Useful And Fun Gift Ideas Fit For The Office

Office spaces can feel dull and uncomfortable, but you can change that for someone with a simple gift.

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The office is a place filled with work and stress, but it also happens to be somewhat of a home away from home because of all the time you spend there. Anyone who works at an office spends about as much time there as they spend at home, but not everyone has worked to make their office space more comfortable, but you can help them come closer to achieving that with a gift that is both useful and fun to have. We have put together a list of decorative and practical items, of which some are both. Check it out if you want to please a coworker and make their office space feel more like home!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card that will offer your coworker options. 

Send a coworker a GiftYa gift card

A gift card that a coworker of yours can use right from their phone. 

A gift that any coworker can appreciate is a gift card from GiftYa. GiftYa is a digital gift card supplier that will allow your coworker to pick out their own gift from any store that you choose for them. With GiftYa, you can send someone at work a gift card without even leaving your house. You can choose a store that you know they would love to shop at, including one that offers office supplies.

With GiftYa, you can purchase a gift card online and then text or email it to a coworker in your office. You can purchase it straight from your phone and then they can use it straight from theirs. You will get to choose from several different local and national establishments. And those places include OfficeMax, Target, Best Buy, and Dunkin’. 

Send a coworker a GiftYa gift card

2. Cell Phone Stand

A marble stand to rest a phone during work time. 

This marble phone holder doubles as a desktop decoration. Image courtesy of Amazon

When spending long hours at the office, people will sometimes need their phones and oftentimes will need to put them away. A phone stand will keep a phone openly displayed while still keeping it out of the way. Your coworker won’t feel the need to constantly check their bag or pocket for their phone when it's front and center. A phone stand works great and can easily be taken from work to home to be used in both places. 

This marble cell phone holder from Amazon will make a convenient phone holder that doubles as great decoration. It is made completely of real marble, something that tends to make countertops look great, and it will add some style to your coworker’s desktop.This phone holder is handmade, so a lot of care went into it, and it is also heavy, so no phone can knock it down. It can even hold other small items for your coworker. 

Get an Amazon gift card

3. Portable Espresso Machine

Coffee on the go has never been so easy. 

This mini espresso machine makes coffee on the go possible. Image courtesy of Amazon

A day at the office doesn’t start off right for many people without their morning cup of coffee, and you can make the whole process even better for a coworker with a portable espresso machine. A portable espresso machine will change a coworker’s mornings. They might not always have time to make coffee while they are at home, but a portable espresso maker just might change that. With a portable espresso maker, your coworker can make a delicious cup of coffee on the go and enjoy it at work. 

This portable espresso machine is compact and lightweight enough to carry around everywhere. It is easy to operate and will fit in a cup holder and on any desktop. All your coworker will need to do to end up with a great cup of coffee is add ground coffee to the filter basket, add hot water, and apply slight pressure. They will no longer have to settle for the office coffee and can instead enjoy whatever their favorite coffee is without having to spend a lot more time at home in the mornings. 

4. Wearable Blanket

This sweater is secretly a blanket. 

This sweater blanket hybrid will make a cold working space a lot more comfortable. Image courtesy of Amazon

Some offices can get quite cold, in the winter and the summer, and a wearable blanket can help someone who really struggles with the office cold. Keeping warm can even help your coworker be more productive than usual since being too cold can hinder productivity a bit. A wearable blanket works great for the office because your coworker can warm themselves up with it without standing out much. An average blanket can look obvious and possibly unprofessional, but a wearable blanket will look like a thick sweater. 

This wearable blanket from Amazon will keep someone in your office warm all day long no matter what the season is outside. Whether they want to fight off the office AC or the winter air making its way in, this blanket has got them covered! And it won’t be obvious to anyone around them that this cozy sweater is actually a blanket. 

5. Crock Pot On the Go 

A mini crock pot with just enough room for lunch. 

This crock pot will warm your lunch by the time you’re ready for it. Image courtesy of Target

Something that everyone that works at an office needs each day is lunch, and you can make lunch time a better time with a crockpot on the go. A crockpot on the go will be small enough to carry one single meal in, while being strong enough to heat it up in time for lunch. The line to use the single microwave in the lunchroom can be annoying, and with a single meal sized crock pot, a coworker of yours can avoid the whole ordeal. 

