Graduating From High School Or College? Here Are Some Great Gift Ideas For Graduates!

Change can be scary, but with a few helping hands, or should we say, helping gifts, this transition might just be fun!

As the months grow warmer and the end of the school year approaches, some students’ may be anticipating those coming days a little more than others because they are about to graduate! Graduation is an important milestone no matter if you are graduating from high school or college. Many parents, family members, friends, and neighbors want a chance to show how proud they are of the hardworking student by showing appreciation, but that leads us to the question:

  • What gifts do you get for the graduate?

Today we’re here to talk about some of the best gifts you can get for a high school grad, college graduate, and gifts that can work for both! There’s plenty of fun and useful products you can get on the market right now, so here in collaboration with the "write my paper for me" service WritingAPaper, we gathered a collection of exciting ideas for the student's gift.

First Things First:

The last thing you’re gonna want is to get the gift all ready, and when they go to open it they give you that smile that’s trying to come across as they like it but you can tell, this gift isn’t the best fit for them.

How to avoid that?

As a rule, by the end of high school, and especially at the end of college, young adults already have specific interests, hobbies, and an approximate understanding of what they will do after school. Therefore, a gift selected that reflects those interests will surely be accepted with a surprised look of happiness.

For example, the novice fashion designer could use a sewing machine, a photographer - a new lens, a programmer - accessories to “revamp” the computer, and a web designer - a year's subscription to the necessary programs.

Now that we know the goal, let’s go ahead and start listing those gift ideas!

Gifts For Highschool Graduates

A major milestone is ahead and lots of excitement is around the corner, let’s celebrate!

Free A Graduate Teenage Boy Smiling and Embracing His Grandmother Holding a Present  Stock Photo
A magical time for both the graduate and the ones who get to watch them grow.

Graduating from high school is a big moment for young adults, it’s the end of one era and the start of a new one. Whether they are going to college, breaking into the workforce, or generally just trying to figure stuff out while traveling the world, there’s a lot of different directions they can take so let’s help them out with a few gifts…

  • A Suitcase Set: First and foremost, make it clear right away that you're not hinting at anything! Of course, your child can live with you as long as you all are comfortable, and they are always welcome home, but graduation is, after all, the first stage of independent life. Some go to another city, some move into a rented apartment, room, or dormitory, and some just travel. In general, a suitcase or suitcase set certainly doesn’t hurt. It is also symbolic: a suitcase is associated with the road and new experiences and speaks of your willingness to accept that the child is no longer a child but an adult.
  • Small Appliances That’ll Make Life Easier: These gifts are for those who are leaving their home after school. Make a list of products that will make life easier for the graduate in the new place, and distribute it to loved ones. Here are some excellent options:
  • Hand-held steamer. With it, students can quickly get their clothes in order, even if they are late for class. Saves on time and keeps their looks presentable.
  • A kettle and a coffee maker. During the first semester or internship, a cup of coffee in the morning will definitely bring their mood up and they will remember you with gratitude.
  • A Multicooker. First cooking experiences are always a lot of fun! To make them easier and more productive, give them a multicooker! It will replace the stove, oven, and steam cooker. (And it’ll help not to burn another omelet).
  • A Microwave oven. It can be used to heat pizza that was left over from the evening and those frozen meals that are a right of passage for a recent graduate. 
  • A Laptop: Vital for a future student and an amazing gift for anyone, a laptop is a universal entertainment center and a mobile workplace. It is convenient for taking notes on lectures, storing study materials, or working online! You can create projects not just for school but for your own creative endeavors or perhaps starting a business yourself, and a laptop is about to make all of that simple. Even if the student prefers to hire the best essay writing service, they will still need a laptop for preparing for exams or working on other projects.
  • An Electric Scooter: In those “coming of age” movies, one of the traditional graduation gifts from school or university is a car, but if that’s a little too expensive, what about an alternative- like a gyro or electric scooter. If they plan on going to University this gift might just be their new favorite thing getting to and from classes. Before giving it as a gift though, make sure the graduate is familiar with the specs of the scooter and rules of traffic regulations and safety: this will help save life and health, both for them and pedestrians.
  • Insomnia Cookies Gift Card
Text An Insomnia Cookies Gift Card

Transitioning from high school to college or highschool to the “real word” can be a big change and there might be a number of late nights headed their way navigating these changes, so why not gift them with fun treats like Insomnia Cookies! Insomnia Cookies is a delivery service that brings cookies to you late at night. This way when things get too stressful you can enjoy the ooey-gooey goodness of a warm cookie. 

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Insomnia Cookies here!

Gifts For College Graduates

Going out into the unknown after school can be overwhelming, so let’s try and help with that.

Free Smiling Woman  Stock Photo
Look into the future and know that your family always has your back!

