Girly Gift Ideas Adults Will Love

Girly girls grow up, and would still like to get their girly gifts.

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Girly girls grow into girly adults, and there are many great gifts you can buy them to make them happy. Girly girls often love soft colors, accessories, and pampering themselves, and if you have a hard time picking something out, we have got you covered. From purses to makeup and shoes, we know just what you’ll need. Anything on this list is bound to make a girly adult happy, all you have to do is make the purchase and send it over!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card allows someone to choose the right gift for themselves. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

GiftYa Gift Card
Text a gift card to a loved one’s phone. 

When you want to get a girly friend a gift, but don’t know just what to get, a gift card from GiftYa will work. GiftYa is a gift card supplier that will let your friend buy just what she needs when she needs it. After just a few minutes on GiftYa’s website, you will leave with a functional gift card that you can add a little flair to.  

GiftYa allows you to text or email a gift card straight to someone’s phone. And when you’re deciding what store you should choose, you will have a whole lot of options. There are plenty of local and national establishments to choose from, and plenty that will strike a girly adult’s interests. Some of the stores GiftYa offers gift cards for are Bath & Body Works, Lululemon, and Sephora. Each of these stores is likely to have something your friend will love. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

2. Nail Polish Set

A healthy nail polish set with lots of color. 

Nail Polish Set
Vibrant colors for a vibrant person. Image courtesy of Ella Milla

Any girly girl would be a fan of nail polish, so a good nail polish set will make a really great gift. Nail polish always needs replacing, and a high quality set will be just the right replacement for her dwindling nail polish sets. Even if a girly girl already has tons of nail polish, new colors and consistencies will always be welcome. No nail polish set is the same, and a high quality set may just become a favorite. 

This nail polish collection from Ella +Mila has 10 colorful bottles of nail polish that girly girls will love. There are vibrant blues, yellows, pink, greens, and reds, and a sparkly clear. This nail polish is vegan, cruelty free, chip resistant, and dries quickly. It is free of many of the things that make the average nail polish toxic to your nails, but Ella + Mila’s polish will make your nails look nice and feel healthy!

3. Slippers

Fuzzy slippers fit for the girliest women. 

a pair of the girliest slippers
These are a pair of the girliest slippers you can find. Image courtesy of SHEIN

When a girly girl is lounging around the house, she needs a pair of slippers to walk around in, and a girly pair will do the trick. Think of a pair that are soft, fuzzy, and the favorite color of girly girls all over, pink. A fuzzy pink pair of slippers will make a girly adult feel like herself as she walks around her house all day. 

These velvet memory foam slippers from Amazon are the ultimate girly pair of slippers. They are cute and comfortable, and incredibly stylish. These slippers are filled with memory foam and covered in soft velvet. They will feel amazing for any woman to slip her feet into. 

These fuzzy bedroom slippers from SHEIN are soft, fluffy, and baby pink. They will take your friend from the bedroom to the kitchen and everywhere else in the house with style and comfort. 

4. Gloss Bomb Lip Gloss 

High quality pink gloss. 

Gloss Bomb Lip Gloss 
This gloss will have any pair of lips looking shiny and pink. Image courtesy of Ulta

Every girly adult needs a few tubes of lip gloss, and you can get one extra tube as a gift. For a woman who loves having glossy lips, a new tube of shiny pink lip gloss will be greatly appreciated. Pink lipstick goes with any look and can be worn on a daily basis. A tube of lip gloss that is high quality, glossy, and long lasting will be a companion of hers for months to come. 

The gloss bomb universal lip luminizer from Fenty is the ultimate gotta have lip gloss. It is explosively shiny and adds the perfect finishing touch to any look. This lip gloss is nourishing, has a non-sticky feel, and was handpicked by Rihanna herself. It has an extra large wand to go on in just one swipe, and even smells like peaches and vanilla. 

5. Tutti Frutti Candy Candle

A candy scented candle. 

Tutti Frutti Candy Candle
This candle will have any room smelling like candy. Image courtesy of Bath & Body Works

Girly adults are often into sweet scents, so scented candles can make great gifts for them. A scented candle can fill up a house with the sweetest and girliest scents, and add even more atmosphere to an already girly space. Candles that smell like flowers, fruit, and desserts are ideal for a girly girl, especially if they also come in girly colors. 

This tutti frutti candy candle from Bath & Body Works is just what a girly adult needs to make her home smell like her personality. With notes of jelly bean, mixed berry, and sugary lemon, this candle smells like a fruity and sweet Easter surprise. It is also infused with quality natural oils and lead free. 

6. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs that smell like pink champagne.  

Luxuriate with some girly bath bombs
Luxuriate with some girly bath bombs. Image courtesy of NCLA Beauty

Every girly girl loves to pamper herself, and you can help her do that in the bath tub with a girly bath bomb set. A bath bomb set will allow her to relax in the bath tub for long periods of time surrounded by a pretty aroma. And after soaking in a bathtub for however long she wants, she will emerge with softer skin, feeling more relaxed than ever. 

This pink champagne bath bomb trio from NCLA Beauty will leave your girly friend’s skin feeling amazing and her bathroom smelling delicious. The fragrance is called pink champagne, but has notes of sugar and berry. Each bath bomb is shaped like a light pink donut with hot pink drizzle, and filled with nourishing ingredients like kaolin clay, shea butter, and epsom salt. It is also infused with an essential oil blend to provide some beneficial aromatherapy. 

Something else your girly friend might enjoy is an aesthetic bath, and rose petals will help her accomplish that. These rose petals from Amazon come in three different shades with 300 pieces. Any time your friend wants to get in the bathtub, she can sprinkle a few roses in there next to a bath bomb and make the space a girly oasis. 

7. Jewelry

A heart shaped ring for someone with a good heart.

Jewelry ring
This ring will sparkle and shine. Image courtesy of Pandora

When you want to get someone a really girly gift, try jewelry. Girly adults tend to love jewelry since it lets them accessorize their outfits and make them look even better. You can even find jewelry that is more girly than average. You can find pink jewelry, heart shaped jewelry, and more. All you have to do is find jewelry that will make your friend feel pretty and she will want to wear it all the time!

This heart shaped ring from Pandora is the ultimate in girly jewelry. It is cute and sophisticated, and will add some romance to any style. This ring is hand-finished with a 14k rose gold metal band, with a pink heart-shaped stone, with cubic zirconia all around the halo and the ring band. 

This pink pave bow ring from Story Jewelry is a sparkly gift that is perfect for any occasion. It is made with AAA grade cubic zirconia along with sterling silver and tarnish free nickel. 

8. Candy Perfume

A sugar filled scent for a sweet person. 

sugary sweet fragrance perfume
This sugary sweet fragrance will turn heads. Image courtesy of Michel Germain

Girly girls often like to smell nice, and some of the girliest perfumes are ones that smell like candy. Perfume that smells like candy is super sweet and will make your friend smell as girly as she feels. Any perfume with a mix of floral, dessert, and candy fragrances will make your friend smell amazing. 

This Sugarful Eau De Parfum spray is playful and sugary. It smells like sweet strawberries, pink peonies, and pink cotton candy. And there is a bit of musk and sandalwood to balance out the flavor.

This mini Eau de Parfum perfume set from Prada is warm and sweet. It smells like white musk, benzoin, and caramel accor. This fragrance is playful, feminine, and delicately fragrant. 

9. Mini Purse 

A purse that takes up very little arm space. 

Mini Purse
This bag is large enough to hold a wallet and small enough to stay out the way. Image courtesy of Coach Outlet.

An accessory that anyone girly needs a lot of are purses. Your girly friend likely has a closet full of them and is always clamoring for more, so make her day with a mini purse. A mini purse is perfect for carrying during those outings when you want to carry light, and it will also look super cute with any outfit.

This mini payton bag from Coach Outlet is cute, girly, and perfect for carrying the necessities, a wallet, keys, and makeup. This purse is made with refined pebble leather and has a handle with a 6 inch drop. It also has a multifunction pocket with a zip top closure. 

This flap clutch crossbody bag is perfect for a girly night out. It comes in a blend of silver and lilac, and covered in sequins and metallic smooth leather. This purse will shine and make anyone who wears it shine as well. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A gift that gives a girly adult options. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card makes a great gift for everyone, and will give your girly friend a chance to buy whatever she’d like, so get her something from Gift Card Granny. Gift Card Granny is a website that will allow you to build a custom gift card for anyone in your life through a really quick and simple process. You will get to add anything you want, from images to heartfelt statements. 

Gift Card Granny offers a simple way to create a custom Visa gift card. After just a few minutes following their prompts, you should leave with a functional gift card that says what you need it to say. Just choose a Visa or Mastercard, add an image, and a message, and you’ll be ready to go. You can also make this gift card as girly as you want!

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Girly girls aren’t just kids, and when you want to get a gift for the girly adult in your life, one of the gifts on this is sure to make their day. Pick one and send it over, and be ready for lots of appreciation!

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