Last MInute 50th Birthday Gifts That Get 5 Stars!

10 Ideas for Last Minute 50th Birthday Gifts!

The 50th birthday is a pretty significant one in a person’s life. And as such, I wouldn’t really recommend waiting until the last minute to find them a birthday gift. But hey, in the constant hustle of the modern world I know that sometimes we all lose track of important dates and things can sneak up on us. That is why if you need a last minute 50th birthday gift, I have just the list for you today. Because today I have a list of 10 places I think you can find a last minute 50th birthday gift that still comes off pretty nice and doesn’t seem like you just thought of it at the last minute.

And a lot of the locations on the list today even accept our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards. Which can make a really convenient gift option when you are really down to the last second because of their all digital format. Since they exist solely in a digital format you can just instantly text one to the recipient’s phone. Which means you can wait until the very day you have to give the gift, and still get a GiftYa gift card there in time!

1 - A Classic 50th Birthday Present

Traditionally Gold and/or Gifts That Are Sentimental or Memorialize

50th Birthdays often have a theme of gold or sentimentality about them!

A 50th birthday is obviously a pretty special one. And as such it has become somewhat traditional for gifts given on a 50th birthday to include gold in some fashion, or gifts that are sentimental or memorialize something from the person’s life. There are a lot of different ways you can go about this. But a gold watch, gold jewelry, or gold lighters might be a little out of reach financially. But you could always find them some gold cufflinks, or a nice golden pen set.

Or if you really want to get them something that fits all the traditions of the birthday, but doesn’t break the bank, I would go with printing out a photograph that would be really special to them, and then putting it in a gold frame. I think that way you have a great opportunity to memorialize something meaningful to them, while also still hitting the golden theme of 50th birthdays. And if you choose the right photo for them, this is going to be a gift that they cherish over and over again throughout their life. 

2 - Barnes & Noble

A Book Can Make A Wonderful Last Minute Gift

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If you need to find a great last minute gift in a hurry then I would recommend maybe going with a great book. Barnes & Noble is the nation’s leading book retailer with over 600 locations around the country. So hopefully you should be able to find one close to you. The big upside to Barnes & Noble being such a large chain is that it means they have an enormous amount of options available for purchase. They have everything from Dr. Suess and Roald Dahl to Hemingway and Dostoevsky. So no matter what kind of book you are hoping to get as a 50th birthday present you will be able to find one here!

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3 - Yankee Candle

A Candle Always Makes for A Safe Last Minute Gift

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Yankee Candle is a very popular candle retailer around the country. And while you can always give a candle as a safe gift, I think Yankee Candle offers something a bit more heartfelt than your standard candle. See you can get personalized candles made up. You get to pick out the scent the candle is going to have, and you even get to pick out a photo to make the front label of the candle. And this opens up a wide variety of options for how you can make this gift feel more personal and heartfelt.

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4 - Omaha Steaks

Incredible Ingredient Can Make for A Nice Last Minute Gift

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Omaha Steaks is a company that specializes in sending the highest quality cuts of meat right to your doorstep. And as the name suggests they obviously send steak, but they have a bunch of other options as well. They have burgers, hot-dogs, pork, chicken, sides, seafood, and even wine that they can deliver to your home. Which makes for a nice gift for people of any age, but I think it’s nice for a 50th birthday because it’s making sure they get to ring in their 50th year with phenomenal food. It’s just a really basic ay to help improve somebody's quality of life. Plus they’ll end up saving some money on groceries this way and who doesn’t enjoy that?

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5 - StubHub

Get Them Tickets to Something They Love!

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StubHub is a business that lets you buy tickets to events at all sorts of stadiums, theaters, music venues, clubs, and arenas. And what’s nice about this is that you can get them tickets to something that they will love for their 50th birthday. Maybe there’s a band they loved in their youth that is going on a big tour? Or maybe they are a huge fan of a local sports team or a stand-up comedian. Well you can get them tickets to a big game or a live tour on StubHub. Which means that you should be able to find something that will work for just about anybody. But if you aren’t sure exactly what to get them, you can always get them a StubHub gift card that they can use to pick out an awesome live event they want to attend for themselves. And then that way you don’t have to worry about getting them tickets to something they might not love.

