10 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Overworked

Stress-Relieving, Life-Organizing, Relaxation-Inducing Presents Any Overworked Loved One Will Be Happy to Unwrap this Christmas

For the chronically overworked, Christmas may not hold the joy and cheer that everyone else seems to enjoy. After all, when they’re constantly snowed under, gift shopping and holiday parties are just another item to put on their to-do list. Not that they don’t love seeing their loved ones – they just need a little help taking the stress off this holiday so that they can really get into the spirit of things!

If you know somebody who is overworked – and let’s be honest, in this economy we all know somebody like that – and you want to get them a great last minute Christmas gift, then you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here.

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But that’s enough about that – let’s get right into our list of great last minute Christmas gifts for the overworked that brought you here today. And as always we appreciate the click and thank you for reading!

1 - Dinner Out At A Nice Restaurant

Even the Chronically Overworked Have to Eat!

Going out to eat is always a nice treat – and nobody needs to sit back, relax, and let someone else cook for a change more than the overworked person you know and love.

Taking someone out to eat is a simple but heartfelt gesture. After all, a meal is so much more than a meal – it’s a chance to step away from their stress, to connect with someone who cares about them, to enjoy the nourishment that will sustain them through their next project.

If you know what their favorite kind of food is, all the better – take them to get bao buns at an Asian Fusion restaurant that’s an upgrade for their go-to general tso’s, or grab a nice steak dinner instead of letting them order in fast food burgers (again). 

No matter where you choose to take them, they’ll surely appreciate the gesture – perhaps more than stuff that will just accumulate, need to be straightened up, and ultimately turn into another chore – and it should only take an hour or two of their time.

GiftYa Recommends: Complete the gift with an Outback Steakhouse gift card so they can relax and eat a Bloomin’ Onion any time they want. No Outback near you? A convenient digital LongHorn Steakhouse gift card is another great way to go.

2 - Calm

Give Them the Gift of Meditation and Mindfulness This Christmas

Get a Calm gift card 

Mental health isn’t exactly something you can wrap up and put under the tree. Thankfully, Calm is the next best thing. 

The app – rated highly across app stores and winner of several awards – makes mental health easy. Through short guided videos and exercises, Calm will help them chip away at improving their mental health day by day with lessons to teach them mindfulness and meditations that will soothe their frayed nerves. 

With content personalized to their needs and goals, the overworked individual in your life can achieve better sleep, feel more present in their life, and manage the stress and anxiety that keeps them perpetually at their keyboard. This is the Christmas gift that just keeps giving… them peace of mind throughout the rest of the year!

Get a digital Calm gift card 

3 - Best Buy

New Tach = Working Faster = Done Sooner

Buy a Best Buy gift card 

Staying on top of the latest tech can feel like an uphill battle with new releases coming every year. But when obsolescence finally comes for their poor equally overworked laptop, the cell phone that’s always firing off emails, the printer that has never sat silent – they’re going to need a replacement, fast. That’s why a gift card to Best Buy makes for a practical gift they’ll definitely appreciate.

No matter what gizmo or gadget is on their list, they’ll find it at Best Buy – from a smartwatch to track their heart rate and remind them to get up from the desk to headphones that block out the noise so they can get in the zone, from a Dyson air wrap to make pre-work hairstyling a cinch to video games that will help them unwind after they’ve logged off for the day. 

Buy a digital Best Buy gift card 

4 - Spotify

Music to Help Them Get Into Their Flow State

Send a Spotify gift card 

The link between music and entering a flow state – when everything else falls away and you’re performing your best – has been well documented. A quick search will reveal conversations on the subject everywhere from Reddit to music magazines, held by computer programmers and INTJs and corporations. But how do they actually achieve it?

A good playlist is the first step. And Spotify is one music service that has plenty of playlists curated by users and employees to help them get focused and do their best work, like:

When you get them a Spotify gift card, they’ll no longer get ads interrupting their music. Whether they’re sitting at their desk or sweating it out at the gym, on their grind or in the car, they’ll find something in Spotify’s 100 million+ songs to keep them on their A game.

Send a digital Spotify gift card 

5 - Video Games

Help them Escape Their Day to Day Responsibilities for a little while

Get a Gamestop gift card 

A couple sitting on chouch while playing video games
Sorry to folks who think video games promote violence – a majority of users actually report that gaming provides much needed stress relief for them!

