Best Gifts You Can Text A Teacher That Are Useful And Fun!

An easy way to help out those who teach our growing children valuable lessons.

Being a teacher is perhaps one of the most underappreciated jobs in the world, they give so much of their time to help shape children of all ages and are often overlooked and underpaid. If you have a child who is in school right now, or you have a friend who has been teaching and you want to show them in a small way how much you appreciate their effort, then you’ve come to the right place.

Gift shopping can be a daunting process, especially for those shopping for a teacher, but have no fear because we have a list of the best gifts you can text a teacher.

That’s right, text!

We all know teachers are very busy, often working late into the day and bringing home lesson plans on the weekend, so getting them a gift that reflects their busy schedule can be a really thoughtful thing to do.

GiftYa is a website/mobile app that sells thousands of digital gift cards to places all over the country you know and love. They have famous retailers, restaurants, spas, department stores, fast-food chains, and more all providing virtual gift cards up to a $100 that you can text to someone- in this case, your favorite teacher. And the best part? It only takes a few minutes, just go onto GiftYa, search the place you’re looking for, select a value, add a gift message, and send it almost instantly!

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1. Amazon

Order whatever you need on your phone or computer, perfect for those always “on the go!”

Text An Amazon Gift Card

Any teacher will tell you that “last minute supplies” are needed constantly throughout the year. You might think you won’t need any more tissue boxes or cases of pencils, but you always need more tissue boxes and pencils, especially when winter and spring hit and allergies become rampant and kids come back from break with none of their regular supplies ready- like pencils. 

The place to get all of those last minute supplies is Amazon. Amazon is the mega popular online superstore that has everything you could need and more. Running out of the essentials won’t be a problem with Amazon’s super fast shipping times on select products- especially if you have access to Amazon Prime, there you can get items as soon as the next day! Perfect for a teacher’s schedule.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Amazon here!

2. Target

Go in and get classroom supplies- plus something just for you as well ;)

Text A Target Gift Card

Target is the ultimate stop for almost anything you could need, and that goes for classroom supplies and personal shopping items. They’ve got clothes, accessories, backpacks, electronics, books, games, self care and beauty products, groceries, bulk food items, and of course: anything you could need for a classroom. Notebooks, construction paper, safety scissors, pens, markers, pencils, paints, and more. You can grab what you need for your homeroom and then if you have money on the card left over take a browse through Target’s many other aisles and pick up something you want!

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Target here!

3. Dunkin'

Mornings and no caffeine don’t mix for a lot of people, especially teachers…

Text A Dunkin’ Gift Card

Early risers know the pain of getting up and actually getting out of bed to start the day- well, non-morning people do anyway. It’s the struggle of getting through your morning routine with no caffeine that really vexes a lot of people. Sure coffee and/or tea from your own home is fine, but isn’t it better to not have to worry about that and instead stopping by your local Dunkin Donuts for a beverage before you head into work?

Dunkin’ aka Dunkin Donuts has been serving morning commuters for decades and they’ve got exactly what you need on a brisk morning. Coffee and tea both hot and cold, breakfast sandwiches like the Sausage, Egg, & Cheese, a packet of Hash Browns, and donuts can really change a bad morning to a good one. Plus since the school season starts around when the holidays are approaching you can expect to see a lot of fun holiday drinks which is a great bonus.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Dunkin’ here!

4. Barnes & Noble

Get books for the classroom for “circle time” and have books for kids to explore many different worlds

Text A Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Books are an integral part of learning. They teach us about the past, give us information on scientific facts in interesting ways, teach us about ourselves, give us valuable life lessons, and let us understand different dynamics from our own. They are such an important part of the classroom, so having a place to go to for a wide range of books is a great thing for teachers to have access to, that’s why Barnes & Noble is a great choice for a gift you can text.

Barnes & Noble has thousands of books for kids of all ages, allowing kids to learn about history while reading about a fictional fantasy world in their down time. Books can shape and help create new forward thinking thoughts as they grow into young adults. No kids should ever go without reading books, and Barnes & Noble is here to help pave that path in a small way through their stores.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Barnes & Noble here!

