occasion. 

This espresso and coffee machine from illy is compact, smooth, and minimalistic. It won’t take up very much space in a small kitchen, and is easy for anyone to use. Having high quality coffee from home will be a valuable change for someone and they’ll be thankful that you made it happen. This espresso machine also comes in four colors, blue, red, white, and black, so you can find one that suits a variety of new homes. And last minute shoppers can have it delivered in just a day or two!

3. Meal Kit Delivery Service

A meal that customers are guided into perfecting. 

Meal Kit Delivery Service
You can make this with almost no prep time. Image courtesy of Food & Wine

One of the rooms your client will need to break in is the kitchen, and you can help them do that with a meal kit delivery service. A meal kit delivery service will allow your client to make delicious meals with little preparation. The ingredients are usually pre portioned so that you can easily put together whatever meal is on the menu. 

With most meal kits, customers will have a choice of many different meal options. Whatever someone’s preferences, you can tailor their food delivery to suit their tastes. You can select their diet preferences and pick out their favorite meals to make sure that they really enjoy their meals. And there are many different food kit delivery services available to choose from. A few popular ones are Hello Fresh, Daily Harvest, and Blue Apron. You can always check out their menus before ordering to make sure they make a good fit!

Get a Blue Apron Gift Card

4. Bottle of Wine

A bottle of wine is the perfect celebratory companion. 

Glass of wine
Everyone enjoys a glass every now and then. Image courtesy of My Recipes

When in doubt about a gift to get, go with a bottle of wine. Wine is a great gift for someone starting their life in a new home. Your client can drink it to celebrate their new space and the end of a stressful house hunting period. Wine is a gift that you can easily find a quality version of to give as a gift at the last minute. You can always walk into your local wine shop or you can order from one of the popular wine retailers online. 

One place you can buy some great last minute wine is Instacart. They offer pinot noir, bordeaux, and chardonnay along with other great wines. They sell single bottles as well as wine in packs. You can get a 6 pack of cabernet, a trio of rose wine, or one really special bottle. All you will have to do is log into Instacart's app, choose the wine you would like to buy, and then choose a delivery slot. You will most likely have it delivered within two hours!

5. Folk Art Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs that will help a new place feel like home. 

two stack of mugs
Fun mugs add a lot to a kitchen. Image courtesy of Natural Life

A mug is something that everyone needs, especially when they’re moving into a new home. They could be moving with an existing collection or with nothing, but either way, they would appreciate a few new mugs. They would especially appreciate these folk art coffee mugs. These mugs are fun and creative and can brighten someone’s mornings. 

These mugs are hand sculpted and made to look like a variety of creatures and things. There is a hedgehog, a whale, a mushroom, and more unique designs. With this set, your client can enjoy coffee, tea, or anything they drink in the morning as soon as they walk through the door. This mug set will make a great display if left out in the open, and you can have it expedited and sent to you as soon as possible. 

6. Personalized Classic Arched Walnut Board with Juice Groove

This walnut board is a high quality prep tool that can be customized. 

Classic Arched Walnut Board
This makes a great cooking companion. Image courtesy of Cutting Board

A cutting board is one of the most important items in the kitchen, so get one for your client so they can start cooking in it right away. It is the base item that is needed to prep every meal, so lacking one can make cooking pretty much impossible. This personalized walnut cutting board will be the perfect meal prep tool for a new home. Using this high quality cutting board can make someone feel like a master chef. 

This cutting board is made with American black walnut and sealed with a protective beeswax to keep the board in top shape for as long as possible. It has a juice groove attached to prevent messes, and there are 9 designs you can choose from to have engraved into the board. And the best part is, you can have this cutting board expedited so that it arrives in just 1-3 days!

7. Relaxing Coast & Coconut Spa Set

This spa set will make you feel like you’re at a beach spa. 

Relaxing Coast & Coconut Spa Set
A spa in one small package. Image courtesy of Harry and David

One way to calm someone after a stressful house hunting experience is to get them a spa set. A spa set will encourage someone to really take care of themselves with luxurious products they may not already use on a regular basis. You can help them have their first positive experience in their new bathroom with a spa set, and the relaxing coconut spa set from Harry & David will definitely do the trick. 

This spa set mimics the scent of a beautiful beach and contains several items that will make someone feel pampered. It features body lotion, bath salts, a peel off face mask, a sleep mask and more. The fragrance of these items will fill any bathroom space and make it feel more like a spa than a home bathroom. You can even have this spa set delivered within 3 or less days if you choose expedited shipping.  

8. Online Cooking Class

Classes to get a new home life started out with great new meals. 

woman is taking a cooking class
Cooking class is a delicious learning experience. Image courtesy of The Kitchn

For a client who would appreciate learning how to cook, or just picking up a few great new recipes, a cooking class would make a great gift. A class is something that you can sign someone up for at the last minute and have the information for it sent over to them right away. It's even better when that cooking class is online and your client doesn’t even have to leave home to attend!

You can find some of the best cooking classes online. Some of the best options around are Gordon Ramsay MasterClass, Craftsy Cooking Classes, and Sur La Table Online Cooking Classes. Each of these are reputable cooking authorities that provide weeks worth of food education for a great price. Learning to make amazing new meals is a great way for someone to break in their new kitchen. 

9. Custom Doormat

A doormat that welcomes everyone home. 

Make sure that everyone feels welcome with one gift. Image courtesy of Endi Co

One of the first things that anyone sees when they step up to someone’s home is a welcome mat. You can give your client a welcome mat that makes their front door feel complete. This custom doormat from Endi Co might be just what your client needs to set up their front door. Since they are customizable, you can make it say anything you want it to, and even add your client’s name. 

This door mat is hand painted and finished off with a water resistant spray so you can get maximum use out of it. It prevents dirt and mud from being tracked into the house, which makes it useful as well as stylish. This mat is easy to clean and easy to set up, and you can easily preserve its life by keeping it in a covered area. This custom doormat can also be delivered in just two days if you want it to be expedited. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card you can shop anywhere with. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Custom Visa Gift Card

When you simply can’t decide what to get your client as a closing gift, you can always go with a gift card. You can get them a custom gift card from Gift Card Granny that can be used anywhere within just a few minutes. A Gift Card Granny card allows you to add whatever you want to a gift card whether it’s words, pictures, or videos. It will look like you did some work to create the gift card when it was really super simple. It is also delivered within minutes, making it perfect for a last minute gift!

Gift Card Granny makes building a custom gift card beyond easy. Once you visit their website, it takes just a few steps to end up with a finished product that has a personalized message and image on it. You can add a personal photograph and message to a Visa or Mastercard, add in the amount of money you want on it, and then you’re ready to send it. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Buying your client a closing gift at the last minute might leave you feeling stuck, but we are sure that your client is likely to appreciate any of the gifts on this list. All of these gifts can be delivered within days and will make your client’s space feel more like home than before.

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