Gift Ideas For Women in Their 30s: The Best Gifts to Give For the Best Years Of Your Life

For many, your thirties are considered the best years of your life, especially for women, so make sure to give one of these gifts to make it even better!

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Turning thirty as a woman can be intimidating, especially saying goodbye to all of the good and bad memories made in your twenties. This is a new decade for many women that is often considered to be the best one because they are more established in their career, have more stable relationships, whether it’s with family, friends, or a significant other, and it’s the time where you really understand who you are and have a lot more self-confidence and worth.

There are many women that dread turning thirty, and many others that embrace it to see what life has to offer them. It’s important to remind any woman in their thirties how loved they are and giving a gift is sometimes the best way to go about it. There are many different gifts to purchase for a loved one in their thirties, but it can be difficult to pinpoint the right one that feels personal and expresses them for who they are. 

With so many options to choose for when giving a gift for a woman in their thirties, there are lots of  things to consider. In this article, we’ll be talking about the best gifts to get, which include:

  • Personalized gifts to warm their hearts
  • Self care gifts to remind them to take care of themselves
  • Gift cards perfect to put a smile on their face

Get a GiftYa Gift Card For A Woman in Their 30s to Put a Smile on Their Face

There are many gifts to give to a woman in their thirties, but sometimes a gift card is an easy choice with tons of options to choose from. If you’re interested in buying a gift card for a loved one in their thirties, then consider one from GiftYa where you can choose everything from restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, beauty stores, grocery stores, and tons of other options to select. This is a digital gift card that can be used at any time that helps to leave physical ones in the past, saving the environment one step at a time with less plastic use. GiftYa has over 200,000 merchants to choose from and you can choose a vendor, pick the amount, customize it with a picture or video, and text or email it to the recipient. 

Consider looking into one of these top gift cards and other ideas for women in their thirties today!

1. Barnes & Noble Gift Card

A gift card for women in their thirties to read the best romance book ever is essential!

Text a Barnes & Noble gift card

There is nothing better than ending the night with a good book in your hands. No matter if you’re into reading romance, the latest sci-fi, nonfiction, or even a fantasy book to get lost in another realm, there is something for everybody at a bookstore. One of the best bookstores to visit is Barnes & Noble, where one of their gift cards will make the perfect gift for any thirty-year-old woman. Many women love to read and spend countless hours diving into different worlds from books from their favorite authors, or keeping up with the drama in the latest memoirs available. 

Text a Barnes & Noble gift card

2. Cocktail Set

Cocktails are a great way to end any day, or a great gift to bring to any upcoming vacation!

Cocktails are a great way to bond with family and friends while exploring new drinks that can be any thirty-year-old woman’s new favorite recipe. Image courtesy of Amazon.

There is no better feeling than sitting down after a long hard day and enjoying an ice cold cocktail. Mixed drinks are also great to enjoy on any type of vacation, which makes a cocktail set one of the best gifts to give to any woman in their thirties. Cocktails are great for girls' trips, family vacations, when loved ones come to visit, or even just to enjoy at the end of a hard work week. This specific cocktail set comes with a shaker set, a stainless steel martini shaker and strainer, a recipe book, and a bamboo stand to keep everything in one place, making it the perfect gift for any woman in their thirties. 

3. Panera Bread Gift Card

Going out to eat to catch up with loved ones at this famous soup and salad restaurant is perfect!

Text a Panera Bread gift card

Finding the perfect restaurant to catch up with the girls and the latest drama, or even just to get together and keep each other updated on their lives is crucial. One of the best places to go that offers delicious and even healthier food options is Panera Bread, a bakery and cafe that has both breakfast and lunch options all day. Panera Bread is known for their incredible sandwiches and salads, and the famous bread bowl so you can enjoy a hot soup of your choice. Plus they have many seasonal options that are great to enjoy, with coffee, soda, and their famous charged lemonades that will quench your thirst. This is also a great place to work because they provide plenty of space to charge your laptop to get some work done during the day, or to sit back, relax, and catch up on a book while enjoying your morning coffee.

Text a Panera Bread gift card

4. Self Care Box

Taking care of yourself is important no matter how old you are, making this self care box extra special!

Self Care Box
Picking out the perfect gift for a loved one can be difficult, which makes the self care box a great option. Image courtesy of Crate Joy.