5. Sunoco

Help lessen the cost of commuting with a gift card to this popular gas station chain!

Text A Sunoco Gift Card

There’s a lot of teachers who have a lengthy commute to school and back everyday, which means time on the road, which means they will be regularly filling up their gas tank, which we know is costly right now. Gas prices are fluctuating higher and higher and that can put a real dent into anyone’s salary, especially teachers. So a small way you can help them with that cost is getting them a Sunoco gift card. Sunoco is one of the most popular gas stations in the country with over 5,000 locations. With this gift card they can use it to fill up their tank when they need it and not see their bank account numbers change as much as they’re used to. A Sunoco gift card is a thoughtful way to help teachers.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Sunoco here!

6. Olive Garden

Splurge and eat whatever you want at America’s favorite Italian restaurant!

Text An Olive Garden Gift Card

We all know the phrase: “treat yo’ self” and teachers deserve to treat themselves everyday, but especially after a long week of extra stressful days. So where better to go to treat themselves than Olive Garden. Olive Garden, the casual dining restaurant chain that specializes in Italian-American food. It’s a perfect place to go to when you just wanna veg out. 

The endless breadsticks and salad bowl gets your meal started as conversation flows between your favorite people. You then get one of their well-loved dishes like the Chicken Alfredo or Five Cheese Ziti al Forno. Then for dessert try their Sicilian Cheesecake with Strawberry Topping. 

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Olive Garden here!

7. DSW

Get shoes that are built for moving and standing all day!

Text A DSW Gift Card

Teachers are on their feet throughout a lot of the day, constantly moving from one student to another, or standing while they give their presentations and point to different things they’re highlighting that day. With standing up all day can come discomfort if you don’t have proper well made shoes, that’s why a DSW gift card will be a surprisingly thought out gift to get them. This way they can get proper shoes that are comfortable for them to stand up in all day, a simple gift that can really make a teacher’s life a little easier.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to DSW here!

8. Bath & Body Works

Good-smelling products both for the classroom and home!

Text A Bath & Body Works Gift Card

Classrooms can get…smelly, especially when kids of all ages are coming in and out of the room all day, so by the time that mid-afternoon sun kicks in you’ll want something to help freshen up the room and a Bath & Body Works product can be that something. Bath & Body Works is a retailer that sells great smelling candles, soaps, bath products, fragrance sprays, room fresheners, wallflowers, and more. Their Room Sprays & Mists section has exactly what you need when you need to refresh your classroom, plus while you’re there choosing what would work best for your classroom, pick something else up for yourself like one of their many 3-Wick Candles or hand soaps! 

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Bath & Body Works here!

9. DoorDash

Don’t feel like grocery shopping after a long week? No problem!

Text A DoorDash Gift Card

It’s Friday after a long week of teaching and the last thing you want to do is go out and shop for groceries after work or on the weekend, but it needs to get done. DoorDash is here to be your extra set of hands for occasions like this because they are a popular online food delivery service that has “Dashers” go out and get what you need.

All you have to do is give them your grocery list, where to shop, and then add a tip- then you can sit back on your couch and wait for the bags to be delivered right to your door. And if that sounds good to you then you’ll love that you can get food from your favorite restaurants also delivered right to your door, it’s super convenient for the busiest of workers!

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to DoorDash here!

10. A Custom Visa Gift Card From Gift Card Granny

Get what you need whenever you need it from!

Text A Visa Gift Card

Preview of your Build-a-Card

One gift that will never be wrong is money. Money you can spend anywhere and that’s why a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny will make for an amazing gift because the teacher can spend it whenever they want on whatever they want! It’s a perfect gift because they can get classroom supplies if needed or they can get themselves something nice to help them be the best teachers they can be. Load up to $500 on this gift card and send it as an eGift or in person as they can make their gift cards plastic.

You can Purchase a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny here!

Teachers are essential and getting them a few things to show them how much their hard work is appreciated will make for a delightful surprise, especially a ping on their phone when they see any of the “best gifts you can text a teacher” we’ve suggested today.

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