Go From A Muggle To A Wizard With These Last Minute DIY Harry Potter Gifts!

The Potterhead in your life will definitely love these make-shift gifts, they’re the perfect fit that are for anyone and everyone!

Harry Potter is a world where magic and any impossibility becomes possible, a place where everyone should get a chance to become a kid again and play out being a witch, wizard, warlock, or something entirely new. Being a Potterhead comes with a lot of cool opportunities to share that love of this open world with anyone you like, like creating last minute DIY Harry Potter gifts! These gifts are the perfect fit for anyone to enjoy- (plus they are a lot of fun to make too). Give these magical gifts to all who are long time fans of the series or new ones- everyone deserves to feel welcome into this extraordinary world.

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1. Amazon

Get all the tools you need for your own last minute Harry Potter gift!

Buy An Amazon Gift Card

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From Chocolate Frogs To Pumpkin Juice, And Meat Pies

Food is a big part of the Harry Potter world and what fun would it bring a few of these fantasy foods to life!

William Sonoma released a “Harry Potter” collection, so you can make your meals worthy of the Great Hall

Make a “Harry Potter Day” and bring these classic foods to life! Image courtesy of yahoo!sports which worked with William Sonoma who released a Harry Potter collection. 

One of the biggest parts of the world of Harry Potter is all of the small details that create such a vivid picture and that is due to the amazing set dressing, special effects, and production companies who bring in help to make these scenes look, well, magical. And one of the biggest small details is the food! From the trolley scene where you get to see Ron and Harry eat all of those sweets to any moment in the Great Hall where food is enjoyed by all of the students. Each of those moments will have any movie fan wondering what it all actually tastes like- and oh what a lovely gift that would be…

2. Sweet Treats For Sweet Teeth

  • Butterbeer, the iconic drink that every Potterhead of all ages can drink and enjoy which you can make pretty easily courtesy of Favorite Family Recipes. Their “Harry Potter Butterbeer and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter” details a perfect “copycat” of the drink and oh is it so sweet! You’ll need cream soda, caramel extract, butter extract, heavy whipping cream, butterscotch topping, and powdered sugar. (And if you wanna get super fancy, check out these DIY Sharpie Mugs that are washable so you can create little HP designs on your Butterbeer treat).
  • Don’t let them jump away, that’s right we’re talking about Chocolate Frogs, these little guys might not be able to magically move like in the series but they sure taste like magic in your mouth. Courtesy of Peanut Blossom, this “Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs Recipe” is perfect for a HP themed party. All you’ll need is chocolate candy melts and silicone frog molds- which you can browse on Amazon and find a good one here

3. A Little Savory Mixed In With Your Sweets

  • Pumpkin Pastries are a favorite amongst both the characters and fans of the series and this “Pumpkin Pasties (A Harry Potter Recipe!)” courtesy of delightfuladventures makes for the perfect snack to go along with all those sweets. This is a vegan recipe that anyone can enjoy and you’ll need unsweetened dairy-free milk, pure maple syrup, coconut or brown sugar, spice, and puff pastry!
  • If you want to go all out and really go fully into some of the more savory and hearty meals from the table, then you can try your hand at a British Steak and Ale Pie courtesy of the Culinary Ginger. This well loved classic is best enjoyed warm, you’ll need a lot of ingredients for this one, so we suggest going to their page for all the details so you don’t miss anything important. 

4. Brew Your Own Potions- Both Edible And Not-So

It’s time for Potions Class and today we’re making one that’ll be great for drinking and one that’ll be better for decorative purposes only.

  • In the Chamber of Secrets Hermione creates a few Polyjuice Potions in order to sneak into the Slytherin Dorm Room- things go right and wrong for the trio, but things will only go right with this Polyjuice Potion Cocktail Recipe courtesy of Cooking With Curls. You’ll need rainbow or lime sherbet, vodka- (or skip this if you want to go non-alcoholic), lemon-lime soda, and green food coloring.
  • This might just be the simplest DIY yet, all you have to do to make decorative potions is find clear Potion Bottles, grab a pack of food coloring, and get to making potions for your friend to display in their home. 

5. Magical Snacks That Are Just Too Cute

For these little treats, your crafting skills will come in handy as they are all shaped to represent something from the series.

