10 Gifts for Lord of the Rings Fans

All the Perfect Gifts to Become Their Precious

If you need a great gift for Lord of the Rings fans then you have come to the right article. While I am sure there are plenty of other lists you could check out instead, you can rest assured that this one was written by a Tolkien fan. I can tell you that as of today, it has never been a better time to be into this series. There are so many great gifts to choose from for a Lord of the Rings fan that I won’t be able to get them all on this list, but I will give you my top 10 ideas on great gifts for Lord of the Rings fans.

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But that’s enough about the “brand.” Let me get right to that list of 10 great gifts for Lord of the Rings fans that brought you here. And as always we appreciate the click, and I personally appreciate you taking the time to read 🙏

1 - A Set of the Book Trilogy

Or One of the Supplemental Books Tolkien Also Wrote

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There are many great books set in Middle Earth on top of Tolkien’s original trilogy. Image courtesy of Etsy.com.

There are all sorts of Lord of the Rings fans out there. Some people became fans by reading the books and plenty of other people first learned about Middle Earth through Peter Jackson’s beloved film trilogy. But no matter what kind of fan they are, they would surely love to own a copy of the books. And the nice thing is that the Lord of the Rings have been popular enough to remain in print for decades so there are all sorts of different sets you can find of them. 

You can find boxsets with just the trilogy, box sets that include the Hobbit along with the trilogy, and even large books that contain the entire trilogy in one single book. And even if they already own the Lord of the Rings books themselves, there are plenty of supplemental books that JRR Tolkien wrote about Middle Earth and you could get them one of the other books based in Middle Earth as a great way to expand their collection. The most famous of them is probably The Silmarillion, but there is also The History of Middle Earth and Unfinished Tales that are all considered part of the Middle Earth continuity.

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2 - A Lord of the Rings Video Game

There Have Been Many Popular Games Based on the Franchise

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There have been many well-received video games set in Middle Earth over the years. Image courtesy of Steam.

If they are a Lord of the Rings fan that also happens to be a gamer then you could always get them a copy of one of the many great games that have been released over the years. If they have a system from a generation or two back then you could get them Shadow of Mordor. It was released on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2014 and scored a 9/10 on Steam and was generally well-received across the board. And it was followed up by 2017’s Shadow of War that also scored 9/10 on many review sites and was very well-received.

There were also games based on each movie of Peter Jackson’s movie trilogy. If they happen to have an older system like a PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube. All three of the movies had pretty fun games in my opinion, but the game for Return of the King was my favorite because it was the first to feature a really fun style of co-op (2 player) gameplay. So that would be my number one choice if you’re looking for a classic to get them.

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3 - Peter Jackson’s Trilogy 

A Trilogy That Won 17 Academy Awards (Including Best Picture for Return of the King)

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Any LotR fan out there would be thrilled to have the film trilogy in a nice box set. Image courtesy of Best Buy.com.

I know a lot of Tolkien fans in my life, and even those who first came to the universe through the books, tend to have very positive things to say about Peter Jackson’s trilogy of films based on the main three books in Middle Earth. And while I imagine they probably own a set of the DVDs somewhere, you could totally upgrade their collection and get them the whole film trilogy (the extended editions of course) in modern 4K Ultra HD resolution. 

And that way they can watch the movies that they love in an even higher quality than they have before. I can tell you I recently watched the trilogy in 4K for the first time this past Christmas and there are few cinematographers out there who deserve a 4K release as much as Peter Jackson. He beautifully captures the natural beauty of New Zealand to create a Middle Earth that feels both tangible and unattainable both at the same time. Truly breathtaking cinematography.

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4 - A Max Subscription 

The Streaming Home to All of Peter Jackson’s LotR Films

Max is the streaming service that is home to all 6 of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films. Image courtesy of Twitter.com.

Warner Brothers, the parent company that supplies max with all of its streaming content, owns the copyright to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy. So with a subscription to max they will be able to stream all three of the Lord of the Rings films as well as The Hobbit Trilogy. In fact Max even has the theatrical and the extended cuts of the Lord of the Rings and for $20/month you can stream either version in ultra HD 4K resolution. So if they are a fan of Lord of the Rings why not get them a subscription to the streaming service that owns the copyrights to all 6 of Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth movies?

5 - A Ring of Power

There Are Few Pieces of Merchandise More Iconic to a Fandom

A Ring of Power will be sure to please any Lord of the Rings fan out there! Image courtesy of Etsy.com.

