Last Minute Christmas Gifts That Will Bring Him Joy

November 6, 2023
Gift Ideas
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Christmas is a time that should be filled with fun and joy, and that can be tough to accomplish when you’re stressed. If you’re stressed out about buying a decent last minute gift for the guy in your life, it will put a damper on the holidays. You wanna knock out gift shopping with as little stress as possible, even if you slipped up and waited til the last minute. We can help you get the right gift for your guy, and have it delivered in the nick of time. Keep reading to find out about some great gifts you can buy when you’re almost out of time!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

Let the guy in your life choose his own gift. 

Get a GiftYa gift card

GiftYa Gift Card
Send him a gift card in minutes. 

A Christmas gift for the man in your life can turn out to be a gift card. If you send a digital gift card with GiftYa, he can choose to buy whatever he wants. GiftYa is a digital gift card supplier that makes the gift card purchasing process quick and easy. It will only take you a few minutes in total to pick out a gift card, the store, and send it right to him! GiftYa offers so many options for places to shop from, you can easily find the right place for your guy. 

With GiftYa, you can purchase a gift card online and text it straight to his phone within minutes. GiftYa will let you choose between many local and national establishments, some of which might already be among his favorites. Some of those places are GameStop, Baskin Robbins, and Best Buy. He can shop to his heart’s content at one of the many great establishments on GiftYa. 

Get a GiftYa gift card

2. Trip To A Restaurant 

A  good restaurant trip is always a great gift. 

couple sitting at restaurant
You know his favorite restaurant, so go ahead and take him there. Image courtesy of Florida Today

One gift you can never go wrong with is a visit to a restaurant. Everyone can enjoy visiting a restaurant on occasion. It is a fun change from everyday life to sit inside a restaurant and enjoy some food. On most days, even when you go to a restaurant, you may likely be ordering takeout, so having a nice, sit-in meal will feel like a special treat, even for a Christmas gift.  

Make sure that the restaurant you choose is one that is either his favorite or one that he will really enjoy. Make sure that it is a night he will remember! Go upscale or casual based on his preferences and go with his favorite cuisine. You can even get gift cards for some of the best restaurants out there. For a casual experience, try Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster, or Burgatory. And if you want a more upscale experience, try McCormick & Schmick’s or Wisteria restaurant.

Maybe include a link to one of the restaurants on GiftYa?

3. Personalized Photo Ornament

A picture to hang on his Christmas tree.  

Personalized Photo Ornament
The right picture can bring back some great memories. Image courtesy of UncommonGoods

A gift that is thoughtful and sentimental is a personalized photo stamp ornament. This will allow your guy to have a photo or two of you together on his Christmas tree once it's time to decorate. This gift can be bought from UncommonGoods, and will be delivered quite soon for a custom gift. And if there are to be any delivery delays, UncommonGoods will notify the gift recipient that their gift is on the way! 

You can use any one of your favorite photos to create a photo ornament. Your guy will be reminded of a fond memory that involves you every time he looks at his Christmas tree. The picture you choose will be printed onto plywood, personalized just how you like it, and then turned into the Christmas ornament of his dreams! This ornament has the potential to last forever, so choose your photo wisely. 

4. Drone With Camera

A picture from altitudes he can’t normally reach. 

Drone With Camera
This drone will be loads of fun. Image courtesy of Amazon

If you want him to have a fun gift that he may not have experienced before, try getting him a drone with a camera. With this gift, your guy can feel like he is flying model airplanes again, but this time it is more high tech and can take amazing pictures! Some of the best pictures in the world are taken by drones, and your guy can produce some of those pictures on his own. 

You can get a mini drone with a camera from Amazon, which makes a great last minute gift because you will get it in less than four days. It is easy to use, has a wide lens, a powerful engine, and stable hover technology. Your guy can have a whole lot of fun with this and even capture some of his own home wall art. It even has a quality guarantee and offers you 24 hours of technical support. 

5. Mini Fridge

A convenient way to store drinks. 

Mini Fridge
An easy drink in a small package. Image courtesy of Walmart

For a gift he will be really excited about, try a mini fridge. A mini fridge will make lounging even better when your guy gets to store drinks and snacks right next to him, whether he’s hanging out in the garage, in his bedroom, or in his home office. A trip to the kitchen any time he wants a drink will be something that is left in the past, and happily so. 

