Iron Gift Ideas for Her to Celebrate Your Sixth Year Anniversary

Looking to stick with tradition? We’ve got a list of gift ideas perfect for the occasion!

When big events happen in people’s lives, anniversaries serve the purpose of remembering that day in subsequent years, and there have been many traditions throughout the years people have picked up on to signify the special day in unique ways. 

And for wedding anniversaries there happens to be a long-standing tradition that’s been traced back to the Vicotrian era where for each anniversary you would get your partner “themed” gifts that show off the strength of you two passing another milestone together. For the first year it’s cotton, the second is paper, third is leather, fourth is fruits and flowers, fifth is wood, and sixth is iron which is what we’re here to talk about today! We’ve got some iron gift ideas for her that she will definitely love.

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A Shutterfly Gift Card

Capture your favorite memories in an iron-clad photo album!

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Shutterfly Gift Card

What is a better gift than captured memories on a page? Photos hold a lot of love and the ones couples have taken together are a certain kind of special that should be immortalized, whether it be in a frame, coffee mug, pillow, poster, woven blanket, photo album, or something completely different. 

And luckily Shutterfly is the exact place for that! They offer unique templates for you to put your best photos of you two, her family, friends, and loved ones all together so she can look back at it whenever she likes. You can make it a themed album or have it be a mish-mash of all her favorite moments captured on film. There’s so many cool things you can do with Shutterfly so this gift can be one to go back to many times for future anniversaries and special occasions. 

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There are many different kinds of iron gifts you can get your partner, so we decided to make a list that doesn’t have any particular theme or category, rather this is like a table at a flea market, scroll around and pick the thing that sticks out most to you!

Cast Iron Pizza Pan

  • Who doesn’t love pizza? The ooey-gooey cheese, crusty-chewy bread, and delicious toppings like meats and veggies? There’s a reason why it’s named one of the best foods by many, so what better than to give the gift of many delicious pizzas in the future with a cast iron pizza pan. Especially the Lodge 14” Cast Iron Pizza Pan from Target online for $39.99. Pop your uncooked pizza in the oven on this bad boy and you’ll get the perfect combo of crispy and chewy. 

Hand-Made Iron Flower(s)

Flowers are their own tradition, you get flowers for a number of different occasions and anniversaries are a common one. But the keep up for flowers can get stressful, so what about getting your partner an immortalized flower in iron? There are a bunch of beautiful hand-made flowers out there that will make for a great addition to any home. Here’s a few we liked:

Free Photo Of Man And Woman Smiling Stock Photo
Surprise your partner with an iron gift she’ll love.

Iron Ring Dish

If you have a partner that is big into jewelry and it tends to overflow everywhere then she will definitely love an iron ring dish she can use to store her “everyday” rings. That way she can easily find them and pop them on for the day before returning them to the dish at bed. There are many dishes out there from artists, here’s are ones we thought you might like:

  • From Northern Iron Crescent, they have a Forged Iron Ring Dish for $55.00 that’s handmade and is the perfect size to fit all your favorite rings. You can add a stamp onto the dish lid for a little extra personalization. 

Iron Outdoor Decor

Summer is right around the corner and the time has come to get your lawn and garden looking nice for the season. And what better than to get a few outdoor decor items that’ll make your home pop that also happen to be made of iron!

  • First up we have this Iron Hanging Bird Bath handcrafted in India and sold by Serrv International for $48.00. It’s crafted to have a gorgeous sunburst pattern and features two decorative birds on the rim of the bath’s edges accented with a nice copper finish. 
  • And to go along with your Iron Hanging Bird Bath we have this Eco-Iron Watering Can also from Serrv International for $34.00. It has a similar sunburst pattern and copper-like finish that can complement the Iron Hanging Bird Bath well. 
  • Then we have to finish off our adventure in the garden is this Dandelion Garden Sculpture for $86.60 by Londongardentrading on Etsy and it can be used simply as a nice art piece for the garden or as a bird feeder!
Free Man and Woman Playing on Body of Water Stock Photo
Lots of adventures these past six years- a great moment to celebrate that iron-clad love!

Fondue? We Sure Do!

