How to Make A Great Graduation Cap Gift Card Box For Someone’s Special Day

You can make graduation day even more special for someone with a great gift!

When a friend or family member of yours is on their way to graduating, you might want to give them something to make their day feel special. This is one of the biggest days of their lives and a day they will always remember. You can help this day feel special with a graduation cap gift card box! A graduation cap gift box is a fun way to give someone a graduation gift. You will put together a makeshift graduation hat filled with treats of all kinds. The main gift will be a gift card, but you should make the box exciting to open. 

You can really put anything you want to into a graduation cap gift card box. You can go with multiple gift cards or just one, and you can go wild with it, or go a more traditional route. The goal should be to make it colorful and fun to open. The day will already be an exciting one your friend is looking forward to and a fun gift like this will be guaranteed to add to the positives of the day. And we have some great ideas for you! 

How do you construct a graduation cap gift card?

You will need a few supplies and techniques to do this. 

This colorful display makes a great set of gifts that are bound to put smiles on everyone’s faces. Image courtesy of Abby Kirsten

This is a gift that you will have to make on your own. It will be a fun creative project and show your friend how much you care about them through the work you put in. And luckily, this isn’t a project that will be very difficult to pull off. It won’t take much time and won’t take very much effort. This is a very simple DIY gift that can look great despite the minimal work needed to complete it. You will just need a few supplies and a template for how to use them to make the perfect replica of a graduation cap. 

Supplies needed:

  • Cardstock paper
  • Scrapbooking tape
  • Glue sticks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Filling

How to put it together. 

The cardstock paper will be used to shape most of the cap box. It will be ideal to choose the colors of your friend’s school for the cap. You will need to fold up the papers and use glue or tape to stick them together to make the bottom part of the hat. Then you will seal the bottom with paper that you cut to match the shape of the papers sealed together and then fill it up with everything you bought to put inside of it. And then you will seal the top with a whole piece of paper positioned to look like the top of a graduation cap. You can  cut some paper that’s a different color from the main cap into a tassel shape and stick it on top. 

What should be in a graduation cap gift box?

A graduation cap gift card box should be something that is fun to open. 

This looks like a pile of things that will be really fun to dig into. Image courtesy of The Quiet Grove

Every graduation cap is different, but there are some  elements that make it a great gift. Some common elements are treats, money, confetti, and gift cards. All of these come together to make the presentation fun and festive for the occasion. So when the person you give it to opens it up, they will open it to a party inside. This way, you don’t just give a gift card without wrapping, and it is a really fun way to wrap a gift card to make it more fun than if it were given away on its own. 


Confetti makes a great addition to the box because it adds a lot of color and excitement to it. When confetti is there as soon as the gift recipient opens it, they will automatically start feeling excited about it. Confetti works for all types of celebrations, whether it's birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations. It is also useful to pack a box like this with confetti to keep it full rather than looking sparse. 


Money is a common graduation gift, and putting it into this format makes it a more creative gift to receive. Rolling up different bills between all the other items in the box will be a fun way to deliver it. Just having a few rolled up bills in the pile will be a nice surprise. And it doesn’t have to be much since the main monetary gift will be the gift card. 

Sweet Treats

When it comes to treats, you can really go with anything. There are so many great sweets you can choose to fill this box with. It would be great if you can get treats that also match with the recipient’s school colors. Or you can go with treats that you know the person likes or treats that come in various fun colors. Mini sized chocolates and candies will work best in a gift like this. 

Gift Cards

The main gift should be one that someone can really enjoy. 

Gift cards can be just as exciting to get as anything else you can give someone. Image courtesy of CNET

Picking out the perfect gift card can be tough because of all the options, but we have narrowed down some of the best options for this kind of gift. You can decide from gift cards for restaurants, department stores, and even spas. Think about what the person you are giving it to likes so you can choose the best option from the list!


Longhorn Steakhouse

For someone that loves steak, Longhorn Steakhouse is a good place to get a gift card from. They serve tender and juicy steaks at amazing prices in a casual setting. They have many different cuts of steaks served with the perfect sides. You can get a ribeye, a t-bone, a porterhouse, a New York strip, or a filet. They also have options that work for if someone is in the mood for something other than steak. This is the perfect place to enjoy steakhouse foods at a lower price than the average steakhouse. 