There’s a lot of unknowns when you graduate from college, especially if you don’t know exactly what you want to do yet. There’s so many potential paths out there to take and all you want to do as a supporter in their life is to help them navigate it as best you can.

(And the trinkets can be a nice bonus too).

  • Money. Yep that’s right, a gift as simple as money can sometimes be overlooked as people want to do something a bit more extravagant for the graduate but at the end of the day? Money can be such a huge help to the individual, especially right after they graduate college. Don’t be afraid to do something simple, sometimes the simple gifts are the best ones to get.
  • A HelloFresh Subscription: When you’re out of the house and no longer have a dining hall to go to, there’s a lot of pressure on where to get meals and what to buy at the grocery store. With a HelloFresh subscription you can help out the graduates so they don’t have to worry about what to eat for dinner. You can set up a plan and customize what they eat, how much they eat, and the number of times per week they will have a HelloFresh meal. It’s a way to help lift the weight off their shoulders and to enjoy good food. 
  • A Vinyl Player: Want to spice up their new space with something a little classic? A vinyl player would be an amazing gift, especially if they are a huge fan of music. Vinyl players are all the rage right now and a great aesthetic piece that can go with their new place. A fun gift with a fun function!
  • A Cast Iron Skillet: The HelloFresh plan is set and everything is ready to go…except for one thing, they’re gonna need something to cook all those delicious ingredients in, and that’s where a cast iron skillet comes into play. A cast iron skillet is great for cooking multiple meals because it distributes heat all around the pan. It’s the ideal choice for cooking and now that they are out of college, cooking is going to become a major part of their lives.

Sunoco Gift Card

Buy A Sunoco Gift Card

As the graduate officially makes their way out into the world the one thing they are gonna notice very quickly is how often and how annoying it is to fill up their tank. So getting them a Sunoco gift card will take those little annoyances away and they don’t have to sigh too hard seeing those fluctuating gas prices.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Sunoco here!

Gifts For Both Highschool And College Graduates

No matter the age and no matter where they’re at, these ideas can work for everyone!

Free Photo of Women Holding Diploma Stock Photo
Graduating is a big deal and no matter what age you are, you should be proud of the work you’ve put in!

Graduating from highschool or college is a first step into a new routine and a new environment, so having the right tools during this weird time can be super beneficial for the young adult. 

  • Wireless Headphones: Everyone loves music, talking with their friends, and even playing mobile and/or computer games, so having a good set of headphones that you can have with you for years to come is going to be a top tier gift. But what do you need to look for when shopping for new headphones? 
  • Choose headphones with clear sound and good noise cancellation. How the headphones snug fit- (so you can walk and play sports). Whether the sound is good enough for them and if they want a noise cancellation setting- (lots of factors at play here, so be safe while using the noise canceling feature).

After you figured out what specs to look for, the next thing to focus on is budget, and reviews. Shop around and don’t be afraid to ask others what they think. 

By the way, before you decide on how much money to spend on the gift, the best writing services researchers recommend to observe how often the child has lost the headphones. Lower the bar if you know that the gift will only last for a month.

  • Help Pay For A Trip: There’s a lot the graduate in your life has been through during the school year: sleepless nights, piles of scribbled sheets, and numerous books that can really weigh a book bag down. Now they can exhale when all those classes are officially over, and the exams are passed. Now it’s the time to go out and see the world! The graduate can travel by themselves, with friends, a partner, or family- and this is how you can help: you can give a certificate to buy tickets, choose a backpack for hiking/travel, or something like a wetsuit. There’s plenty of ways to help make the trip of their dreams.

Amazon Gift Card

Email An Amazon Gift Card

You’ve probably heard of Amazon before, it’s one of the most popular stores in all the world and has hundreds of thousands of products ranging from furniture, electronics, clothes, wall art, food, drinks, and much much more! An Amazon gift card would make for a great gift especially if the graduate has Amazon Prime where they can get their packages the next day or within the week! It can be used for practical things or fun things, recipient’s choice!

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Amazon here!

A Custom Visa Gift Card From Gift Card Granny

Text A Custom Visa Gift Card,w_451/v1669730794/GCG/bac_configs/gcg_bac_visa
You can add custom photos to the gift card so it adds a nice personal touch to the gift!

Sometimes a simple: “hey, I’m thinking of you” gift is just the occasion calls for and that’s exactly what a custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny is here to do. This card allows you to spend your money anywhere that accepts Visa, which is a lot of stores and restaurants all over the country. 

GCG’s Custom Visa Gift Cards also provide a bit of personalization too as you can add a custom picture to the card to make it extra special. (You can use their graduation photo as the background).

You can Purchase a GCG Custom Visa Gift Card here!

There are so many gift ideas for graduates out there and whether you decide on getting something like money or a new set of headphones, the graduate will certainly appreciate the support you show them.

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