  • These may not be the Nimbus 2000 but they are quite frankly an adorable snack that’s fun and easy to make. Try out these Cheese and Pretzel Broomsticks from one little project. All you’ll need is pretzel sticks- the little ones, string cheese, and chives. They have a step by step guide with pictures so you can follow along at home.
  • If you’re low on time and think your own Great Hall feast needs one more thing to make it look full then how about adding a few Golden Snitches? Ones you can eat! Simply get a packet of Ferrero Rochers’, some gold or yellow construction paper, and scissors. Cut out wings- a long right sided triangle can work if you’re not the most artistically skilled person in the world, slide the wings on each side of the candy into the golden paper and violá!

Represent Your House Pride And Cast Spells

Every fan of Harry Potter knows what House they’re sorted into, so how about some gifts to reflect it?

four Hogwarts House banners going from left to right: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and then Hufflepuff. Each banner has the House sigil on it: A Lion, Raven, Snake, and then Badger. In the background is a still from the movies of the Great Hall.
Absolutely anybody can be sorted into a Hogwarts House, you can find your House where you’ll be welcomed with open arms! Image courtesy of the official Movie Web website.

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff are the four famous Houses in Hogwarts where all those who enroll are sorted into by the Sorting Hat. But you don’t need to be a character in the story to get sorted yourself, anyone from any walk of life can be sorted through the thousands of quizzes online. There’s a lot of fun ones out there that anyone can try as they are free to all! 

Now that you know your House and you know your friend’s house, how about some DIY gifts that reflect those house colors?

6. Bath Bombs To Enjoy After A Long Day

  • Celebrate your House Pride along with a Golden Snitch, HP Logo, Butterbeer, and lightning bolt bath bomb. The people over at A Pumpkin & a Princess made these DIY Harry Potter Bath Bombs and their easy to follow guide will lead you to eventually creating your own HP creations. You’ll need citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, Epsom salt, Fragrance/Essential oils of your choosing- the website recommends Butterscotch Fragrance Oils and Peppermint Essential Oils, Cosmetic Mica Pigment or gel based dyes, and stainless steel bath bombs molds. 

7. Cozy Up With Themed Socks

  • The lovely people over at Ravelry have created a Hogwarts Socks Pattern that lays out a step by step process on everything you’ll need to knit socks for your loved one in their Hogwarts House colors. (Plus it’s a free download)!

8. Cast Spells With Your Own Wand

  • A wand in Harry Potter is very important, it allows the caster to focus their magical abilities and cast wondrous spells, and when you’ve been a big Harry Potter fan for a long time- there’s a pretty good chance you’ve wanted your own wand at a certain point, and now you can! Brisbane Kids have created a great Harry Potter Wand Guide that gets you outside and crafting! You’ll need sticks (or pencils/chopsticks), wool/string, glue, paint, and any decorations you think your loved one might like including glitter, gems, beads, etc. This way they can have their wand to cast magic with or simply display in their home!

9. Their Very Own Hogwarts House Banner

  • House decoration, especially things for your walls, is always a fun addition to the home, and every hardcore Potterhead will love these DIY Hogwarts House Banners from the Doodle Craft Blog. You’ll need a Color Printer, Scotch Heat Laminator, Black Felt (by the yard), Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Felt Strips, Scarf End Caps, Grommets and Setting Tool, Twine, White Cardstock, Craft Sticks, Needle and Thread, Hot Glue, Scissors, and the Hogwarts Crest Logos!

10. A Custom Visa Gift Card From Gift Card Granny

Buy all the Harry Potter gifts you could want with a Visa gift card!

Build A Custom Visa Gift Card

Preview of your Build-a-Card

A great gift to give your loved one where they can go out and get exactly what they want to make their own Harry Potter gift DIY gift or something entirely new is a custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny. You can choose to send the card to them via mail where your personalized picture and gift message will be on the physical card or keep it digital and send it as an eGift. Choose an amount from as little as $10 to as big as $500 and then they can go to almost any store in the country with their new card.

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All of these last minute DIY Harry Potter gifts are perfect for any person who enjoys the series. No matter who you are and what you like- you’ll definitely enjoy these make-shift gifts because they’re perfect for everyone!

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