10 Gifts for the Woman Who “Wants Nothing”

From Electronics to New Clothes, These Are the Gifts Even the Pickiest Lady Will Totally Love!

If there is a woman in your life that you need to get a gift for, but she just won’t tell you what she wants, then I feel you. For me that’s my mother. So today I have a list of 10 great gifts for the woman who wants nothing. I tried to get a little bit of everything on the list both in terms of what the suggestions are, but also a variety in their pricing. So that way there should hopefully be something that fits everybody’s budget. And I’ll even throw you a handy link anytime one of the businesses on the list has partnered with GiftYa.

If you haven’t used GiftYas before they are essentially a gift card that exists in an all digital format. And they have partnered with thousands of national brands and plenty of local favorites as well. So they can really come in handy when you are in a pinch and aren’t exactly sure what kind of gift to get somebody.

But hey, that’s enough about how awesome the brand is, let’s get right to that list of gifts for the women who want nothing that brought you here today. And as always, thank you for the click, and I genuinely appreciate you reading. Let’s go!

1 - An Airbnb Gift Card

If She Doesn’t Want Any New Objects, Get Her A New Experience

Grab yourself a Airbnb gift card by following the link!

Airbnb had over 2.25 million active listings in the US throughout 2021. Which is a staggering number of locations. So if you set her up with a substantial Airbnb gift card then she’ll be able to plan a trip to some part of the country (or the world) that she’s never been to before. Even if she doesn’t want a traditional present, this is a great way to get her something she will love. And more than anything, this is a guaranteed way to get her something she’ll remember. 

If she gets to go somewhere for the very first time (like the Grand Canyon or Pacific Coastline) then that’s a memory that will last her an entire lifetime. And it's hard to find a present that keeps giving back like that and that the person can enjoy their entire lifetime with fond memories and brand new stories to tell.

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2 - StitchFix

Great Gift for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

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Stitch Fix is basically a subscription service that sets you up with a personal stylist. You simply give them your sizes, your tastes, and your budget. And then your stylist picks out clothes they think you will like and sends them right to your doorstep. Then you simply try them on and keep what you like and send back what you don’t. Through this process your stylist gets to know your style even better each time and before too long you're keeping everything they send that month. 

I think it makes a great gift for a woman who wants nothing because whether she wants them or not, we all need new clothes from time to time. And what better way to refresh your wardrobe than with a personal stylist helping you along the way?

It only takes a second to grab a digital StitchFix gift card when you click the link!

3 - A Great Gift From Shutterfly

There Are Tons of Unique Items You Can Have Photos Printed On

Grab a Shutterfly gift card by following this link!

Shutterfly is essentially a company that will take any photo you have and put it on well, basically anything. Seriously, just click that link back there and go to their website. They’ll make you custom wall prints, calendars with different photos for every month, and even custom blankets and throw pillows and that’s hardly scratching the surface of everything they have to offer. If you need a gift for a woman who wants nothing this can be a great option. 

Because even if she didn’t necessarily want a bunch of her favorite photos printed out in creative ways, she certainly isn’t going to be upset when she receives the gift. And all in all this is just a nice way to memorialize some of her favorite memories. And what better environment can we construct for ourselves than one that is filled with all the memories that bring us laughter and joy? 

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4 - Treat Her to Dinner At A Nice Restaurant

Even if She Wants Nothing, She’ll Be Happy With A Great Meal

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Even if she doesn’t want anything in the form of a traditional present you can still get her something nice by treating her to dinner out at a nice restaurant. There’s never really an occasion where a person doesn’t want to have a fantastic meal. I mean it’s just one of the most basic ways to improve your day. And on top of that, when you take somebody out to dinner it's kind of a mini-celebration of them. They will feel like the honored guest of the party and it will really make her whole day. Just be sure to pick out a restaurant that you know she likes but still feels fancy enough to be a celebration.

