Incredible Gift Ideas for A Girl’s 16th Birthday

This birthday is a big milestone and you can play a fun part.

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A girl’s 16th birthday can be a huge milestone in her life that she will never forget, and you can help make that true with a gift of your own. A 16 year old girl can use gifts that are practical, gifts that are playful, or gifts that are cool, and that is what our list consists of. Check it out and you will end up with a great 16th birthday present for a girl!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card for a teenager who likes having options. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

GiftYa gift card
Text a gift card to a teenager’s phone and watch her get to it quickly. 

If you are unsure of what to get a 16 year old girl as a gift, you can always get a gift card from GiftYa and let her choose! With a GiftYa gift card, a 16 year old girl can choose her own birthday gift with your money. You will pick out the store, and they will pick out everything else. When you don’t want to make a concrete choice for a gift on your own, GiftYa has got your back.

To get a GiftYa gift card, all you will need to do is visit their website and follow their prompts. In just a few minutes you will be able to text the gift card right over so a teen can shop til she drops. You will get your pick of local and national stores, and she will get to pick out a different store if she’s not a fan of your choice. Try gift cards from Best Buy, The Insomnia Cookies, or Sephora to please a 16 year old girl. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

2. Portable Mini Fridge

A fridge small enough to carry. 

 Portable Mini Fridge
Enjoy cold drinks that are well within reach. Image courtesy of Amazon

A 16 year old girl’s day will be made when she gets a portable mini fridge as a gift. A mini fridge will allow a girl to enjoy cold drinks in the comfort of her room. She will spend less time walking back and forth from the kitchen, and more time enjoying drinks. Her bedroom will be even more complete than before when she has a mini fridge to call her own. 

This portable mini fridge from Amazon can stick with a 16 year old through her high school years and also when she goes off to college. It can carry anything from drinks, food, to skin products, and it is ultra quiet. Now whenever she has her friends over, she can have a six pack of cold sodas ready and waiting for them. 

3. Vanity Mirror

A mirror that’s pretty in its own right. 

Vanity Mirror
This mirror is great to look into and great to look at. Image courtesy of Anthropologie

Most 16 year old girls are at the beginning stages of working on makeup and skincare routines, and they could use a vanity mirror to help them out. A vanity mirror will allow a 16 year old girl to get ready for each day in a mirror made for her face. She will need to place it on a small table or a desk, and then have a seat to really pamper herself. 

This gleaming vanity mirror from Anthropologie will give her space a vintage vibe. It is social media famous and this trendy store’s bestselling style mirror. It’s available in different shapes and sizes, and will make a girl’s room look great wherever it is placed. 

Another option is this light up makeup mirror from Walmart will let a 16 year old girl do her makeup with the help of lights. She will even have the option to choose the type of light she wants. There is the cool white light, natural light, and warm light, so she can test out how her makeup will look under different lighting at home. 

4. Faux Fur Blanket

A luxurious blanket for a special birthday. 

Faux Fur Blanket
This fuzzy, gold, blanket can warm you anywhere. Image courtesy of Anifurry

A girl could use a blanket to cuddle up with, especially one that is luxurious and feels like lying on a cloud. Get her a faux fur blanket and make bedtime for her a lot more furry. A faux fur blanket will feel amazing and add some character and sophistication to the bedroom. 

This faux fur throw blanket is modeled after a golden fox, and almost as soft as one. It is ideal for decorating the bedroom, but also for carrying around on trips she might need a warm blanket for. It could be used in a hotel room or a camping site, and everyone will want to know where she got it from. 

A woven throw blanket from Wayfair will make her a great decoration and bedroom companion. It looks good and feels good, and it will elevate the decor in your living room, bedroom, or wherever you take it. It is tan, ruched, and made of premium microfiber, and when it's not being a great decoration, it is an excellent source of warmth. 

5. Skincare Set

Skincare that leaves skin glowing. 

Skincare Set
These are pretty in the bottle and pretty on your skin. Image courtesy of Sephora.

Age 16 is a time a girl often steps up her skincare regime, and you can help her along with a skincare set. At 16 girls are dealing with all kinds of skin troubles, from pimples to oily skin and clogged pores, and they could use some products that will help them along. Smooth and healthy skin often isn’t easily achieved at this age, but you can help make it happen. 

The blur + smooth duo from Sephora contains two products that can smooth uneven skin, get rid of acne, and balance oily skin. There is the watermelon glow pink juice moisturizer and the strawberry pore smooth blur drops. 