This personal crock pot from Target can make lunch time go by so much more smoothly. It has a matte rubber coating and is made to prevent any spills. It has an aesthetic that is modern with a hint of vintage, and it is dishwasher safe for easy washing at home. Your coworker will enjoy taking all their favorite meals to work when they have such a convenient lunch box on hand. 

Get a Target gift card

6.  Mars Dust Globe

A fun twist on the snow globe. 

Forget snow and watch some red dust billow around a globe instead.. Image courtesy of UncommonGoods

Everyone can use a few items here and there to decorate their office, desk, or cubicle, and getting a coworker a snow globe is a fun way to offer that gift. Even more interesting than a snow globe, is a dust globe. A dust globe isn’t something that you see very often, which is part of what makes it so intriguing to look at. 

This Mars dust globe is a version of the snow globe that circulates dust when it is shaken instead of snow. It shows off the image of a Martian dust storm, something that no one sees on occasion the way they would a snow storm. This dust globe has two astronauts inside, and a lot more detail than you might expect. When the dust settles, you can see a detailed topography of Velles Marineris and the Olympus moon. It is a fun decoration to look at during the day or show off to other coworkers. 

7. Banana Vase

A yellow banana made for a desktop. 

A vase that is colorful and funny. Image courtesy of UncommonGoods

Decorating your desk space is important for feeling at home when you are at work, and you can get a coworker a fun decoration when you get a uniquely shaped vase, like a banana vase. A vase is always a cool decorative piece that you can place things inside of, and it adds a bit of whimsy when that vase is shaped like a fruit. 

This banana vase from UncommonGoods will make your coworkers desk at the office a more fun place. They could always place flowers into the vase if they want to add more to the decoration, or they can even include small office supplies like pens and pencils. This banana vase can make a funny gift and even inspire your coworker to decorate their space more!. 

8. Morning Tea Set

Four different teas made for daytime drinking. 

A different tea for each morning. Image courtesy of UncommonGoods

For anyone whose drink of choice in the morning is usually tea, a set of delicious teas will make a great gift for the office. Many tea drinkers love trying out different types of tea, but sometimes stick to the same ones for convenience, and you can get them a whole new set of teas to try, which makes tea time more interesting. 

This morning tea set from UncommonGoods will help a coworker get their day started in a fresh way each time. It includes four different teas, two common morning teas, and two that might be new to your coworker. There is English breakfast tea, Irish breakfast tea, and then lavender orange grey, and ancient sunrise. Your coworker will love having all four of these loose leaf teas to choose from each morning. 

9. Insulated Tumbler With Lid

This tumbler can handle any drink, hot or cold. 

Sip any drink on the go with no mess. Image courtesy of Amazon

A new mug is a gift that is convenient for any office worker, especially when that mug happens to be portable. When heading into the office each day to spend hours there, it is useful to have something to drink to keep hydrated all day. And it's a bonus when that mug has a lid. A lid will keep a coworker’s drink from possibly spilling while they’re transporting it from home to work, and they won’t have to bother to be careful with it. 

This insulated tumbler with a lid from Amazon offers double the space of the average mug and still fits into any car cup holder. It is extra durable and even comes with a lifetime guarantee so your coworker will get to take it to work year after year. The lid also comes with a straw inside so your coworker can sometimes take a drink at their desk without lifting a finger if they want to. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card for a coworker that is accepted everywhere. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card will be a good gift for a coworker because it will allow them to buy whatever they need for their desk or office needs. Gift Card Granny lets you create a custom gift card that can be used anywhere in just a few minutes, and lets you add whatever you want to the custom gift card to make it personal. 

Gift Card Granny makes building a custom gift card easy from start to finish. All you need to do is visit their website and follow all their steps. Before you know it, you will have a gift card that says exactly what you want to say to your coworker. You will get to add your own image, a personal message, and a video message to a Visa or Mastercard. And then you put in the amount of money you want on it, and will be ready to send it!

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

The office can feel like a dull place, but you can liven it up a bit for a coworker with a gift that they will love. The items on this list are both fun and practical because an office worker needs a bit of both to get work done and enjoy themselves while doing it. You can’t go wrong when you get them something that makes their work life easier and more enjoyable!

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