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5 - An Apple Gift Card

Apple Offers So Many Options There’s No Way She Doesn’t Want Some of It

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If she’s a woman who wants nothing, but you still want to get her a gift, a great strategy is to go with an Apple gift card. Apple is one of the largest corporations in the history of the world and basically have their hand in every type of media and entertainment. I mean just think about it. She could buy her favorite movies or tv seasons digitally. She could buy her favorite albums on iTunes. She could sign up for a month of Apple TV+. She could cash it in on a new Macbook Pro, an iPhone, a pair of airpods or Beats headphones. 

And all of that is before we even get to the app store which has over 2 million different apps and games she can choose from. Even if she doesn’t want anything, I am sure she will be able to find some way to treat herself with an Apple gift card.

Anybody can grab a digital Apple gift card in an instant when they use the link!

6 - A Gift Card to StubHub

Another Great Chance to Gift Her A Brand New Experience

Grab a StubHub gift card by following the link!

StubHub is another great place you could get her a gift card to. I would say to just go on StubHub yourself and pick out tickets to something you think she’ll love, but the issue with buying somebody else tickets is that you don’t know their schedule in advance. So you have no way of knowing if they will even be free the night of the event. If you get her a gift card instead she can pick out tickets to whatever she likes and she’ll know what night’s she’ll have free to go so you don’t have to worry about the gift going to waste. 

And she’ll be able to pick out tickets for live music, pro sporting events, symphonies, stand-up comedy, and every other type of live entertainment there is. In this way you are really giving her an experience and a lifetime of amazing memories of that night instead of just another piece of carbon.

You can grab a digital StubHub gift card anytime by clicking the link!

7 - Gift Card to A Rideshare App

Even If She Doesn’t Want It, She Might Need it One Day

Get an Uber gift card by using the link!

This one isn’t going to blow anybody away, but I think it’s worth mentioning anyway. You can get her a gift card to a popular ride sharing service. It’s always important to have a safe ride home when you need one and that is doubly important if you are a woman. So even though this one won‘t blow her mind, you can feel good knowing that if she’s ever stuck somewhere she always has your gift card that she can use to get a safe ride home that night!

Anybody can grab a digital Lyft gift card instantly by clicking the link!

8 - A Subscription to Calm

There Isn’t Anybody Out There Who Couldn’t Use A Helping Hand With Their Mental Health

Grab a Calm gift card by following this link!

Just about everybody out there in the modern world needs a little bit of help from time to time with their mental health or with falling asleep. And that is exactly what Calm aims to provide. Calm is a subscription service and app that provides the user with all kinds of calming noise like white noise and nature sounds, along with guided meditations, and sleep meditations. And even if she doesn’t think she wants it, she definitely wants to have less stress in her life and get a better night’s sleep. I mean don’t we all?

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9 - A Gift Card to Amazon

Literally Millions of Items She Can Choose From. She’ll Have to Want Some of Them!

Grab yourself an Amazon gift card by following this link!

If she says she wants nothing, but you still want to make sure she can get something she likes then you should just play the odds. And in this case that means sending her a gift card to Amazon. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the whole world with over 12 million different items for sale. And somewhere in those 12 million items is definitely something she wants. Even if she doesn’t know she wants it yet, she’ll eventually scroll past something that catches her eye. And this way you can be sure she gets exactly what she wants because she has so many choices to choose from.

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Amazon gift card by following the link!

10 - Visa

These Customizable Visa Cards Are Better Than Cash

Get a Visa gift card in just seconds by following the link!

These customizable Visa cards are another great way to play the odds and make sure she can get something she wants. These cards are even better than an Amazon card because unlike an Amazon card you can use them anywhere that accepts Visa. So you can use them at any local business or restaurant that you like, and you can still use it to shop online at places like Amazon. So you really get the best of both worlds with these cards!

Anybody can grab a digital Visa gift card in an instant when they use the link!

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing!

I hope something on my list today helped you narrow down your search at least, and hopefully one of them worked perfectly for the woman in your life who wants nothing. I tried to get options on the list that came with a huge amount of variety so that way she would just statistically be likely to find something she will like, as well as a cou-le options that offer her the chance to have a brand new experience. Cause even if you have everything, there’s no way you’ve experienced everything you want to experience.

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