Great Gifts to Send Your Long Distance Partner At the Last Minute

An amazing gift can be on your partner’s doorstep right in the nick of time.

Long distance relationships can be tough to maintain, but one easy way to show your partner that you care even from a distance is by sending them gifts. Whether it is a special occasion or they were just on your mind, a gift can let them know that you’re thinking about them. 

When you’re ready to send a gift, you likely want it to get to your partner as soon as possible, especially if you’re doing your shopping at the last minute. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of gifts that will be both appealing to your partner and can be delivered really quickly. Keep on reading to see the list of those helpful suggestions!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card let’s someone choose their perfect gift. 

Send someone a GiftYa gift card

GiftYa Gift Card
This is the simplest way to make a digital gift card purchase. 

A gift card always makes a great option for a last minute gift. It is easy, convenient, and will allow your partner to pick out their own gift. GiftYa One of the best places to order a gift card from. GiftYa is a digital gift card supplier that makes gift card purchasing even easier than normal. When you enter their website, you’ll get to choose what the gift card will look like and what store it will be used for. Your partner even has the option to change the store if they would like. 

With GiftYa, you can text or email the gift card straight to your partner’s phone. They'll be able to use it as soon as you send it their way. GiftYa offers gift cards for all kinds of local and national establishments, so you’re bound to find something your partner will like. You can get gift cards for Sephora, Baskin Robbins, Gamestop, AMC, and many more stores and restaurants. 

Send someone a GiftYa gift card

2. Custom Face Socks

A comfy and funny pair of socks. 

Custom Face Socks
Your face can be on your partner’s feet all day. Image courtesy of Amazon

When you want to give your partner something cozy and funny, you can get them some custom socks with your face on them. Since you’re so far apart on the regular, you can remind your partner of you in a funny way. With these socks, your partner can carry you with them, either while hanging out at home, or under their pant legs while they’re out! These custom face socks will surely make your partner smile. 

All you need to create these socks is a picture of yourself. You can just snap a quick selfie, send it online, and your face will be on your partner’s feet in no time! Then they can glance down at your smiling face and laugh whenever they think of you throughout the day. These socks also don’t take long to make. Amazon will have these custom socks delivered to your partner in just a few days. 

3. Homesick Candle 

A candle that represents your hometown. 

Homesick Candle
A candle that represents a familiar place gives off positive feelings. Image courtesy of Amazon

Give your long distance partner a scent that represents your hometown to remind them of you. Whenever they come to visit, they associate your city with you, so help them remember you more with a homesick candle. This gift will make great decoration and make your partner’s place smell great. It is made of a soy blend and provides great aromatherapy. 

You can find a candle made for several cities that represent the city through its scent. They will help your partner tap into nostalgic memories with their scents. The scents they offer are anywhere from a Texas road trip to baking cookies in Maine. Choose a scent that can really remind your partner of you and your home. And you can have this delivered from Amazon in just one day!

4. Etched Champagne Flutes

Personalized champagne flutes for a personal celebration. 

Etched Champagne Flutes
These champagne glasses spell out a romantic message. Image courtesy of UncommonGoods

Champagne is a celebratory drink, so why not celebrate your relationship even though you’re far apart. Your partner can always enjoy a nice drink on their own, or you can enjoy it with them over a video chat. Whatever you do, these hand engraved champagne flutes make a great last minute gift. With these glasses, your partner gets to enjoy champagne in a glass engraved with your initials. 

These champagne flutes show off a design of a tree trunk, so you can pretend that you have your initials engraved in a tree, and maybe be inspired to go out and actually engrave your initials on a tree stump. These glasses have a unique design from the average champagne flute, and you can get them from UncommonGoods within a relatively short time. They are made to order, so they will take a bit longer to arrive than it would otherwise, but UncommonGoods will have them created in no time. 

5. Weighted Blanket

Heavy blanket that gives you a warm embrace.  

Weighted Blanket
This blanket will make you feel as if you’re being held close. Image courtesy of Amazon

A warm and cozy blanket can get someone through a lot of lonely nights. And when that blanket is weighted, it can almost make them feel as if someone is in bed with them. A weighted blanket provides a bit of stress relief, and that can be needed when your partner is feeling alone. The pressure it puts against the body makes you feel as if you’ve been hugged or swaddled, which is a great feeling for someone who misses their partner’s embrace. 

A weighted blanket can make lonely nights just a bit easier. Your partner can pull out the blanket whenever they want to feel some warm, comforting pressure. On Amazon, you can get a weighted blanket in many different sizes, styles, and colors, and you can have it delivered in just two days or less so it’s perfect to order at the last minute!

