Hard Work Deserves A Reward, Especially These Last Minute Corporate Gifts!

Reliable team members deserve to have their efforts recognized and that’s what our list today is for.

Nothing is more stressful than realizing a corporate holiday is coming up or a big event is happening and you need gifts. Specifically gifts for either employees and/or clients. You don’t want your last minute corporate gifts to feel, well- last minute, and there are many different routes you can take, so we’ve made a list with 10 different gift ideas that can work for clients, employees, or both!

One of the fastest and easiest last minute gifts you can get someone is a gift card. A gift card is great to give because it can be used in specific places you might know where the person likes to go, and through GiftYa you can get the gift card to them in minutes. GiftYa is an online service that has thousands of gift cards to locations like well known retailers, restaurants, local favorites, online stores, and more. And since it’s all online, all you need is their phone number or email to send it to them. 

GiftYa makes gift card gifting easier than ever!

1. An Amazon Gift Card

Get almost anything you could need sent to you fast at this online megastore.

Buy An Amazon Gift Card

If you aren’t exactly sure what to get as a last minute corporate gift, or you have too many options and not enough time, an Amazon gift card is a perfect choice because they can use it for almost anything! Amazon as you probably know is a super popular online store that has a huge variety of products with things like furniture, decorations, clothes, shoes, groceries, and things you can use for the office like a box of 200 pencils or even something as small as a single staple, they’ve got everything. 

With Amazon there’s fast shipping, especially with Amazon Prime, you can get your packages as soon as the very next day, access to thousands of TV shows, movies, and music. There’s a lot of cool things you can buy with an Amazon gift card, both practical and for fun!

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Amazon here!

Last Minute Corporate Gifts For Clients:

For the next few gifts we’re going to focus on ones that will be best for clients and what they might like.

2. A Curated Coffee Basket

Calling all coffee lovers, we’ve got the hand-crafted boxes for you!

Free White Coffee Mug on Brown Surface Stock Photo
Starting to brew that coffee in the morning and smelling it through the house/office is the best feeling.

Having a warm cup of coffee in the morning is a joy many people love, especially those with an early wake up call. So what better than to enjoy a carefully curated box of different types of coffees from places all over the world. 

  • From the Coffee Beanery there’s the Indulgent Selection Gift Box which has a huge selection of coffee samplers with a wide array of flavors like the Chocolate Raspberry Flavor, Blueberry Cobbler Flavor, Guatemalan Huehuetenango, and Vanilla Macadamia Nut Flavor. The box is $45.95.
  • From the Design It Yourself Gift Baskets website, they specialize in custom gift baskets and their Café Bistro Coffee Gift Basket is a coffee and snack lovers dream. They have American Gourmet Butter Pretzels, Gavino Gourmet Ground Coffee, Vision Pack Chocolate Cream Puffs, and more for $99.95.
  • And if they are a really big fan of brewing their morning cup of joe, you can get them a XOQ Cold Brew Coffee Maker that makes Iced Coffee and Iced Tea. It’s on sale for $24.99.

3. A Harry & David Gift Basket

Famous for being the “best of the best” makers of the finest quality gift baskets!

Free Man Hand and Food on Tray Stock Photo
Enjoy delicious sweet & savory treats that blend so well together make the day go by so much faster.

Harry & David is a well known business that specializes in making a variety of gift baskets, boxes, towers, and more. You can customize your own gift or select from their own put together baskets. 

They have their own selection of Corporate Gifts here where you can take a look through their specific Client Appreciation, Employee Recognition, Personalized Gifts, and Customer Favorites sections. 

Specifically for clients they have the Summer Deluxe Hearthside Gift Basket which is full of nuts, snacks, and sweets of all different flavor profiles. That one is $199.99. Or go more classy with their Classic Gourmet Gift Basket which is full of cheeses, cookies, and dried fruits, that is $109.99.

4. A Solar Power Bank

Don’t have an outlet? Charge on the go!

  • This gift could work for both a client and an employee because it’s so useful, but a BLAVOR Solar Charger Power Bank which is on sale for $28.99 and is one of the best gifts you can get because it can be used when you’re on the go, in your personal and professional life. This has wireless charging or you can use a USB-C, USB, and/or Micro USB Input, so it’s very flexible and can be used on multiple different electronics. 

5. Can’t Go Wrong With Flowers

Brighten up their own office or home with a colorful array of beautiful plants!

Free Person Holding Bouquet of Flowers Stock Photo
Beautiful flowers really liven up the work space and can open the doors to new relationships!

