Hostess Gifts That You Can Get Last Minute

A List of Easy to Get Last Minute Hostess Gifts

Bringing a hostess gift to a party is a way to show the host that you appreciate being invited. Afterall, there are billions of people in the world so the fact that you are the shortlist of people the host wants to come to a party at their home is a pretty significant compliment when you really think about it. They are  basically saying to you that you are one of their favorite people by inviting you. So giving them a hostess gift is a way to recognize the compliment and show your host your appreciation for the food, drink, and merriment at the party. 

But you might not have known that you were supposed to get a hostess gift until the party is already upon you. Well don’t worry, there are ways to save face. Today we have an article that features 10 incredible last minute hostess gifts that you can find at many major retailers. And if you don't have time to make it to the store, many of these locations accept our digital GiftYa gift cards.

If you haven’t used GiftYa yet we’ll explain real quick. They are basically a gift card that exists in an all digital form. There are lots of benefits to their digital format, but the one that really stands out for your scenario, is that you can instantly text them to the recipient’s phone as soon as you purchase them. And since you can instantly get the gift card to the recipient they make a really great option for last minute gifts.

But that’s enough with the intro, I’ll get right to that last of last minute hostess gifts that brought you here!

1 - Yankee Candle

A Candle Is A Classic Hostess Gift

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If you need a quick and easy last minute hostess gift then I would recommend going with a candle. A candle is a great gift because it's nice and inoffensive. It's impossible for a candle to be too overwhelming in one direction or the other. Sure a candle isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible either. You get the hostess something that shows you are thinking of them, but it doesn’t break the bank either. You get to give a perfectly competent gift and you don’t have to run all over the place to find it.

There are a lot of places where you can buy a nice candle. But the leading candle retailer in the US is Yankee Candle. They have over 55 locations around the country so hopefully there is one that is accessible to you. If there’s no Yankee Candle around you can always try at places like Wal-Mart or Target if you have one nearby. Which brings me to my second option.

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2 - Target

You Can Get A Variety of Inexpensive Hostess Gifts At Target

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Target is one of the largest and most popular retail chains in the whole country. And they are an absolutely massive leader in this industry. If you can’t find a candle at one of the 50 Yankee Candle locations, I’m sure you will be able to find a great candle at one of Target's nearly 2,000 stores around the country.

And you can get a variety of other hostess gifts at Target that are relatively inexpensive. A couple of other options that are similar to a candle are an oil diffuser set and a set of reeds, 

It only takes a second to grab a digital Target gift card when you click the link!

3 - A Nice Bottle of Wine

A Classic Hostess Gift You Can Get At the Last Minute

There’s never really a scenario where having an extra bottle of wine on hand doesn’t help

If you are looking for a hostess gift that is a classic that you can’t really go wrong with, then you can always play it safe and get them a nice bottle of wine. Wine makes a nice hostess gift because it is something that can be enjoyed by everybody that night, it can be saved until the host’s next event, or it can be saved and enjoyed by the host and their significant other. There’s never really a downside to having an extra bottle of wine on hand

4 - Assorted Treats or Beverages

Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Wine, or Honey All Make Great Choices

An assortment of coffees or teas can make for a great last minute hostess gift!

If you want to get a gift that stands out a little bit you can go with a box of assorted treats for the hostess. For instance you can get them a box of nic upscale teas in a variety of styles of flavors. And then they have a great gift that they can enjoy all on their own, or break out the next time they are having a gathering. The same goes for other great treats like coffees, chocolates, and wines. Getting them an assortment of luxurious beverages or chocolates gives them the option to enjoy it by themselves, or save it for their next party and be well stocked to be an even better host the next time.

5 - Barnes & Noble

A Book Can Make for A Great Last Minute Hostess Gift

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Another great option for a hostess gift is giving them a book. And while there are lots of bookstore options out there, Barnes & Noble is really the leading book retail chain in the country. And the nice thing about them being such a large chain is it means that they have a huge selection of different books to choose from. You can get books in every different genre at Barnes & Noble which makes it a really great spot when you need to find a gift for somebody.

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6 - Airbnb Gift Card

A Great Last Minute Gift if Your Host Loves to Travel

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An Airbnb gift card can be a great hostess gift if you know that your host loves to travel. If they are always on the go then this gift will certainly come in handy for them. There are over 6 million Airbnb listings in over 100,000 cities so if they love to travel then I’m sure they use Airbnb on some of their adventures. And you can help them plan part of their next adventure when you text them a digital Airbnb gift card as a hostess gift. The nice thing about Airbnb is that with as many locations as they have, you can really find a little bit of everything available for rental. So they can find everything from log cabins to upscale condos that they can stay in on their next adventure.

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7 - Bath & Body Works

An Assortment of Scented Soaps Can Be A Nice Last Minute Hostess Gift

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Bath and Body works offers all kinds of scented products that are meant to make your world smell luxurious. And you can get the host a box of candles, soap, lotion, and spray that all feature their favorite scent. And this can be a really great last minute hostess gift because you can put it together pretty easily and it comes off really nice and throughout.

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8 - Cinemark Theaters or AMC Theaters

Perfect Hostess Gift for Couples That Are Hosting!

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If you are going to a party that is being thrown by a couple then I really think you can make a great last minute hostess gift out of a gift card to the movies. Cinemark Theaters and AMC Theaters are the two largest movie theater chains in the country which should mean there is one of them close to where the host couple lives. And then when they get your gift, they can go have a nice date night out together at the movies. Which is nice for a couple reasons. First of all, the party they are throwing is an experience you will enjoy, and sending them to the movies for an experience they will enjoy is a nice way to reciprocate. 

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9 - Amazon

The World’s Largest Online Retailer Will Definitely Have A Hostess Gift That is Right for You 

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If you have a couple days before the party, you can always find a great hostess gift on Amazon. The great thing about Amazon is that it is the world’s largest online retailer and as such has over 12 million different items for sale. And somewhere in that 12 million items I am sure they are going to have a great hostess gift for you. Everything from candles and oil diffusers to books and home goods are available on Amazon. So as long as you have enough time to wait for the overnight or 2-day shipping on most of their products, I am confident you will be able to find a nice hostess gift right on Amazon.

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10 - Visa

These Customizable Visa Cards Makes A Heartfelt Last Minute Hostess Gift

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If nothing else on the list looked right to you, you should consider sending them one of these customizable Visa gift cards. The nice thing about these cards is that they are accepted everywhere that accepts Visa. Which basically makes them as good as cash. But unlike cash, you can send them with a customizable message and even pick out a photo to make the front of the card if you want to get them a physical card. And then you can pick out a heartfelt photo that you think the hostess will appreciate. Maybe a great memory of the two of you together or a throwback photo of one of their prior events.

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And There You Have A List of 10 Great Options for Last Minute Hostess Gifts

Hopefully something on the list today works for the hostess in your life that you need to get a last minute gift for. Hostess gifts can be kind of an odd gift to have to buy because they are something you want to get something nice for, but also one that you don’t want to over or under do it on. So I tried to come up with some options that are nice enough to qualify as a hostess gift, but not ones that are really going to break the bank. But if you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for one th list today, be sure to check out all the national brands that have partnered with GiftYa because you can text the host a gift card to any of them in just a couple of clicks!

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