How to Send a Gift to Your Sister: 10 Useful Gift Ideas

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Your sister is one of the most influential people in your life, and you can’t help but want to treat her on occasion. But what if your sister is practical and doesn’t feel comfortable receiving purely aesthetic gifts? Look through these 10 suggestions if you want to send a gift that your sister will use in her day-to-day life, whether she spends most of her time at work, home, or on the go.

  1. Water Bottle and Filter

Reusable water bottles are a classic gift that is sustainable, portable, and great for active sisters who spend their time hiking or exercising. Reusable water bottles come in endless shapes, sizes, and colors. Some, like LARQ’s PureVis bottle, even contain filters or self-purifying mechanisms so you can fill it up on the go without worrying about the cleanliness of the water. Reusable water bottles are also easy for your sister to personalize with stickers, charms, and other decorations.


  1. Kitchen Essentials

If your sister loves to cook or bake and needs some replacement cooking utensils, or maybe just moved into a new apartment or house, why not send her a kitchenware set? Rather than cluttering drawers and countertops with cutlery, it helps to have everything come in one matching set. This cooking set from Material includes an 8” knife, 4” knife, tongs, a wooden spoon, metal spoon, and slotted spatula. You could also have some new glassware, plates, or kitchen towels to make it even more complete.


  1. AirTag

If your sister misplaces her keys, wallet, bag, or other personal belongings, she’ll appreciate an Apple AirTag. Send a gift that will help her keep track of the belongings she already has; AirTags are easily attached to other objects and tracked through an iPhone app.

  1. Reusable Food Storage and Tote Bags

Send a gift that will help your sister reduce her plastic footprint. With single-use plastics causing increasing damage to our environment, more and more people are choosing to place eco-friendly items on their wishlists. Reusable straws and cups are a great way to reduce plastic for drinks, but finding eco-friendly solutions for food storage can be difficult. You can now purchase Tupperware and reusable silicone storage bags that are both environmentally friendly and stylish. In addition, food storage is no longer a solution limited to thin, ugly plastics; your sister will appreciate reusable food bags that come in many colors. If she lives in a state that charges money for plastic shopping bags, you can also gift her a cute tote or expandable mesh bag.

  1. Kettle

If your sister loves her daily morning coffee or tea ritual, she would probably love a new coffee machine or kettle. If she’s used to getting her daily coffee from Starbucks during the morning rush, switch it up and send her a kettle with a steady pour, like this one from Fellow, which will help her slow down and relax.

  1. Tech Organizers

If your sister is always on the go or struggling to keep her abundance of cords and tech organized, get her a BentoStack. This handy organizer includes four layers. It’s large yet compact enough to fit your sister’s phone, charger cords, AirPods, and smartwatch, so she never has to worry about losing a charger cord again. If your sister often travels for work or pleasure, send a gift that will help her contain all her essentials in one place.

  1. Tiny vacuum

If your sister is the type of person, who loves tiny versions of normal objects, that probably means she’s the younger sister (haha). A tiny vacuum might seem like a pointless gift for your sister when she already has a normal-sized vacuum, but just think of all the small crevices and couch corners she’ll be able to reach! Miniature vacuums are absolute, and they do work. They’re easy to find on Amazon; most are battery-powered or corded with a USB attachment.

  1. Backpack

If your sister does travel often—maybe she’s outdoorsy and likes to camp, or perhaps she’s always on a plane flying to some new location—consider buying her a new backpack. Many durable and sustainable bags are perfect for transporting an overnight set of clothes, a notebook, and a computer for work, or outdoor gear, depending on your sister’s lifestyle.

  1. Lint Remover

As crazy as it may sound, rug-scraping lint removers have been going viral on TikTok. These special removers are usually used to scrape dog and cat hair out of rugs and carpets without damaging them, but they tend to pull up all sorts of gross (and satisfying) dirt and debris in the process. Nevertheless, this is a gift that your sister will use, especially if she has pets or likes to keep her house spotless.

  1. Coasters

Coasters are one of those essentials you don’t realize you need until you don’t have them. So if you’re looking for a creative twist on this item, check out these scented coasters from Otherland. They come in a pack of five different scents—Daybed, Chandelier, Rattan, Kindling, and Canopy—and if your sister decides she loves one, in particular, Otherland offers full-size candles too.

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