Gaming sometimes gets a bad reputation thanks to gory games like Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty. But studies have shown that video games do not, in fact, create a stress response – they actually decrease stress levels. This information came to the forefront during the pandemic, when online gaming was a safe way to connect with loved ones – for some people, a lifeline.

And while the overworked person in your life probably gets their social interaction in the office these days, video gaming remains a powerful (and fun) way to escape from the mundane stresses of daily life. Casual games like Bloons and Super Meat boy as well as cozy games like Gris and Stardew Valley can be particularly relaxing. 

And what could be a better way to temporarily leave work stress behind than to build an aesthetic island, make friends with villagers, and water crops in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Honestly, we can’t think of any. In fact, some mental health professionals incorporate video games into therapy.

GiftYa Recommends: Know their favorite platform? Get a digital Xbox Live gift card, Playstation gift card, or Nintendo eShop gift card to round out the gift and support their stress-relieving hobby.

6 - StubHub

Help them Let Their Hair Down at a Live Event

Send a StubHub gift card 

Live events can be a great way to unwind after a long day of work. In fact, 62% of people say attending a concert would make them happy and 75% that memories are the best part of a live event. Whether they’d rather headbang at a rock concert or lol at a comedy show, catch the home team’s big game or immerse themself in a little theater, they can get tickets on StubHub

Plus, with StubHub’s Fan Protect guarantee, they don’t have to stress about their tickets… like ever. They can buy and sell with confidence, enjoy customer service all the way to their seat, and know that every order is 100% guaranteed.

Send a digital StubHub gift card 

7 - A Meal Delivery Service Gift Card

For When They’re Working Right Through Dinner

Get an Uber Eats gift card 

Picking up the tab for the next time they order dinner to their desk is a gift that any overworked person will appreciate.

The shadows are getting longer; this time of year, it’s probably even dark outside. The office has cleared out. A lone member of the janitorial staff walks from cubicle to cubicle, sweeping, when he sees the glow light of a computer screen left on. He turns into the office only to find… your overworked person still slumped at the keyboard, stomach grumbling.

Okay, so this might be a slight exaggeration, but in all seriousness, long hours get hungry. About 20% of your daily caloric intake goes to keeping that supercomputer between your ears running. So the more they’re using their mental muscles, the hungrier they’ll be.

With an UberEats gift card, they can refuel whenever they need to – whether it’s a lunch break or they’re at the office after hours.

Get a digital UberEats gift card 

8 - Amazon

A Little Bit of Anything They Might Need

Grab an Amazon gift card

We all know Amazon. We all know the two-day shipping. It makes a practical gift for the overworked person in your life that they can use on anything from shoes to pencils.

Grab an Amazon gift card

9 - Tickets to the Movies

Give them Two and a Half Hours of Escapism

Grab a Cinemark Theaters gift card 

Going to the movies is like stepping into another world for a few hours – exactly what they’ll need this Christmas. 

How better to escape work stress over the holidays than to be transported into another world at the movies? The holidays are a big season for movie releases, considering studios know people will be spending time with loved ones and have more leisure time than they typically do. So why not let the overworked person in your life catch a new flick before heading back to the old grind?

Grab a Cinemark Theaters gift card 

10 - Visa

Give the Gift That’s as Good as Cash

Build a custom Visa gift card 

Accepted anywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted, giving a Visa gift card is like giving cash, only it looks way nicer. That means your chronically overworked loved one can use it to restock their desk before their next project or head to a spa for some much needed R&R. They can pick up a new hobby or learn to meditate. The choice is totally up to them.

With Gift Card Granny’s build a card feature, you can create a gift your neighbor will be super happy with in no time. Choose from an expert created design or add your own photo and message.

Most custom gift cards print the same day and ship out the next, so you’ll have the ultimate gift in hand before you can even deck the halls.

Build a custom Visa gift card 

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Overworked!!!

I hope something on the list looked right for the overworked person in your life. I really tried to come up with options that I thought would help them unwind and maybe let some of their work stress go. I am hoping these gift ideas will provide them with a sense of relief and joy rather than the stress and anxiety they are used to every other day of the year. It’s Christmas damn it and they deserve a day to relax just like everybody else.

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