43 Gift Ideas That Aren't Just Candy For Easter This Year

In need of some gift ideas for Easter that don’t include candy? We’ve got you covered!

With Spring quickly approaching and Easter right around the corner, you’ve probably begun to think about what you might want to get for those on your shopping list. While Easter isn’t just about the gifts, it’s still a super fun way to celebrate the holiday, especially when you have young kids. There’s egg hunts, egg decorating, and of course: Easter baskets! But thinking of what to include in an Easter basket for your kids, friends, and family can be tricky- especially when you don’t want to go for candy.

The most common gift to give in an Easter basket is candy, but just because it’s the most common doesn’t mean it has to be the thing- (or only thing) you give your loved ones this Easter. There are plenty of other Easter basket gift ideas out there that don’t involve candy. So if you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t like candy, or you simply want to give them something a little different this year, then keep reading for some fun gift ideas that aren’t candy for Easter.

What we’re going to cover:

  • Gift ideas for anyone on your list
  • Gift ideas that any kid will love
  • Gift ideas for the booklover in your life
  • Gift ideas to brighten the home
  • Gift ideas made at home that are fun for the whole family

One super fast and easy gift idea good for Easter or any time of year is a GiftYa virtual gift card! GiftYa is a website and mobile app that sells digital gift cards to over 200,000 businesses around the country. There’s a great number of restaurants, well known retailers, local favorites, online stores, spas, hotels, and subscription services that you can buy an eGift from through GiftYa. It’s really easy, simply go to the GiftYa website, type in the business you want a gift card from, select up to $250 to put onto the card, add a custom message, picture, video, and/or gift wrapping, then choose to send it via text or email. The recipient will get their GiftYa gift card within a couple minutes- how great is that?

And speaking of gift cards and GiftYa…

Gift Cards

There’s no gift out there as customizable as a gift card- especially an eGift card!

Buy Someone A Gift Card 

Happty easter giftcard
Add some flare to your Easter cards and doodle away to your heart's content!

Whether you’re shopping for an adult, a child, or a teen this Easter, gift cards are probably one of the easiest and most familiar that you can give. They’re small enough to fit inside any Easter basket, you can get them for pretty much anywhere, and you can get them one to their favorite place to shop at! While a gift card might seem like an insensitive gift, it’s actually the opposite.

Giving a gift card, especially one to their favorite store, shows that you pay attention, and who doesn’t enjoy getting to treat themselves at their favorite place. Plus if you use GiftYa you’ll be able to send a virtual gift card. So, whether you live close by and don’t want to go the plastic gift card route, or you’re sending a gift to a loved one far away, GiftYa makes it easy to text or email a gift card to your favorite person this Easter!

Here’s a few places you can get a GiftYa gift card from that might be of interest to you:

  • Best Buy, get the latest tech and upgrade your old electronics with something new.
  • GameStop, the one stop shop (see what we did there) for all your gaming needs.
  • Dunkin’ aka Dunkin Donuts, for when you need a little pick-me-up drink or a fun seasonal beverage treat.
  • DoorDash, the online food ordering and delivery service for those particularly lazier weekends.
  • Society6, the online marketplace for booming creativity.

5 Furry Easter Friends

Because nothing says Easter like a cuddly new friend- specifically a bunny rabbit!

Big or small, a furry friend stays with you forever!

One of the simplest things you can add to any kid’s Easter basket is a soft and cuddly new stuffed animal. You can find them anywhere, and they’re even tons of Easter themed ones available during this time. So grab them a cute stuffed bunny that they can cherish, or grab a stuffed version of their favorite animal. Whatever you decide, they’re sure to love it! 

Here’s a few options to look at for inspiration:

New Books They’ll Love (and 5 “book” accessories)

Everyone who loves to read is sure to enjoy a new book!

There’s nothing quite like cracking open a new book!

If you are looking for an Easter gift for any bookworm in your life, then why not give them the gift you can be sure that they will really adore? Anyone who loves to read will appreciate getting a new book; book readers will tell you they can never have too many books. 

Not sure what kinds of books they like or what books they already have? No worries, because you can always give them a gift card to their favorite book store. Or, give them a copy of your favorite book with a note inside. It’ll mean the world to them whether they already own the book or not!

