Graduating Nursing School is a Huge Feat: Congratulate Your Favorite Nursing Student With These 10 Gift Ideas

April 17, 2023
Gift Ideas
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Nurses are some of the toughest people out there, and for good reason. Nursing school is hard and the career following is even more tiring, so a person needs to be tough and have a desire to help people to really get through it. So if you know someone who is graduating nursing school, help them celebrate this huge accomplishment in their lives. Additionally, considering the adventurous spirit and dedication they possess, they might make excellent candidates for a rewarding career as a travel nurse.

It is pretty standard to get someone a graduation gift and this gift can range anywhere from flowers to more expensive items. But what do you get as a graduating nurse? Some of the best graduation gifts are ones that a person will like, can use at their future career, and are personalized to them. So show the nursing graduate in your life all the love and how proud you are of them with any one of these 10 gift ideas for graduating nurses. 

1. Text or Email a Gift Card With GiftYa

Gift cards make a great gift idea for any graduating nurse

Text or email a gift card with GiftYa to the graduating nurse in your life.

A gift card your nursing grad can use at their favorite place makes a great gift idea.

Gift cards are one of those gifts that just always seem to keep on giving. This is because they can be used for a long time, don’t typically expire, and you can get them to be used for so many different places. But, with the world becoming more and more technologically advanced the way we buy and give gift cards is changing. With GiftYa you can actually buy a gift card online and text or email it to your favorite graduating nurse so they can use it right from their phone. So no more waiting for it to come in the mail or running to the store to buy one; instead, send it right to them so they can use it immediately. 

Head to GiftYa and text or email a gift card to your favorite nursing graduate today.

2. Treat Them to a Day At the Spa

What’s more relaxing than a spa trip?

A relaxing day at a spa can be just the thing a recent nursing school graduate needs. 

Being a nurse is no easy thing and going through nursing school can be just as stressful. Treat them to a relaxing day at the spa to help them recover and relax after all of their hard work at nursing school and help them feel refreshed before starting their future career. A spa package is the perfect gift for any graduating nurse who is more than a little stressed out. You can get a gift certificate to a local spa or buy a gift card to a global one for them to enjoy and spa packages can range from a simple facial to a full body massage to help them relax and unwind.

3. Get Them a Personalized Nursing Badge

A fun nursing badge that they can use daily makes a great gift 

Get them a nursing badge that really showcases their personality to their parents.

It’s common for nurses to wear lanyards on their shift with their badge and name tag on it. So why not give them a fun nursing badge holder to spice up their lanyard? A personalized badge holder makes a great gift idea because it is something they will use every day at their job. You can find badge holders on Etsy and other crafting websites where you can add your own personal image or saying to make it fit their style. A customized badge holder can also make a fun first impression with their patients and can showcase their personality.

4. Send Them a Nice Bouquet of Flowers to Celebrate

Flowers are a great gift for any occasion 

Flowers are the perfect way to celebrate a huge achievement. 

You buy people flowers to celebrate lots of different occasions in a person’s life, including graduation. Flowers can help brighten up a room and are always a welcome gift to someone who is graduating. If you live close by and you are attending graduation you can surprise your nursing grad with a bouquet from your local grocery store or floral shop. But even if you live further away you can still send them something to help them celebrate. 1-800 Flowers is a great flower service you can use to deliver flowers and have them sent right to your grad’s door.

5. Gift Them a Comfortable Pair of Shoes to Wear at Work

Nurses are on their feet all day, treat them to some comfy new kicks

A pair of comfortable shoes is the gift that just keeps on giving. 

Nurses are on their feet literally all day (or night, depending on their shift). Chances are your nursing graduate already has a pair of shoes they love to wear for clinicals or a favorite shoe brand that lasts them a long time. If this is the case then getting them a new pair to start their first job with is a great way to ensure they will get a lot of use out of the gift you’re giving them. If they don’t already have a favorite shoe brand, there are tons of websites out there that talk about the best nursing shoes for you to find a good pair.