A vase of flowers is always a safe bet when you’re looking for a last minute corporate gift, you can really splurge on some nice flowers and make them memorable for next time you guys potentially do business. There are a bunch of services out there that make and deliver flowers:

  • 1-800 Flowers is a popular one that has arrangements for literally any occasion, including a corporate gift. (And if you want to do something extra, they also offer sweet & savory baskets to go along with the flowers). 
  • ProFlowers also has some gorgeous bouquets that come in a bunch of different styles. 
  • And the Bouqs Co. has a monthly subscription for flowers which you can customize and change at any time. 

Last Minute Corporate Gifts For Employees

And for the second half of our list today we will focus on gifts for employees and what would make them feel most appreciated.

6. Make Some Drinks With A Blender & Water Bottle

Perfect to have in the office or at home where you can make a variety of drinks.

Free Side view of concentrated young ethnic male athlete drinking bottle of water during workout in gym Stock Photo
Staying hydrated while you work is important, and it makes it even better when it’s your favorite drink!

A really cool gift to get from your boss is the duo of a blender and a bottle which makes for the perfect combo, especially this blender and bottle.

  • The widely popular Magic Bullet Blender has been making a variety of fun drinks for years now. This blender has a few really cool special features including ways to make salsa, cocktails, ground coffee, smoothies, and can even grate your cheese! It lists for $38.95 on Amazon and has thousands of 5 star reviews.
  • The Hidrate Spark PRO Smart Water Bottle is a fancy water bottle that will change your drinking game. It’s self described as the “World's Smartest Water Bottle” and it sure seems like it! It has a sensor that blinks when it’s time to hydrate from their app, it’s vacuum insulated and can keep things cool for 24 hours, and it comes in plenty of fun colors to choose from. It’s on sale right now for $69.99 on Amazon.

7. On The Go? How About A Cell Phone Holder

No more worries about losing your phone while you’re out and about in the town.

Work can require you being on the phone a lot and if you’re on the go for work there’s a good chance that you’ll get some calls when you’re in your car, and that’s where the inexpensive FBB Phone Mount for Car which lists for just $11.98 right now on Amazon. This way you can be hands free and adjust the view of the phone so you can look at gps through its 360 degree rotating handle and you won’t have to worry about your phone getting stuck in there with its Quick Release & Lock feature. This is perfect for the employee always on the go!

8. Tickets To Their Favorite Sports Team

Get them something fun for their day off and that’s personal to them.

Free Person in Red and Blue Top Raising Left Hand Stock Photo
Cheer your favorite team and bring your favorite person along with you!

Paying attention to your employees and what they love is a great way to open up relationships and build a better working relationships, so if you happen to know what their favorite band or sports team is, and there’s an upcoming event with them in play, then getting them tickets would make for a truly amazing surprise last minute corporate gift. They will definitely appreciate it and it will show them how much you care about all the work they put into their job, a win-win!

9. A Thearagun Massager

Sitting at a desk all day with aches and pains? No more!

Free Woman Writing on Her Notebook Stock Photo
An office chair can cause a lot of neck, shoulder, and back pain, but there are many ways to help alleviate that pain.

It’s widely known that a bad office chair can cause neck, shoulder, and back pain, but even the better ones can be the cause of some tension because sitting all day isn’t that great for your physical health, so let’s talk solutions, specifically the solution of a Theragun Massage Gun which is one of the best massage guns on the market!

There are many different models that range in many different prices, from the Theragun Mini which lists at $199 on their website to the most expensive option which is the Theragun PRO that lists at $599 on their website. You can find them here or on Amazon here for a few different price listings. 

10. A Custom Visa Gift Card From Gift Card Granny

Don’t know what to get? What about a gift card they can use almost anywhere?

Email A Custom Visa Gift Card

Preview of your Build-a-Card

Sometimes you aren’t exactly sure on what the recipient might want, there’s so many routes you can go to and it can get overwhelming. That’s why a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny is the best. You can customize so much about this card like making it an actual physical plastic card you can give to them personally or sent as an eGift online. You can also choose an amount from as little as $10 to as big as $500.

Plus you can add your company logo to a GCG Visa Gift Card and a custom message along with the card. And if you choose to go with this gift, anyone that gets it whether it be a client or an employee they will see the company logo on the card. A Perfect last minute corporate gift.

You can Purchase a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny here!

Whether you’re searching for your client, employee, or partner, all of these last minute corporate gifts make for amazing things to get and they will definitely make your appreciation known.

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