You can even go as far as adding some book accessories to go along with it as well like these:

  • Enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea while you read with this Book Club - Multicolor Ceramic Mug on sale for $10.99 from Shutterfly.
  • Like to journal your thoughts on your latest read? Get a 240 Sheet Ruled Journal 5.75"x7.75" Faux Leather Leaves - Threshold™ for $8.00 at Target.
  • Sticky notes are also a great idea for readers who like to journal their thoughts but this time you can put sticky notes with your quick thoughts and stick them on passages that really move you.
  • A Gritin 19 LED Rechargeable Book Light on sale for $11.99 at Amazon is great for late night readers. Don’t bother with an overhead light and potentially disrupt any sleepy partners.
  • You could always buy bookmarks for them, but how about you make one? Get some cardstock paper, design something unique to them and laminate it for the perfect book accessory gift!

5 Toys for Warmer Days

With Spring and warm weather approaching, get them a toy they can take outside and enjoy!

If it isn’t already where you live, it’ll start warming up soon. And with the approaching good weather, comes the opportunity for kids to be able to play outside more and more. So, why not get them a toy that they can play with when the weather gets nice? Toys are a great substitution to candy, and ones that they can use outside will get them excited for warm weather!

Just because you might be shopping for a teen this Easter doesn’t mean they won't also enjoy these gifts. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of simpler times, so if you find a toy you think your teen or adult you’re shopping for would have fun using, buy it for them anyway!

5 Hair Products for the Older Teen or Adult

Can’t go wrong with a little self care!

Hair Products
A beauty product is a great gift idea that isn’t candy for Easter!

If you’re shopping for a teen or an adult who loves to do their hair and is always on the hunt for new products, then add some hair-care to their basket this year. Hair products are an easy addition because they’re easy to fit in the basket, and can make for an unexpected gift. Here’s a few gifts all from ULTA Beauty that have caught our eye:

Bright Flowers to Brighten Any Home

Spring is blooming and so are flowers!

a vase with flowers in it
Pinks, purples, reds, and yellows, all the pretty flowers are here!

Flowers are a great gift idea to give any of your loved ones instead of candy this Easter. You can get them a vase of their favorite flowers or a variety of Spring petals to brighten their day and their home. If you live close to your loved ones you can deliver the blooms yourself. Or, if you live far away or just want to have a fun surprise delivered to their door, you can use a service like 1-800 Flowers to give them some beautiful flowers this Spring!

5 Self Care Products

Because nothing says new beginnings like Spring and a little TLC!

a person with marks on her face
Treat yo’ self to good healthy products for your skin!

Spring is a time for new growth, rebirth, and new beginnings. And nothing says all three like a little bit of TLC this coming season. Adding a few self care items into any Easter basket is a great way to show you care while encouraging your loved ones to also care for themselves this Spring!

Self care can be anything from a luxurious new face mask, to products to help tame your beard, and anything in between. When shopping for self care items for anyone on your list, just be creative and curate it to their personal selves! And remember to have fun with it!

5 Home Decor Options

Add some color and pep to any home!

a book with flowers on it
A wicker table for your new book? Pretty cool.

If you’re looking for an Easter gift idea for an adult with their own home, why not give them something small to make their space look and feel more festive for Spring? Home decor doesn’t have to be something large, you can add anything to their basket that you think would make a great new addition to their home. Whether that means adding a little color with a picture you think they’ll like, or giving them a new set of bookends. The possibilities are endless!

5 Fresh Spring Looks

Some new Spring clothes make a nice addition to any Easter basket!

Almost everyone loves to receive some nice new clothes, so why not add a new shirt or dress to your loved one’s Easter basket this year? Whether you’re buying for your partner, parent, or kid, there are plenty of ways you can add a new piece of Spring fashion to take your Easter basket to the next level. You don’t have to add a whole wardrobe either, a simple Spring colored dress shirt or even some Easter socks are a fun way to spice up any basket this year.

Home Baked Goods

Give the gift of something to remind them of home with some home-baked treats!

cookies on a table
Warm cookies are always a good gift idea.

An easy substitute for candy that is still a sweet treat are homemade cookies, cake, brownies, or other baked goods to include in an Easter basket this year! With homemade treats, you can all get together to bake them as a fun family day, or keep it as a surprise on Easter day. You can make some festive cutout cookies or fresh carrot cake for the occasion. Whatever you  make, your loved one is sure to love! 

When thinking about what to get your loved ones for Easter this year, you don’t have to go over the top with gifts. Just getting them something small is special enough and will let them know you’re thinking of them. While candy might be the obvious choice of what to put in your Easter basket, there are plenty of other options of fun gifts to give!

Use this list as a guide to get you started and put your own personal spin on it to make it the perfect gift for your loved one this Easter!

Trae Bodge

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