Last Minute Gifts You Can Give To A Business Associate

The workplace can be a good place to exchange gifts.

A business relationship is an important one, and sometimes sending gifts is how you show someone just how important they are to you. Whether you work in the cubicle next to someone, own a business with them, or are a fan of patronizing their business, you will come across an opportunity to give them a gift at some point, and you should make the most of it. Don’t let this moment to get a really great gift pass you by just because it's the last minute. Keep reading for some great last minute gift ideas for a business associate!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

Someone gets to choose their own perfect gift. 

Send someone a GiftYa gift card

This is the simplest way to make a digital gift card purchase. 

A gift card is always a great last minute gift because it gives people options. GiftYa allows you to buy and send digital gift cards to anyone from a number of great places, so whether your business associate is in the market for new office wear or food, you can make it happen. All you have to do is go to their website and add what you want to the gift card. With GiftYa, gift card recipients can switch the store if they’re in the mood for something else. 

With GiftYa, you can text or email a gift card straight to someone's phone. They'll get it wherever they are and will be able to use it right away. GiftYa offers gift cards for all kinds of local and national establishments that anyone you know is bound to like. Some of those places are Office Max, Michael’s, Hulu, Staples. They have so many options that it is clear they have something for everybody.

Send a business associate a GiftYa gift card

2. Mug With Lid

Keep drinks warm for much longer. 

This mug would be nice enough on its own, but with a lid, it's even better. Image courtesy of Amazon

Everyone can appreciate a new mug, especially one that’s great for work. Sometimes your business associate will need to have a drink at work, but when they use the average mug, the heat escapes it fast and they will be stuck with a cold drink. With a lid, a hot drink will stay that way for a long time, giving them time to get work done as they sip. Or if they were to have to leave their drink for a while, they won't come back to something cold. 

This ceramic travel mug from Amazon will make a great desktop companion. It offers 17 ounces of room along with an elegant appearance. It will look great sitting on a desk and be sturdy enough to last for years to come. With this mug and lid combo, a person can enjoy coffee, tea, or anything else they like to drink while they’re working. This is a gift that can be used every day. It will even be delivered within two days.  

3. Food Delivery Service

A meal delivered within minutes. 

Get an UberEats gift card

This can be you in under an hour. Image courtesy of Farris Marketing

If your coworker is often busy, they may not have time to make themselves food all the time. You can give them a meal or two as a gift by paying for it yourself. You can type in an order on your phone, type in someone’s address, and have it sent right over. You can get this gift for them at lunchtime, giving them a delicious lunch that they didn’t have to leave the office for. All they have to do is make a few selections on an app, and they will have food there within an hour!

There are several food apps for you to choose from, but some great ones are GrubHub, DoorDash, and UberEats. Through the app, you will filter out the foods they like, whether that’s Chinese food, Uzbekistan food, or Italian food. You can even send them a link through one of these apps so they can let you know just what they would like to eat for lunch. 

Get an UberEats gift card

4. Black Work Tote

A simple tote can be a big help. 

Get a Target gift card

This tote was made for holding weight. Image courtesy of Target

Anyone with a job will need to carry things around on occasion, and potentially everyday. A great gift for a coworker or business partner would be a large tote bag. With a tote bag, they will be able to carry anything they need to and from work with no issues. If you know someone who struggles to carry multiple items in their arms all the time, a tote bag will change everything for them. 

This modern work tote handbag from Target makes traveling with belongings easy. It is thick and sturdy, and made to handle a lot. It has double handles for extra sturdiness and pockets on the exterior and the interior. This bag can be carried around each day and can even be used to hold onto groceries on the way home from work. And ordering from Target, you have several delivery options. You can have it delivered to a store for pick-up, delivered on the same day, or within just three days. 

Get a Target gift card

5. Duffel Bag

All your travel packing needs can fit in one bag.

This bag has plenty of room for a weekend’s worth of clothes. Image courtesy of Target

On occasion, your coworker or a business associate might need to go away on a business trip, and that is why a duffel bag makes a great gift. With a duffel bag, they can pack up everything they need for a weekend away and still have extra space. It will also be easy to carry on whatever form of transportation someone is using. With the thick, comfortable straps, you can throw a stuffed bag over your shoulder. 

