Into the Hipster Scene? Here Are 2019’s Top Spots in Pittsburgh

January 19, 2019
Culture & Art
jason wolfe
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There are so many hipster friendly spots in Pittsburgh, it was hard to pick just 10!

Whether you’re into it or not, hipsters are a cultural phenom that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

As a result, hipster communities have sprung up in cities across the country, including Pittsburgh. No stranger to accommodating various subcultures, Pittsburgh is well equipped to offer entertainment options that appeal to the hipster soul.

GiftYa has found the 10 most hipster things to do in Pittsburgh, and we can proudly say that we offer personalized gift cards to all the places featured on this list. Have fun out there, hipsters!

1. Randyland

location icon

1501 Arch St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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Mon-Sun 10am-Dusk

If colorful, public art is your thing, then make sure to stop by Randyland in the Northside neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Randyland is like an unintentional Pittsburgh institution.  A landmark that everyone knows and is protective of...

Started in the 1990s by artist Randy Gilson, this previously condemned house and surrounding gardens has been transformed into a living, breathing, community art project. Everything in it has been repurposed and given a fresh coat of paint, and all its all done with love and the in the spirit of giving back. There’s no charge to look around, and around every corner is a selfie opportunity!

“...This place adds a bright spot to, not only the neighborhood, but to the city itself.” - Yelp Review

2. Brillobox

Check out this hipster staple in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Bloomfield

Image courtesy of Brillobox
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4104 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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Tues-Sat 5pm-2am
Sun 5pm-2am

This bar in the Bloomfield area is a hipster staple in Pittsburgh, and a must visit for kooky fun.

I've been to Brillo dozens of times and love it every time...

Since 2005 this bar/restaurant has been offering good food served with a wide variety of music and entertainment options. From dream synth bands, to 1980s underground, to hip hop, this little spot is packed for events, so be sure to get there early.

Stop by on Wednesdays for their pub trivia night, and be sure to try the tofu nuggets!

“...Drinks are good and affordable, ambiance is super unique, and I always run into an old friend. The second floor is a good bonus and most of their dance nights are low key but fun. Stopped by for improv last night and it was hilarious. Won't be stopping my patronage any time soon!” - Yelp Review

3. Bayernhof Music Museum

Baynerhof Music Museum
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225 St. Charles Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15215

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Tours by appointment. To schedule a tour, call 412-782-4231

If obscure musical minutiae is more your thing, schedule a tour of the Bayernhof Museum in O’Hara Township.

I've been to the Bayernhof Museum twice, and it’s such a treat! I cannot imagine anyone NOT being entertained by this strange and fantastic house...

Formerly the residence of Chuck Brown, an avid collector of automatic antique music machines, this house is now open to the public for viewing. He designed every aspect of this house, and made sure that each room is full of music machines that can be played for guests’ enjoyment. Some of these machines are over 100 years old and extremely rare collector’s items.

Just when you think this place can’t get any cooler, there’s a secret cave ready to be explored, accessed only by secret door.

“...Self playing music machines, hidden doors, giant Hummel figurines, and that's just the beginning! I recommend this place highly if you want to see some real local wackiness.” - Yelp Review

4. Roller Disco at Belvederes Ultra-Dive

Bust out those roller skates and get ready to roll!

Roller disco at Belvederes Ultra Dive
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4016 Butler St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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Mon-Sun 11am-2am

If you just can’t say goodbye to your roller skates you’ve had since the 4th grade, you’re in luck.

Belvedere's is our go-to place for dancing! This bar has apparently gone through a face lift....

The last Saturday of every month is “Down & Derby” night at Belvederes, a no-frills bar in Lawrenceville, the Pittsburgh neighborhood home to all things hipster.

But this isn’t your grade school skating party, this one allows alcohol on the rink, and dressing up in costumes is encouraged. There is also a waiver you’re required to sign beforehand, but that’s only because of the high percentage of accidental beer spills, so be careful.

“...The vibe is more divey without being a tiny, smoke filled bar. They have two different bars and a TON of space to hang out. The seating is definitely limited, but we don't go to sit ;)” - Yelp Review

5. Trundle Manor

Trundle Manor
Image courtesy of Jekko
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7724 Juniata Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

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Open by appointment only, call 412-916-5544

If you’re looking for weird taxidermy statues or jarred medical specimens, look no further than this self-labeled “roadside tourist trap” art house.

“If you like old medical equipment, goodies in jars, taxidermy and much more...need to go! Great, interesting place, full of stories.” - Yelp Review

The proprietors have turned their house in Swissvale into a museum of oddities, open to the public, where all the exhibits are genuine, no fake props or latex here.