For a thirty-some-year-old woman, it is important to take care of yourself at all times. This means doing some self care every once in a while to take care of your skin, hair, and overall well being. Another great gift to give anyone in their thirties is a self care box, a monthly subscription for a year that focuses all on relaxing with seven full bottles of products. These boxes are also therapist curated, helping all women to maintain their stress and live a healthy and happy lifestyle with a happiness activity to reflect on how great life can be. Some incredible products that you can get include candles, sleep masks, essential oils, necklaces, journals, bath bombs, and tons of other useful self care items. 

5. Bath & Body Works Gift Card

Enjoy a ton of fresh scents through body wash, lotions, and even hand soaps at this popular store!

Text a Bath & Body Works gift card

Smelling good and fresh scents on you or throughout your home are the key to happiness and what better way to get them than by going to the famous Bath & Body Works. This is among one of the most popular stores for many women in their thirties to go to because of the amount of good scents that they have in that come in many forms, such as body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hand sanitizers, soaps, and even candles. With each turn of the season, Bath & Body Works updates their products on scents for fall, spring, Christmas time, and even brings back some of their most popular scents from many years ago with incredible deals.

Text a Bath & Body Works gift card

6. Crossbody Bags

Makes for the perfect gift no matter the setting or the destination you’re going to!

A crossbody bag helps to keep all of your belongings in one place in a small and compacted space. Image courtesy of Amazon.

As a woman, having a purse or a bag of sorts to hold all of your belongings in when you’re out in public is crucial. There are so many different styles that are available, but one of the most popular ones at the moment is the crossbody. These bags are incredible for everyday use or even great for hiking, amusement parks, art museums, or even concerts where everything including your keys, wallet, phone, makeup, chapstick, and other essentials are all tucked away. This bag comes in many unique designs and colors with a fun patterned strap to create a simple, yet effective fashion statement.  

7. Ulta Beauty Gift Card

Every woman no matter how old they are loves to feel beautiful and this beauty store has everything you need!

Text an Ulta Beauty gift card

For tons of women, making sure that they take care of themselves and look their best is crucial in order to feel good about themselves. A great gift to choose for any woman in their thirties is an Ulta Beauty gift card because of the wide selection of beauty products they have, including makeup from famous brands like Tarte, Fenty, Kylie, Urban Decay, Maybelline, Elf, and even Colourpop. Ulta Beauty allows customers to choose the kind of makeup brand that is best for them, offering high-end ones or more affordably convenient ones, all while earning points that can eventually lead to money off of your total purchase. Ulta Beauty also offers its customers tons of hair care and skin care products that can help to make sure every part of their body is in tip top shape.

Text an Ulta Beauty gift card

8. Thirties Iced Coffee Glass

Glasses and mugs to drink your morning coffee are great to have on hand, especially ones with fun sayings on it!

Drinking coffee or even having a glass to drink water and other iced drinks from is essential for many women in their thirties. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning to get your day started is essential for many women in their thirties to get them energized and ready to take on the day. Finding the perfect glass or mug to drink out of, or even to collect is important for many women, which makes this fun “In My Thirties Era” coffee mug so unique and the perfect gift for anyone. This sixteen ounce coffee glass features a unique design with the cute saying on it, plus it’s great for smoothies, juices, iced teas, or even water. It also has a leak-free bamboo lid to prevent any spills if it were to get knocked over. 

9. Visa Gift Card

The perfect gift to get anyone that can be used to purchase anything at any store that takes Visa!

Text a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

There are a ton of gift cards to choose that are great for any woman in their thirties, and one of the best to select is a Visa gift card. The reason why Visa gift cards are so popular is because they are used and accepted almost anywhere, so whichever places take Visa credit cards will also take their gift cards. It can be used on anything from food from restaurants, clothing stores, gas stations, or even at grocery stores, and it makes for a great gift to purchase either necessities or something that they have been saving up for. 

Text a Visa gift card

Selecting One of These Top 9 Gift Ideas For a Woman in Their Thirties Will Make Their Day

There are many reasons to give back to loved ones, but it is especially important to show women that turning thirty doesn’t mean their life is over. Your thirties are known to be some of the best years of your life full of surprises and ups and downs that can be shared with loved ones and even new people along the way. Whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas gift, or even just something to give because you were thinking of them, make sure to choose one of these nine gift ideas for a woman in their thirties that they will be appreciative of!

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