This black duffel bag from Target will suit anyone’s short-term travel needs. It was made for style and comfort, and to provide great storage space. It has double handles, a zip top closure, interior zip up compartments, and even a water bottle pocket. It will make packing for traveling a breeze and keep belongings safe. 

6. Wearable Blanket

This blanket doesn’t look so obvious. 

This is as comfy as the average blanket, but doesn’t look like one. Image courtesy of Amazon

A warm and cozy blanket might seem counterintuitive for a business gift, but resting is a crucial part of getting work done. Not only that, but some workspaces are so cold, someone may work a lot better when they warm themselves up. When you’re looking for a good blanket, all you need is something soft and warm that will keep your business partner from freezing. You will need a blanket that is small enough to use in a work space but still warm enough to counteract the force of the office building’s AC unit. 

But for the office, something even better than the average blanket is a wearable blanket. With a wearable blanket, no one will know you are in one, so if someone is cold in the office but worried about looking professional while staying warm, this blanket solves that problem. They will feel more comfortable knowing that no one can tell they are in a blanket, and will therefore get more work done. You can have this at your house within two days, making it a great last minute purchase. 

7. Leather Journal

A journal can hold onto a lot of ideas. 

This has space for business ideas and so much more. Image courtesy of Amazon

Anyone who works at any business has a need to write from time to time, and you can help them do that in style. A nice leather journal can make writing more fun for a business partner or coworker. They are likely going to lots of meetings and writing down their meaningful ideas. Leather levels a notebook up by a couple notches. 

This leather journal from Amazon is ready to hold on to anything your business partner has in mind. The paper it has is thicker than normal for durability and 350 pages for maximum writing space. There is also a DATE bar at the top of the journal so that you can hold and navigate through the pages easily. You can also get this journal in two days or less when you buy it from Amazon.

8. Apple Earbuds

High quality musical devices. 

These earbuds are sleek and convenient to use at any place and any time. Image courtesy of Business Insider

Sometimes work is solitary, and there’s a desire to feel separate from the outside world while we get it done. You can give that opportunity to a business partner or coworker with some brand new headphones. A new pair of Apple headphones can be found on GoPuff, where you can have them delivered within just a few minutes. The Apple headphones come with a remote and mic that makes things easy to navigate. 

GoPuff offers several pairs of headphones of different kinds. Even if you don’t want the Apple pair, there are many other options. They have Apple, Beats, and other great brands. These headphones all vary in price, so no matter the price range you are looking for, you can find it on GoPuff. Let your business associate tune out from the noises around them and do some solitary work. GoPuff will have this delivered within only an hour, which is perfect for a last minute buy. 

9. Office Plant

A little desktop pick-me-up. 

This plant will give a desk some life. Image courtesy of ProFlowers

Everyone enjoys a nice looking desk space, but not everyone has time to decorate. You can help a coworker decorate by getting them an office plant. An office plant will add some life to their desk without taking up much space. It will be a welcome addition to the space. And a plant doesn’t have to be tough to care for, so don’t worry about giving a busy friend a gift that takes up too much time. 

Since your coworker is busy with work a lot of the time, the best desk plant option for them is one that requires very little care. There happen to be many plants out there that won’t require too much attention. Some of those options are the pothos plant, a money tree, a monstera, or a cactus. All of these plants mostly need to be watered about once a month and thrive in very little sunlight, the perfect plant for a busy business person. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card that can be used anywhere. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

When you’re thinking of getting a business associate a gift card, it could be a great idea to get a custom one made. With Gift Card Granny, you can send a gift card that can be used anywhere in just a few minutes. A Gift Card Granny card lets you add whatever you want to a gift card whether it’s words, pictures, or videos. It will look more complicated to make than it really was when it's delivered and is delivered in minutes!

Gift Card Granny makes building a custom gift card easy. All you have to do is visit their website, follow the simple steps, and you will end up with a finished product with a personalized message and image on it. You can add a personal photograph and message to a Visa or Mastercard, add in the amount of money you want on it, and then you’re ready to send it right then. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A last minute gift for someone you work with can feel like a tough task, but this simple list can help you get through it. You can have a great gift sent over in no time for someone at work that you really appreciate!

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