10 Best Gifts You Can Text A College Student

Great Gifts for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

If you are looking for great gifts you can text to a college student then today I have just the thing for you. This post will be a list of 10 of the best gifts that you can text to a college student. I know each and every college student really has different needs of their own, so I tried to go with options that would be generally appreciated by any type of college student. So hopefully something on the list works good for what you need it for.

And the nice thing about the list is that it is comprised of businesses that have partnered with GiftYa, and GiftYas are exactly the thing you need when you are looking to text a gift to anybody. GiftYas are modern gift cards that exist in an all digital format, and due to their format, GiftYas are immediately texted right to the recipient’s phone as soon as you buy it. And GiftYa has partnered with thousands of national brands and plenty of local businesses as well so be sure to check out the website to see all the different gift cards you could directly text to a college student.

But I’ll wrap up the introduction here and get right to that list of the 10 best gifts you can text a college student that brought you here in the first place. And as always thank you for the click and thank you for reading!

1 - Barnes & Noble

Help Them Save Some Money On Books for the Semester

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College is getting more and more expensive every year, and the cost of books is doing nothing to help the problem. Textbook prices are out of hand, and the university bookstores never offer the best deal. But they will let you buy your books with your student aid before the aid has been dispersed. So that way they kind of force lower income students to overpay at the university bookstore. 

Help them get around that problem by texting them a gift card to Barnes & Noble. As the nation’s leading book retailer they will have lots of the textbooks your college student is going to need for the semester. So by hooking them up with a gift card to Barnes & Noble you are allowing them the option to shop around for a better price than the university bookstore will offer them. And you will literally be helping them get their books and continue their edification. And you will have played some small role in both their moral and intellectual growth because of it!

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2 - Calm

College Can Be A Really Anxiety Fueled Time

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 Calm gift card

College can really do a lot to negatively impact your mental health. It’s not just that the classes are challenging, there’s a heavy workload, and crazy midterm and finals weeks, but it’s also just so expensive. A lot of students get stressed out when they do the math and see how much they are paying for each day on campus. 

When the prices are that high each day it makes you feel like you have to be perfect each of those days because otherwise you're throwing money and your future away somehow. So no matter how they get, your college student will experience high levels of stress at some point during the semester. To help them battle the anxiety and find a sense of peace, text them a digital gift card to Calm.

Calm is a relaxation, meditation, and sleep app/service that you can always have with you right on your phone. So no matter when they need to destress and relax to get their mind right, your college student will be able to do so with Calm. They will have access to white noise, nature sounds, ambient music, guided meditations, and sleep meditations all the time. So whether they need it to de-stress during midterms week, or they use it to get a great night’s sleep before a big test this is one of the gifts you can text a college student that I am sure they will use!

It only takes a second to grab a digital Calm gift card when you click the link!

3 - Spotify

GIve Them Unlimited Access to Over 100 MIllion Songs

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Spotify gift card

There are few times in our lives when music is more important to us than when we are in our college years. So if you want to text them a great gift, you can text them a digital gift card to Spotify. As the world’s largest online music streaming platform Spotify offers access to ver 100 million tracks and with the premium subscription you get commercial free unlimited streaming of all of it. 

And this one is nice cause it offers a bit of a price range on your end. The premium service will run you around $13/month and the yearly subscription is $99/year. So you can choose to cover them for a couple months, or go a little more extravagant and make sure they are covered all school year long!

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4 - Target

Help Them Cover Some Surprise Expenses

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Target gift card

Target is one of the leading retail chains in the country and as such they have a huge selection of different items for sale. And the nice thing about that is it means that a person can get a wide variety of different types of shopping done all in one visit. Weather they need a new hoodie for the fall morning, a new pair of walking shoes for hiking around campus, office supplies for class, or even just a scented candle for their dorm room they will be able to find it at Target and not even have to break the bank because the expense will be covered by the Target gift card you’re gonna text them.

5 - StubHub

Help Them Catch A Live Concert or Sporting Event

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StubHub gift card

College students are like anybody in that they love live performances of the things they enjoy. And it can be really hard to buy tickets for somebody else since you don’t know their schedule. This is doubly true with a college student. So I think you can just text them a gift card to StubHub and they’ll be able to pick the pro sporting event, concert, stand up comedian, or performances that they will like and most importantly, that will work with their class schedule!

Anybody can grab a digital StubHub gift card in an instant when they use the link!

6 - A RideShare Gift Card

Make Sure They Have A Sober RIde Home

Grab an Uber gift card or a Lyft gift card by following the links!

man sitting on his car
A safe and sober ride home could be life changing for the college student you know!

It’s a really great idea to text your college student a gift card to Uber or Lyft. That way you can rest assured that if they do engage in drinking, they won’t be getting behind the wheel themselves, or behind the wheel with a friend who had also been drinking. You can make sure they have a safe drive home by instantly texting them a gift card and then you can rest assured and know that there’s much less of a risk. 

You can grab a digital Uber gift card or a digital Lyft gift card anytime by clicking the links!

7 - A Meal Delivery App Gift Card

Help Them Get Food Delivered During Cram Weeks

Get an Uber Eats gift card or DoorDash gift card by using the links!

Food Delivered During Cram
Getting a hot meal delivered can be a real lifesaver during long study sessions

Food Delivered During Cram

The way midterms and finals weeks are set up in college are not conducive to a healthy life-work balance. In fact most college students are overworked and overstressed like crazy these weeks. And one big thing that isn’t helping the problem is that they get so busy studying and so worried about the test that they don’t worry about taking care of themselves. It’s rare a college student eats 3 healthy meals a day to begin with, and the chance of that disappears when they start getting overworked. So help them make sure they can get something great to eat even on the days they are too busy studying to cook by texting them a gift card to UberEats or DoorDash!

8 - Apple

A Versatile Gift You Can Text A College Student

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Apple gift card

Texting them an Apple gift card is a great choice when you aren’t really sure what they would like. Since Apple is such a massive corporation one of their gift cards gets you access to a whole lot of great stuff. It can be used at an Apple Store on new hardware like a Macbook, Ipad, Iphone, Airpods, Beats, and all sorts of other electronic accessories. And if they don’t need any hardware the gift card also gets them access to all the incredible digital entertainment (music, television season, movies, books, podcasts, etc.) that is available on iTunes and the Apple store. No matter what they are into, they will be able to get something they like if you text them this gift card!

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Apple gift card by following the link!

9 - Amazon

Hook Them Up With Millions of Options to Choose From

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Amazon gift card

If you just want something fast and simple that they will definitely use, then text them an Amazon gift card. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer with over 12 million different items for sale. So no matter what they need (new coffee filters for the dorm room, shower shoes, 3 ring binders, pens, pencils, paper, clothes, shoes, headphones or anything else) they will be able to order it on Amazon with the gift card and get it delivered to them either overnight or with 2-day shipping in most cases

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10 - Visa

You Can Text A Visa Card That Can Be Used Anywhere

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Visa gift card

If you just want to help them out and cover any miscellaneous expenses they might run into throughout the semester you can text them one of these digital Visa gift cards. The nice thing about these is you can customize them with a message and a photo attached, but you can also just text them directly to the college student. And then they can use it anywhere Visa is accepted. So whether it’s online or in the library's coffee shop you will have them covered!

Anybody can grab a digital Visa gift card in an instant when they use the link!

And There You Have a List of the 10 Best Gifts You Can Text to A College Student!

I hope something on the list looked like a great option for the college student in your life. But if you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for on the list, be sure to check out all the national brands that have partnered with GiftYa because you can instantly text a gift card to any of them to a college student or anybody else you need to send a gift to!

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