It is also worth noting that Trundle Manor is currently the headquarters of the Secret Society of Odd Acquisitions, so they have no intention of slowing down their collection.

6. Murals of Maxo Vanka

Murals of Maxo Vanka
Image courtesy of Made in PGH
location icon

St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church
24 Maryland Ave.
Millvale, PA 15209

clock icon

Tours Saturday only: 11:30am, 12pm

Labeled the Diego Rivera of Pittsburgh, Croatian immigrant and artist Maxo Vanka’s striking murals adorn the walls and ceilings of this unassuming church located in Millvale.

"These murals are beautiful, important, and necessary to see for anyone in the Pittsburgh area. The tour is a must for any fan of history or art.” - Yelp Review

Layered with images of Christianity, anti-fascism, the horrors of World War I and the evils of capitalism, these paintings make a strong impression on all who view them.

They were almost lost for good due to water damage and dirt build up, but since 2011, the church began the slow restoration process. A must see for the artsy type!

7. Games N’At

the arcade at Games N'At
Image courtesy of Games N’At
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2010 Josephine St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

clock icon

Thurs 4pm-12am
Fri 4pm-1am
Sat 12pm-1am
Sun 12pm-8pm

If you spent most of your childhood playing arcade games, and later video games, then this nostalgic-heavy place is for you.

This place is awesome!! Great for a fun date night or family day! Retro games that will transport you back to a carefree childhood...

Located in the historic Southside Slopes, this little spot also has all the air hockey, foosball and duckpin bowling you can handle.

There is BYOB available, but we suggest rounding out the whole sentimental arcade experience with a big slice of pizza and a pop. You can pay to play by the hour, but it’s definitely easy to spend the whole day there.

“...Make sure you go upstairs for the duck pin bowling. They have a large private room for parties.” - Yelp Review

8. City of Asylum

Artwork on homes by City of Asylum
Image courtesy of City of Asylum
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40 W. North Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

clock icon

Tues-Sat 11am-7pm
Sun 11am-4pm
Monday closed

Where else can you hear exiled writers-in-residence speak about their experiences, pick up a book by an indie press author, or hear from a jazz group from Japan? All of these and more happen at the City of Asylum.

“This is such an amazing concept and place for exiled writers, etc...

Created to make a safe space for ideas to be exchanged and give unrepresented people a voice, it has grown into a thriving community.

Proceeds from purchases at the bookstore help fund the plethora of literary activities offered monthly, so you can be sure you’re helping to keep these cross-cultural activities alive.

“...I've been fortunate enough to see many writers speak here. It's really a privilege to have a sanctuary of this type here in Pittsburgh.” - Yelp Review

9. Jerry’s Records

records for sale at Jerry's Records
Image courtesy of Jerry’s Records
location icon

2136 Murray Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

clock icon

Tues-Sat 10am-6pm
Sun 12-5pm

If you’re a vinyl snob, we have the perfect place to chat about your obsession with knowledgeable staff and add to your 45 collection at the same time. Jerry’s Records has been a staple in the Squirrel Hill community for the past 37 years.

Behold the Holy Grail of Vinyl! If you're a native Pittsburgher like me you've grown up with Jerry's and know how special it is...

Taking the time to chat with customers, and taking a hands on approach to helping them get what they’re looking for are the cornerstones of this intrepid establishment. And this place has a ton of vinyl, estimated at about half a million, in all its varied forms: EPs, 12 inch singles and 45s. With that assortment of merchandise, you are bound to find a couple of gems to bring home.

"...Hours and hours of joy and fun can be spent looking through almost any and all records ever made...I always say if Jerry's doesn't have it then no one does.” - Yelp Review

10. Photo Antiquities Museum

Photo Antiquities Museum
Image courtesy of Photo Antiquities Museum
location icon

531 East Ohio St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

clock icon

Mon 10am-4pm
Wed-Sat 10am-4pm

As its name implies, this little museum aims to preserve and present the history of photography in all its forms.

One of my favorite museums I have ever been to!...

This is your one stop for viewing Daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, lantern slides, stereo views and paper processes. Whether you know the difference between those types of photography, or are just extremely interested in seeing these beautifully preserved images, no hipster-centric list would be complete without place. Be sure to spend some time in the historical camera room as well!

“...I learned SO MUCH about all the different styles of cameras, photographs and the history and timeline of both!” - Yelp Review

Pittsburgh offers a variety of hipster-friendly activities, whether you’re looking to chill out in a bar, spend the afternoon visiting a museum or trying to beat your best score on Asteroids. We hope you’ll take the time to visit these places that speak to your hipster aesthetic. And remember, when you get a gift card to these spots through GiftYa, if the card isn’t used after 6 months you don’t pay! Have you visited any of these attractions? What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments!


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