6. Confetti Pop Box

A mini surprise cake in a box. 

Confetti Pop Box
Your partner is in for a fun surprise. Image courtesy of SendACake

Whenever you want to surprise your long distance partner with a last minute gift that will make them happy, get them a Confetti Pop Box! You can have this box sent from Send A Cake at the very last minute. When the box is opened, confetti will jump out and reveal a cake underneath, if you plan for that to happen! You get to customize this box yourself, and you start by opening up the custom menu. This gift box will be a fun surprise, and it can be delivered overnight. 

When you order a Confetti Pop Box, you will have a lot to choose from once you open up the custom options. You can create the kind of signature cake that your long distance partner will appreciate. Send-a-cake offers many customizable options like the billionaire box, an explosion box, and a box with a spinning music stand. There is also the Hogwarts box, the love box, and the zodiac box. You will then get to choose the flavors. Some of those include strawberry shortcake, lemon cake, and chocolate chip bundt cake. 

7. Date Night Fondue Set 

A romantic way to indulge in melted chocolate. 

melted chocolate
This romantic set makes chocolate even more fun to eat. Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

A fondue set makes a great date night accessory, even when the date is over Skype. You can get your partner this date night fondue set from UncommonGoods and make date night into even more of an event. It is heart shaped to represent love and deep enough to dip anything into. You can get one for each of you so that you both can partake. 

You can place any food you want to dip underneath the fondue pot. You can go with bread, cheese, fruit, vegetables, and even desserts. These fondue sets will add a romantic ambiance into your space and put you in the mood for some melted cheese or chocolate. And this fondue set will be shipped to you in just 24 hours, so you will get to enjoy date night in a whole new way ASAP. 

8. National Tea Sampler

Teas that represent all the national parks. 

A cup of tea - National Tea Sampler
This tea can make the start of anyone’s day great. Image courtesy of UncommonGoods

A gift that will be appreciated by your long distance partner is a box of high quality tea. This national tea sampler will give someone the chance to try different teas from all over the nation. It will be enjoyable to go through the bag and it might even introduce your partner to their new favorite tea. These teas are named after national parks throughout the country. 

Some of the flavors are Grand Canyon, a tea blend dominated by cacti, Glacier, a flavor characterized by huckleberries, and Joshua Tree, featuring yucca root and agave. And this gift is perfect to buy at the last minute because it will be delivered within 24 hours. So your partner will get to enjoy some delicious tea each day after only one day of waiting for the delivery!

9. Edible Arrangements

Fruits and candies set up in beautiful patterns. 

Fruits and candies set up in beautiful patterns
This fruit bouquet will not stay decorative for long. Image courtesy of Edible Arrangements

A gift your long distance partner could really appreciate is an edible bouquet from Edible Arrangements. If your partner has never had an edible bouquet, they will be in for a sweet surprise. Edible Arrangements offers bouquets that double as food and decoration. And they won’t be decorations for long, because these bouquets will be eaten up quickly. Any event that comes up, or just because, you can send a delicious bouquet over right away. 

Edible Arrangements makes their bouquets by molding fresh fruits into floral shapes. You can get large or small fruit bouquets based on what your partner might prefer. You can also have the fruit dipped in chocolate to make a chocolate fruit bouquet. They will let you dip any fruit in chocolate, but their chocolate covered strawberries are their most popular chocolate dipped fruit. They even offer other desserts like mini cheesecakes and cookies. Edible Arrangements even offers same day delivery, so it’s the right place to make a last minute order from!

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom made gift card for the special people in your life. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card will make a great gift for your long distance partner. With Gift Card Granny, you can make someone a custom gift card that can be used anywhere in just a few minutes. A Gift Card Granny card allows you to add whatever you want to a gift card, and that includes sweet notes or poetry if the mood strikes you. It’ll look like you put a lot of effort into putting the gift card together and will be delivered within just a few minutes of you creating it. 

Gift Card Granny makes building a custom gift card easy when you enter their website. It takes just a few steps to end up with a nice gift card with a specially personalized message and image from you on it. What you will need to do is add a personal photograph and message to a Visa or Mastercard, add in the amount of money you want on it, and then you’re ready to send it. You can even add a video message to it so that it feels extra special for your partner!

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Great last minute gifts can be stressful to find, but that is why we are here to help you! Anything on this list can really make your partner’s day from a distance, so get to scrolling these websites and ordering as soon as you possibly can.

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