6. Make a Care Package to Get Them Through Their First Week at Work

A care package with their favorite snacks and treats can really make their day

Make the first week of work a little easier with a fun care package.

A unique graduation gift for any graduating nurse is a care package to get them through their first week of work at their new nursing job. What you decide to put into this care package will depend heavily on what your new grad likes. A care package can include their favorite snacks they can eat on the go, gum they like, energy drinks to keep them alert during their shift, or anything you know they like to take with them to work. A care package is a fun gift to give because you can really get creative with it to personalize it.

7. Buy Them Their First Nice Pair of Scrubs

Scrubs can expensive, so treat them to a pair on you

The perfect pair of scrubs are both comfortable and durable. 

Medical scrubs are expensive, especially if you are buying a nice pair that is guaranteed to last you a long time. Not only are they pricey, but nurses spend long hours in them during their shift so they want them to be comfortable and to last a good while. Let’s face it, if you know a graduating nurse chances are they aren’t going to be able to afford a quality pair of scrubs right out of school. So, why not buy them their first pair? There are plenty of scrub companies out there like Figs and Uniform Advantage that you can shop a variety of styles online.

8. Keep Them Hydrated With a Personalized Water Bottle

A cute water bottle that keeps their drink cool all shift long makes a great gift

Keep them motivated and hydrated throughout the day with a unique water bottle. Photo courtesy of Wanderprints

Customized gifts make the best presents sometimes because they’re personal and can be as unique as the person you are buying them for. If you’re trying to find the perfect gift for any graduating nurse that you know they will use, pick them up a personalized water bottle that they can take on their shift with them to keep their water cool their whole shift. You can find these water bottles on a variety of craft sites like Etsy or Wanderprints that you can purchase one or, if you’re a crafter yourself and you have the materials, you can make it yourself.

9. Treat Them to a Self-Care Basket

Give them a spa night at home with self-care items

Help them take care of themselves along with their patients with self-care products they’ll love. 

Similar to a day at the spa but from the comfort of their own home, a self-care basket is a relaxing gift that any graduating nurse will appreciate. Nurses' schedules are often hectic and long, and they might not have time to go to a spa to get a treatment done, especially if they are just starting out. But that doesn’t mean they can’t treat themselves at home. Giving them a basket full of self-care goodies like face masks, lip treatments, their favorite lotion for their hands, and anything else you know they like to use can help them ensure they’re taking care of themselves as much as the patients they love and look after.

10. A Custom Visa Gift Card From Gift Card Granny

10. Gift Them a Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny 

A Visa gift card is the gift they can use anywhere 

Text a Visa gift card

A personalized Visa gift card is both sentimental and practical.

Probably one of the easiest and most-used gift cards out there to give someone is a Visa gift card. This is because Visa gift cards are a gift that anyone will like because they can be used in so many different places. Typically, a Visa gift card is accepted everywhere a normal Visa credit card is, so your nursing graduate can use it at all of their favorite spots. And, when you use Gift Card Granny to buy a Visa gift card you can actually save money.

The way Gift Card Granny works is that you can search hundreds of gift cards from different retailers online, anywhere. When you purchase a gift card from the Gift Card Granny site instead of directly from the retailer, you’ll save money by earning cash back. So you can get your graduate a gift they’ll love and you can save some money yourself too. 

Buy a Visa gift card from Gift Card Granny today and give your graduating nurse a gift they can always use. 

Nurses give so much to their patients, give back to them with these fun gift ideas.

A career in nursing isn’t an easy thing to do and it takes a lot of passion and determination to get through some of the experiences nurses encounter during every shift they have. Beginning as a newly graduated nurse can be a little scary and overwhelming at first, so help the new nurse in your life get ready for their career with a gift they can use.

These gift ideas are perfect for any graduating nurse because they are useful and are sure to be loved by anyone about to enter into the world of nursing. So celebrate your nursing graduate with a gift that shows your support! Then, let us know in the comments which gift idea is your favorite or if we should add any to our list; we love hearing from you!


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