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6 - Bath & Body Works

A Nice Set of Fragrances Makes for A Safe Last Minute Gift

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Bath & Body Works specializes in all sorts of scented products that have fragrances that will make your whole day smell amazing. They have everything from air fresheners and candles to soaps and sprays. I think the best way to use Bath & Body Works for a 50th birthday gift though is to get a set of the person’s favorite scent across a few different products. Maybe get them a body spray, a canle, a soap, and a lotion that all feature their favorite fragrance. And then they can enjoy it all day long if they want to. Or if they want to use it sparingly they have enough to make their whole 50th year smell incredible!

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7 - Dinner At A Restaurant They Love

A Night Out of Dining is A Classic Way to Celebrate A Birthday!

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Dinner out at a restaurant they love is a great way to celebrate somebody for their 50th birthday!

Another great way to celebrate somebody’s birthday is to take them out to eat. So for their 50th birthday you can take them out to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. This is a great way to celebrate somebody and make sure that they know their birthday is significant to you. But if you don’t live nearby them and don’t have the ability to take them out to dinner in person, you can always send them a digital gift card to one of their favorite restaurants. I’ll include links to some nationally popular brands that you can get gift cards to, but be sure to check GiftYa’s website and search for all their restaurants in their area. Because they’ll be absolutely blown away if their favorite local place is partnered with GiftYa and you can send them out for a meal there.

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8 - Airbnb Gift Card

Perfect Last Minute 50th Birthday Gift if They Want to Travel

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If the person in your life is turning 50 and wished they had traveled more in their life as they are reflecting on their life, you can totally solve their problem by sending them a digital Airbnb gift card. Airbnb is an absolutely massive company that has rentals all over the world. They have over 6 million different listings in over 100,000 different cities. They are all over the place. No matter where the person in your life wishes they would have gone, now they can. You can help make a lifelong dream come true with this one and help them check something important off their bucket list. And maybe start a whole new era of travel and adventure in their life!

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9 - Amazon

You Can Get Anything Last Minute At The World’s Largest Online Retailer

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If you have enough time to wait for overnight or 2-day shipping then consider finding them something on Amazon. As the world’s largest online retailer Amazon has over 12 million different items for sale. Which means that you can find just about anything you can think of from Amazon for the person’s 50th birthday. I think one unique idea is to find them a book that is all about the year they were born. Sire they probably know some stuff about it, but I am sure there are tons of fun facts and incredible surprises they will find out about their birth year with one of these books. And there’s a wide variety of different publishers that publish books like these so you should have a pretty good choice of what book you think fits them the best!

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10 - Visa

Memorialize A Memory With Them With One of These Customizable Gift Cards

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There’s two really nice features about these Visa gift cards. The first feature that is pretty fantastic is the fact that they are accepted everywhere that accepts Visa. Which basically means that you can use them everywhere so they are practically just as good as cash.

And the other really nice feature about them is that you can customize them. You can send a custom birthday message along with it and even pick out a photograph to make the front of the card. And this is nice for a 50th birthday because it gives you the opportunity to memorialize them by making the cover of the gift card a photo of the two of you together. And then every time they go to use it, they see the photo and geet reminded of a memory that brings a smile to their face. 

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And There You Have 10 Great Options for A Last Minute 50th Birthday Gift!

Getting a last minute birthday gift for somebody’s 50th birthday is never going to be the easiest task in the world. But hopefully something on the list here today works for your scenario. I tried to find things that were easy enough to put together that you could get them together at the last minute, but that still mostly came off thought out and heartfelt. But if you didn’t find exactly what you wanted to on this list, be sure to check out all the national brands that have partnered with GiftYa because you can instantly text a gift card to any of them. Which makes them really convenient when you need a last minute gift

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