10 Memorable Gift Ideas for Your Godchild's Baptism

This day is a really important one, so let your godchild know that you are thinking about them.

Image courtesy of Catholic Baptism Prep.

A child’s baptism is a very important day that they likely won’t remember, so when it's your godchild’s turn, you can make sure it is a day that they won’t forget. They might be too young to have the memory of the day stick in their head, but there are gifts you can get them that will remind them that it happened. You can get them custom gifts with the date of their baptism engraved on it, a fun gift that will teach them about their religion, or a cool outfit that shows off that they got baptized. Any of these choices can work for your godchild, so keep reading for more options!

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1. GiftYa Gift Card

A versatile gift card that offers options.

Send a GiftYa gift card

using giftya digital gift card, one of many gift ideas for godchild's baptism
Text a gift card to your godchild’s parent’s phone.

If you want to give your godchild options, get them a gift card from GiftYa. With GiftYa, you can get your godchild a gift card their parents can shop for their gifts with. Anything your godchild gets can be all their choice or something their parents are sure that they will love.  

When you visit GiftYa’s website, you will be able to text a gift card to your godchild’s parents. With GiftYa, you have many options to choose from, from restaurants to dessert shops and clothing stores. Your godchild can get a cake, a game, or a dinner. Get them a gift card from Baskin Robbins, Amazon, or GameStop, or one of the several other options a child would enjoy.

Send a GiftYa gift card

2. Noah’s Ark Baptism Gift

An educational ark that’s fun to play with.

Noah's ark gift set
This ark will memorialize your godchild’s baptism date. Image courtesy of Etsy.

When you want a good gift for your godchild’s baptism, a replica of one of the most famous Bible stories will make a good fit. A physical replica can help a child remember the story even better than words can, and even more so when they can play with the parts. A toy replica of Noah’s Ark makes a great gift for those reasons.

This personalized Noah’s Ark is made for newly baptized kids. It is a toy and an educational tool in one. Not only does it show a visual representation of Noah’s Ark, it is also a plug-in game that helps a kid develop motor skills and learn shapes. It includes 22 colorful animals, Noah and his wife, and the kid’s name and baptism date.

3. Baptism Onesie

A onesie that shows what God says.

baptism onesie with dinosaurs and bible verses
Bible verses your godchild can look for. Image courtesy of Etsy.

When a child is baptized, their parents might want to show it off, and that’s why a baptism themed onesie makes a good gift. A onesie that shows off that your godchild has just been baptized will look great in pictures, and if it's also funny, make the whole family laugh. There are baptism onesies of many kinds on the market, you just need to find the ones that will best suit your godchild.

Shout out the fact that your godchild just got out of some holy water with this funny baptism onesie from Etsy. This onesie turns a rap song reference into a baptism declaration, and will look adorable on your godchild. It is handmade with pure cotton, and can be customizable.

This God Says onesie is a cute baptism onesie with important bible verses on it. It is handmade, made with 100 percent cotton, and made with everything a baby needs. And your godchild will absolutely love the baby dinosaurs on the front.

4. Baptism Snow Globe

A memory in a snow globe.

commemorative baptism snow globe
Shake this up and see your godchild surrounded by snow. Image courtesy of ThingsRemembered.

A snow globe will be a gift that will help your godchild remember their baptism as the years go on. Since they will be so young, it's not a memory they will hold onto themselves, so they’re going to need some help. A snow globe can memorialize the concept of a baptism, or even the full date and an image of the event.

This engraved baptism snow globe will make a great display in your godchild’s bedroom. It features a small picture frame inside so you can memorialize the baptism, is made of ceramic, glass, and metal, and includes its own little message on top of letting you add your own.  

This personalized snow globe comes in the shape of a magical carriage. There is a small picture frame inside the globe, and room for a small message or a name and date. This is a snow globe a child will love as they get older.

5. Baptism Themed Blankets

Small blankets with plush crosses.

baby blankets
These blankets are perfect for warmer nights when a baby still wants something to snuggle. Image courtesy of Amor Clothing Co.

Something that every baby can always use more of are blankets, and now that your godchild is baptized, it is time to get some blankets to commemorate the occasion. Your grandchild will enjoy snuggling with any blanket, so make their latest blanket one that celebrates the religion they just got baptized into.

These ‘child of God’ blankies are made in different colors and patterns with a prominent cross on top. They are made with 100 percent cotton, and even have a prayer written on the reverse side of the blanket. These blankets are a great size for a newly baptized infant. They will just love snuggling with the cross and the blanket.