6. Neon Lights

Lights made to light up any girl’s room.  

Neon Lights
This light is colorful enough to stand out in the best way. Image courtesy of Etsy

Neon lights can make any room more fun, and a 16 year old will likely be excited to receive them. Neon lights can change a room’s whole vibe when they are on, and they make great decorative wall hangings during the daytime when they’re not on. They can make a room feel like a party space at night, even if she’s only surfing the web. 

A rainbow neon light will brighten her room in multicolor. The cheerful colors of the rainbow will bring color to her room and send out positive vibes. This neon light will be a cool art piece and a light in the dark all in one. 

One option is a custom neon sign. A custom neon sign can be fixed to say the gift recipient’s name or their favorite quote. It will be declared to everyone who visits whose room it is. 

7. Money Cake

Money in the shape of a cake. 

Money in the shape of a cake.
This is a creative and exciting way to give money as a gift. Image courtesy of CCCreations

Rather than get a 16 year old girl a regular cake, get her one made entirely of money. If you want to give her anywhere from 65 dollars in bills and up, you can get her a one tier, two tier, or even three tier money cake. There are a few places you can get this from. They will put the money cake together for you and then decorate and label it. All you have to do is supply the money. 

Want a three tier money cake with flowers on top? 98Flowers will make it for you. They offer simple and elegant money cakes, each made up of 65 one dollar bills, and topped with roses or chocolates. There is a pink cake topped with roses, a red one is topped with red and yellow flowers, a black cake topped with butterflies and Hershey kisses, and more. 

And if you want to give about 200 dollars, Cc Creations can make you a five tier money cake featuring rolled up bills, straight bills, and folded ones made to look like flowers. They can be made with your choice of theme or color, and all you need to do is give a name, the date, and the type of event, and the gift recipient and your money surprise will turn out perfectly!

8. Laptop Bag

A bag meant to carry an important piece of technology. 

Laptop Bag
Travel in style, whether it's to school or the airport. Image courtesy of Ecosusi

A 16 year old will likely need her laptop more as time goes by, and likely already uses it a lot, so get her a laptop briefcase to carry it in when she needs to take it out. With a briefcase, a girl can carry her laptop from class to home and work without any trouble. It would also make a great travel bag to carry to make laptop use easy in different kinds of locations. 

The Ecosusi briefcase was made for the modern day woman. There is a laptop compartment, a wallet, and a pen slot, not to mention that this briefcase is incredibly stylish. It can transition from a shoulder bag to a backpack, and even to a crossbody bag, and can accompany a 16 year old wherever she goes for years to come. 

This laptop bag from Amazon will keep her laptop safe and make a huge fashion statement. It is cute, light, and made of faux leather, and she will be super excited to open it up!

9. Gloss Bomb Lip Gloss 

Pink lip gloss that makes lips shine. 

Gloss Bomb Lip Gloss 
This lip gloss is pretty and healthy. Image courtesy of Ulta

A 16 year old girl is likely to enjoy a high quality tube of lip gloss as a gift. If she likes having shiny, glossy lips, she will really appreciate a new tube of lip gloss she can wear. Pink lip gloss can go with anything, be dressed up or dressed down, and will make a subtle statement. A lip gloss that can be nourishing and healthy to the lips would also be ideal. 

The Fenty gloss bomb lip luminizer from Ulta is a lip gloss that has the full package. It is super shiny and can add the right finishing touch to your face. This lip gloss is nourishing, has a non-sticky feel, and has an extra large wand to go on swiftly. This lip gloss even happens to smell like peaches and vanilla, which makes it even better. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A gift card with more meaning.

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card will let a 16 year old girl shop wherever she wants, which can sometimes be more exciting than getting a wrapped up gift. She could want some clothes, meals, or accessories, and with this gift card, she will get to do just that. You can also make this card personal, making it even more fun for a 16 year old to shop with.  

Using Gift Card Granny, you can create a custom Visa gift card by following a few simple steps. You will get to choose between a Visa or Mastercard, add a personal image to it, perhaps of the birthday girl herself, then add a personal message, and send the gift straight to their text messages or to their email address. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A 16th birthday is an important day, especially when there’s a celebration involved. Many girls go all out for their sweet 16s, but whether a 16 year old’s event is extravagant or lowkey, she is sure to love one of the options on this list. Make sure to pick out something she will really enjoy, and she will have an awesome 16th birthday!

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