The Ring of Power may be one of the most identifiable pieces of merchandise for any fandom out there. I mean maybe a lightsaber from Star Wars is more iconic, but I’m having trouble thinking of any other pieces of cinema that have such pop culture gravitas as the Ring of Power. And the nice thing about that is it means there are a wide variety of different places you can get a Ring of Power replica from in a variety of different price points. Be sure to check out both Etsy and Amazon to get a good idea of how many different choices you have when it comes to picking the perfect replica for the Tolkien fan in your life.

6 - A LotR Inspired Lego Set 

Let Them Recreate Famous Locales From the Books and Movies

A Middle Earth Lego set makes a nice gift for any fan of the Lord of the Rings. Image courtesy of nytimes.com.

The nice thing about Lego sets is that they allow you to recreate famous places from fictional stories right in your own home. And the other nice thing about them is that they range from fairly nice (around $40) to incredible and extravagant (over $400 a piece). So this one gives you some leeway in how extravagant of a present you want to get them.

If you want to get them The Tower of Orthanc then you can be prepared to spend close to $500 on it to get all 2,400 pieces it takes to build it. Or you can get them something simple like Frodo’s Cooking Corner for closer to around $40. But on average if you want to get them a big set that recreates a famous location from the movies then you can expect to spend $200 or more.

7 - A LotR Inspired Board Game 

There Have Been Many Games Based on Middle Earth Over the Years

A Middle Earth inspired tabletop board game makes a great gift for Lord of the Rings fans! Image courtesy of Hasbro.com.

If you want to get them something kind of unique and surprising then I would try to find a great board game that is based on Lord of the Rings. As you can see from the photo you can get Risk Lord of the RIngs, but you can also get other classics like Lord of the Rings Monopoly and even games that were created specifically for the Middle Earth universe like Journeys in Middle Earth or Adventure to Mount Doom. And if you need even more ideas be sure to check out this list of the best tabletop Lord of the Rings games. But no matter what you go with, I am sure any of these games will be pleasing to any Tolkien fan out there!

8 - A Necklace With Their Name In Elvish

This Is A Cute Gift That’s Perfect for Any Female Lord of the Rings Fan

Elvish is a very important language in Middle Earth! Image courtesy of Etsy.com.

There are a couple different shops on Etsy that offer custom made necklaces that will have the person’s name spelled out in elvish as the medallion part of the necklace. This is such a sure fire gift for any female fan of the Lord of the Rings that the hardest part for you is going to be figuring out if they prefer silver or gold for their jewelry. I have that much confidence in this suggestion!

9 - An Evenstar

A Great Romantic Gift to Give Your Partner If They Are A Lord of the Rings Fan!

An Evenstar makes a great romantic gift for a Lord of the Rings fan! Image courtesy of Etsy.com.

So if you yourself aren’t a fan of Middle Earth then this one needs an explanation. For those of you unfamiliar with the lore, the Evenstar is given by the Elvish princess Arwen to the mortal human Aragorn to signify her love for him. In essence it is her telling him that she would rather live one mortal lifetime with him then live forever without him. It is an incredibly romantic moment. She chooses to become mortal for him and give up all the countless years she could live as an immortal elf. 

So I am sure you can see how this would be a particularly romantic present to give your partner if they are a fan of the Lord of the Rings. You can find a whole bunch of great Evenstar recreations on Etsy and there are even some nice ones you can find on Amazon as well!

10 - Visa

Let Them Choose Their Own Middle Earth Inspired Gift

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Listen if you really don’t know what to get them, then you can always send them one of these customizable Visa gift cards. The nice thing about these cards is that since they are Visa they are basically accepted everywhere. Both the local bookstore and Amazon are going to take Visa. But on top of that you can also customize the card by choosing a photo to make the front of the card and you can even send along a custom message. So I would pick a LotR inspired photo to make the front of the card (maybe a map of Middle Earth like the header image for this post?) and then pick out a great quote from the books to send as the custom message. And I am sure any Lord of the Rings fan will appreciate it!!

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And There You Have A List of 10 Great Gifts for Lord of the Rings Fans!

I really hope something on the list looked perfect for the Tolkien fan in your life. I’m a pretty big fan of Middle Earth myself so I tried to come up with some ideas that I thought most Lord of the Rings fans would be sure to enjoy. And I tried to get a variety of price levels on the list too. Not everybody needs a $400 Lego set or even wants one 😅

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