Get a gift card for Longhorn Steakhouse

Red Lobster

A classic seafood chain restaurant like Red Lobster is always a good choice for a gift card. Red Lobster is a crowd favorite that sells delicious seafood of all kinds. Red Lobster’s food is sourced in ways that are traceable and sustainable, and served in ways that make them most delicious. Some menu items you can enjoy there are surf and turf with Maine lobster, blackened Atlantic salmon with shrimp, and red Argentine shrimp. You’ll also find a few delicious desserts on the menu. And you can’t forget their famous buttery cheese biscuits!

Get a Red Lobster Gift Card

Red Robin

If the person you’re making this gift for is a fan of burgers, a gift card from Red Robin will make a great gift. They serve classic and creative burgers for burger lovers all over the country. Their menu offers over 25 different burger options and they have limited time gourmet burgers like the guacamole bacon burger and banzai burger as well as the usual favorites like the southern charm and the whiskey river BBQ. They also offer bottomless steak fries and a great selection of creamy milkshakes!

Department Stores


If you want to get a graduate a gift card they can get just about anything with, go with a gift card from Amazon. Amazon has just about everything that anyone might need, so a gift card to shop there can make a great gift for anyone. They have all kinds of items and brands on the website, all you have to do is look something up and it will pop right up. Not only do they have most things that someone may need, they can also have it delivered right to their door in just a few days!


Depending on what a graduate plans to do once they graduate, Staples could be a great place to get a gift card from. They sell a wide variety of office supplies that anyone can use, especially when they are going back to school or working an office job. With a gift card to Staples, someone can stock up their home office or their office away from home. Staples has pens, printers, paper, notebooks, and so much more that someone can use for practical things. They have all kinds of useful electronics and even furniture that would make a great addition to someone’s home. 


Shoes can make an amazing birthday gift for someone who is graduating, which makes DSW a great place to get a gift card from. DSW offers plenty of great shoes at very low prices. They sell designer shoes at lower prices than what you would find at most department stores. Shoes that someone would normally have to spend hundreds of dollars on can be found there for much less. You will often even find sales there on top of the already great deals. They also have brands like Adidas, Alexander McQueen, Aldo, Nike, Michael Kors, and many more!

Get a DSW Gift Card

Monthly Services


If the graduate you’re making this gift for loves music, a gift card for Spotify is one of the best gifts that you can get them. Spotify is a streaming service that has hundreds of millions of monthly listeners. The app holds just about every song or podcast you can think of on it. All you have to do is type a song or an artist into the search bar and it will come up. A gift card for Spotify is great because the app offers different perks to paying listeners. With a subscription to Spotify, you get to create your own playlists and follow all your favorite podcasts on one app, all commercial free!

Uber Eats

The gift of food is a gift that can be appreciated by anyone! One way to do that is by getting a gift card for UberEats. UberEats is a food delivery service that brings food from nearby restaurants right to someone’s door. It is one of the most convenient ways to enjoy restaurant meals without having to get dressed and leave the house. UberEats can get great food to someone’s home within an hour and has a long list of options to go through when choosing a meal to order. You can also filter the types of food you choose from, so if someone likes Indian food, chicken, or breakfast foods, they can easily choose the right option on the app and search from there. 


Just about everyone enjoys streaming services, so if you can get a new graduate a free streaming service for about a month, they would probably really enjoy it. Everyone needs an entertainment break once in a while to watch something fun. A Hulu gift card will give someone some much needed entertainment when they’re at home. With Hulu, someone can watch fun and popular shows that will keep them entertained for hours. They will find classic shows, classic movies, and many newer ones that are added all the time. They have a section for comedies, for dramas, one for cooking programs, and one for just about every TV or movie genre there is. 

When you know someone who is about to graduate, you might want to get them a gift that makes them feel special. One way to do that is by making them a graduation cap gift card box that is filled with treats and a gift card they will love. Make sure to make the best choice that you can, though just about anything on this list can make someone a great graduation gift!

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