This retro personal fridge from Walmart can hold up to six cans inside. It can hold small food items as well, and pretty much anything small that needs to stay cool. If your guy brings food up to his home office and ends up too exhausted to want to take it to the kitchen, that won’t be a problem. If he has friends over, he can just reach over and pass out drinks whenever he needs to. All he has to do is make sure to restock once in a while. A big plus about this cooler is that it will be delivered in just a day! 

6. Portable Espresso Machine

Coffee made on the go. 

Portable Espresso Machine
He can enjoy a coffee even when he’s on the run. Image courtesy of Amazon

Coffee is very likely something that your guy drinks, and you can make it even easier for him to enjoy with a portable espresso machine! Making coffee at home is a great benefit, but making coffee on the go is even cooler. With a portable espresso maker, your guy will never have to be late from making coffee again. He will have quality coffee that he can run right out of the door with on a daily basis. 

This portable espresso machine is compact, lightweight, and works manually. There will be no outlets or batteries involved. This portable espresso machine is simple to operate. All your guy has to do is add ground coffee to the filter basket, add hot water, and apply slight pressure. This container will be easy for your guy to carry around no matter where he’s going that day, and it can be delivered within a day!

7. Beer Glasses

Drink from a glass that represents his favorite city. 

Beer Glasses
His beer and his favorite city in one glass. Image courtesy of UncommonGoods

A set of beer glasses from UncommonGoods will complete his kitchen. If he doesn’t have any beer glasses, these will be a great first set. And if he already has beer glasses, this set is likely even better! If he is a regular beer drinker, he will get a lot of use out of these. Though, of course, he can always use these glasses by himself or with guests even if they aren’t drinking beer. 

These skyline beer glasses will hold your beer inside of a sketch of one of the best cities in the world, New York City, San Francisco, and more! They are from UncommonGoods, and will be delivered within just a day or two. Each of these glasses can hold a full pint of beer so he can just toss his cans right away. With these glasses, your guy can enjoy drinks with whoever he wants at home, and he can do it in style. 

8. Duffel Bag

A bag he can take anywhere.  

Duffel Bag
This bag comes with room for a large number of necessities. Image courtesy of Amazon

When your guy is going to the gym, traveling, or even going to work, sometimes he needs to carry a bit extra. Getting him a duffel bag will make sure that he can carry whatever he needs without having to go out and get a bag in advance for himself. A duffel bag makes a great travel companion that is easy to carry around. He will never be without all the necessities when he has this duffel bag around. 

This black duffel bag from Amazon has room for everything your boyfriend might need to carry on a short, weekend trip. It has handles as well as a removable shoulder strap for ease of carrying, an interior multi-function pocket, and an exterior zipper pocket. This bag will also go well with everything, and look great wherever he takes it. 

9. Foot Massager

A great way to relax. 

Foot Massager
After being on his feet all day, he could use a foot massage on occasion. Image courtesy of Amazon

Something that everyone doesn’t get enough of is foot massages. You can make foot massages a regular part of his life when you get him an electric foot massager. An electric foot massager allows someone to enjoy a foot massage whenever they are in the mood for it. The right foot massager will really help him relax after a long day of work. 

This foot massager from Amazon will knead the foot pain away while also applying heat. It will give him a relaxing experience time after time. It has 6 massage heads and 54 rotating massager nodes, and the heating function can be turned on or off depending on his mood. It is portable and easy to operate, and the power button can be operated with his toes!  

Get a Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa Gift Card

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card that can be used anywhere. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card will make a great gift for him because it will allow him to shop anywhere he wants with no restrictions. Gift Card Granny will allow you to make him a custom gift card that can be used anywhere within minutes. Once you text it over to him, he can put it to use right away. A Gift Card Granny card lets you add whatever you want to a gift card, including a video message, so you can include a fun or positive message. 

Gift Card Granny makes building a custom gift card easy. Just visit their website and you will be taken through a few steps that will leave you with a personalized gift card with a message and image on it that he will really appreciate. Once you choose whether you want a Visa or a Mastercard, you will then add in the money, add your messages, and then you’ll be ready to text it right to him. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A Christmas gift can be stressful to buy at the last minute, but with this gift of great options, there is no reason you can’t still get him something he will really enjoy. Show the special guy in your life just how much he means to you with a gift that will make him feel appreciated.


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