  • Fondue we think doesn’t get enough credit, sure there is The Melting Pot which is a fondue chain restaurant, but other than that and the occasional party you won’t really see a lot of hype for fondue. But that changes today as we’re introducing this Red Cast Iron Fondue Set from Crate&Barrel for $39.95 which is a great set-up for a romantic night in. Think chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, and all the cheese you could want. 

Cast Iron Cooking Set

  • Sure an iron pizza pan is great, but what about an entire cast-iron kitchen set? From Great Jones they have introduced The Cast-Iron Family which comes with The Dutchess, Dutch Baby, and King Sear all on sale for $330 where you can choose a Mustard, Blueberry, or Broccoli color finish. 

Iron Twist Pendant

  • Everyone loves jewelry, especially jewelry with meaning behind it and this Iron Twist Pendant from Steel Toe Studios for $85.00 is the perfect blend of classy and casual that makes it all the more meaningful. It’s a hand-forged piece made from iron and stainless steel that also has an optional earring set for $63.00 if you want to add to this gift.

Iron Bottle Opener (and Wine)

  • A special occasion calls for a nice drink to pop open like wine, champagne, or sparkling cider and what better than to do a combo gift with this 6th Anniversary Forged Bottle Opener on Etsy by BorsDesignCo retailing at $28.99+. You can add an engraving onto the bottle opener like your anniversary date or your names. 
  • Need some wine to pair with your bottle opener? Join the “Internet’s #1 Wine Club” – Winc! Winc is a monthly subscription service that offers bottles of red, white, sparkling, and rosé just to your specific tastes. Take a quick quiz asking you what your flavor palate is like and they will send you blends they think you’ll love. Get them in the mail every month and enjoy opening the bottles up with your personalized iron bottle opener. 
  • Plus if you guys are big wine drinkers and don’t have a good centralized place to store and show off your ever-growing collection then you can gift her this Vintage 17” Wrought Iron 6 Bottle Tabletop/Countertop Wine Rack for $62.00 from Batstone Home. Holding six bottles, this piece is vintage so it definitely gives a unique “home” feel. 
Free Women Laughing on Beach Stock Photo
More laughs and good memories are ahead, all of these iron gift ideas for her are just the start!

Iron Date Night Dice

  • Looking to spice things up for your next few date nights? Amazon has the 6 Year Anniversary Metal Date Night Dice set for $20.99 where it will give you a combination of 36 date night ideas for you two to enjoy some quality time together. 

Cast Iron Tea Set

  • Does your partner absolutely love tea? If so she will absolutely adore this Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Pot from The Tea Spot for $59.95. It comes in two designs, one is their Blue Dragonfly design with a nice teal color, and the other is their Brown Hobnail design that looks straight out of a tea shop.
  • And if you want a whole set with a bit of a sleeker design she will love this Japanese Southern Cast Iron Tea Set from Umi Tea Sets for $115.68. It’s made from gray iron and molded to perfection. It features one teapot and four tea cups. 

Custom Iron Wall Art

Art expresses so much emotion and love, and there are incredible designers out there that make pieces to reflect anniversary dates that go in line with tradition. The talented people behind Paper Anniversary by Anna V. have a few pieces that will make for a thoughtful anniversary gift:

  • First we have The Brooklyn Tray - 6th Anniversary Tray for $99.00 that has an iron frame and cotton insert with wording of your choice. You can have the inlay say whatever you want. It can hold important things or everyday essentials. 
  • Next we have our first map, the Iron Map with Custom Milestone Memory Markers for $109.00 that shows off the United States. You can add little circle markers in different states showing off where you first met, fell in love, got married, etc.
  • And finally we have, going along the same lines as our previous iron map, the Adventuring Together- 6 Year Iron Map also for $109.00 which instead of just featuring the United States it shows off a world map. So if you are experienced travelers and want to show off your markers for where you first met, fell in love, got married, and more all throughout the world then this is the iron map for you.

And there you go! Those are some delightful iron gift ideas for her that we think she will appreciate. Go with a bit of old tradition for your anniversary and keep up with what you’ve been doing for the past six years.

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