These personalized lamb blankies are made with a cuddly lamb on top and the blanket on the bottom. You can even get a name, a message, or a date engraved on it with any font or any color you choose. It is also incredibly soft and something a child will love to sleep with.

6. Baptism Necklace

A necklace with a name and a date.  

custom religious necklace with charm for godchild to have when they;re oldr
Their name can be front and center. Image courtesy of Etsy.

A necklace can always make a great gift for someone, and it can be really special when it's something that someone has grown up with. A baptism themed necklace is something that your godchild can wear for years and look back at when they get older. A necklace that has your godchild’s name, or initials, or baptism date will always be great for them to look back on.

This baptism necklace from Etsy is made with gold plated sterling silver, and can be engraved with your godchild’s name and baptism date, and next to the plate there is a pink crystal inside of a golden heart. It can hold about 20 characters, and you can choose the length of the chain and have it perfect for your godchild.

This baptism necklace is made for someone’s godchild. You can get it in gold, silver, or rose gold, and it comes with a cross charm, a heart charm, and a charm of your godchild’s first initial.

7. Stuffed Baptism Elephant

A memory on a plush toy elephant they’ll want to hold.

baptism themed plush elephant
This elephant can be your godchild’s best friend. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Something a kid will always love is a stuffed animal, and it makes an even better baptism gift when that stuffed animal serves as a memory of your godchild’s baptism. Your godchild can play with it whenever they want, cuddle it at bedtime, and when they’re older, they will recognize what it symbolizes.

This stuffed baptism elephant from Etsy is small enough to carry around and big enough to hug. It is made gray, but you have the option to ask for a different color. This elephant has customizable ears. On one ear, you can include a message and the date of the baptism, and on the left ear you can include your godchild’s name and initials.

8. Children’s Bible

A child’s first bible.

childrens' first bibles in pink and blue
A bible for each godchild. Image courtesy of Parker and Pip.

A great baptism gift to get your godchild is their first bible. A bible made just for kids will be more fun for your godchild to read than the average bible. A children’s bible will feel like it was made for them and will take steps to engage them more than any regular bible. And later on they will have fond memories about their childhood bible.

This personalized children’s bible from Parker and Pip will let you customize a bible for your godchild. You can choose from the colors blue and pink, and put your child’s name and baptism date on the cover. This bible comes with full color pages that highlight important passages and a soft leather cover.

Wooly Lamb’s personalized children’s bible is available in pink or blue, and can be customized with your godchild’s name. It includes a few pages of colorful illustrations and padded leatherette binding, and includes a protective dust sleeve.

Baby’s First Bible is a simplified bible for babies and toddlers. It features texts that rhyme and colorful pictures. Your godchild will have fun learning about the bible this way.

9. Children’s Stories About God’s Lessons

God’s words in bite sized lessons made to teach kids.

childrens stories about gods lessons
Each book teaches a kid its own simple lesson. Image courtesy of Good News Kids.

Your godchild will learn from having a bible, but sometimes they need to have bible stories and lessons about God’s words turned into fun stories. That’s what makes fun children’s stories about the bible and God’s words such a great gift to give your recently baptized godchild. From exploring bible stories more deeply to learning about love, children’s books will entertain and teach your godchild.

This Jesus series bundle shares 11 inspiring Christian stories for kids. It shows children overcoming practical issues using God’s advice. Your godchild will learn how to apply God’s words to real life situations.

My Little Library: Bible Stories contains simple illustrated bible stories that toddlers will love. There are 12 books about important figures in the bible that teach children lessons in a fun way. Each book is 10 pages of vibrant illustrations and entertaining stories, and your godchild won’t forget these bible stories!

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A gift card that can be used at any location.

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

visa gift card

If you want to let your godchild or their parents pick out their gift, get them a custom gift card from Gift Card Granny. Gift Card Granny will let you build a custom gift card for a friend through a guided process that will leave you with something personal and professionally made. You will get to add images, sentences, and videos.

Gift Card Granny will have to choose a Visa or a Mastercard for your godchild, add a picture that reminds you of them, add in whatever you want to say, and then text or email it over to their parents. This gift card will work in any and every store, so all your godchild will need to do is make a decision.

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A baptism is a special occasion that you may want to have memorialized forever, especially when it's your godchild’s baptism. Any one of the gifts on this list will help your godchild have fun and make great memories, so pick one out so they can enjoy it!

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