10 Gift Ideas To Surprise Tenants With

Whether welcoming new ones or showing your appreciation for long-time residents, these simple gift ideas will make their day a little bit brighter

Tenants may never expect to receive gifts from their property managers or landlords for simply doing business with them, but if you rent out property you shouldn’t be completely dismissive of the idea. After all, you want to keep their business just as much as they want to rent from somebody who shows that they care.

A gift for a tenant does not need to be very expensive or over the top; it can be anything from a thoughtfully put together gift basket stuffed with goodies to a premium bottle of wine or even a cute little potted plant. What really counts is that you are going out of your way to let your tenants know that you are thinking about them and that their satisfaction is of the utmost priority to you. Though some may object to giving gifts to tenants you maintain a business relationship with on the grounds of professionalism, there is little harm in the occasional generous gesture. In fact, it might just work out in your favor by reducing tenant turnover and boosting interest in your available units.

There are many simple yet effective ways to go about giving a gift to a tenant, and while just about anything is bound to be appreciated when a gift is never expected, we find that gift certificates and gift cards are excellent options when it comes to gifting. Gift cards are an inclusive choice that work for a wide variety of folks, no matter where they come from, what kind of lifestyle they lead, or what type of job they hold. Rather than restricting what your tenant receives by picking out the items yourself, gift cards put the purchasing power in the hands of your tenants and allow them to do their own shopping. It may not seem like that important of a factor to you, but having that liberty can really make a difference when it comes to tenant satisfaction.

The kind of gift cards you decide to surprise your tenants with is up to your discretion, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with what a tenant likes or needs to ensure you get a befitting gift. If your tenants are new or you are not sure what type of gift they would enjoy, there are a few safe bets that are pretty much guaranteed to please. Some of the most well-received gift card options for tenants include:

  • Gift cards for home decor and furnishings
  • Gift cards for groceries and dining out
  • Gift cards for living essentials and pet care

1. HomeGoods

Make Any Space Your Very Own With Fitting Decor

Send a HomeGoods gift card

home goods giftya

Tenants just moving in? You can pitch in for some decorations and home furnishings to help make the space feel a little more like home. A gift card for a retailer like HomeGoods is a great idea that is bound to please just about anyone, from the most eccentric decorators to those who prefer more simplistic surroundings.

No matter what time of year it is, HomeGoods always has a wide selection of gorgeous and affordable furnishings to choose from. Shop tasteful dinnerware options to impress at your next get together, splurge on new furniture for the living room, grab linens for the bedroom, and make the walls come to life with vibrant artwork. You can make anywhere feel exactly like a place you’re proud to call home with decor and more from HomeGoods.

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2. Goldbelly

The Tastes You Crave Delivered Straight to Your Front Door

Text a Goldbelly gift card

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You will be hard-pressed to find a tenant who doesn’t like receiving delicious snacks in the mail. Food already tends to make folks happy, and when that food just so happens to come from your favorite restaurants and bakeries? Well, nobody in their right mind would pass up that, which is why a Goldbelly gift card is a fantastic gift idea for your tenants.

A curated online marketplace for gourmet food gifts, Goldbelly features tasty food products from dining establishments across the nation, connecting customers with one-of-a-kind items they won’t be able to order anywhere else. Some of the food choices available to order on Goldbelly include cakes, ice cream, cookies, brownies, burgers, pizza, sandwiches, bagels, steak, BBQ, seafood, and even farmer’s market favorites. Whatever your stomach happens to be craving, Goldbelly is here to help fill it with unrivaled products.

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3. Albertsons

There is Nothing Better Than a Full Pantry and Fridge

Give an Albertsons gift card

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Moving into a new place isn’t exactly cheap, and when you factor in stocking your new residence up with food and other living essentials, you end up paying close to a small fortune. Any new tenants you end up with will certainly be appreciative of a little help, and a gift card for a major grocery store chain like Albertsons may just be the perfect choice.

With thousands of locations across more than thirty different states, Albertsons is one of the largest food and drug retailers in the entire country. If you know there’s an Albertsons location in the neighborhood and want to help fill your tenant’s fridge after their move-in date, it definitely couldn’t hurt to surprise them with a gift card. Not only do they sell essential groceries like veggies, canned goods, and condiments, but you can shop for personal care products, cleaning supplies, kitchen accessories, and apparel, too.

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4. Yankee Candle

All the Candles You Could Ever Need For Your Ideal Space

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Nothing breaks in a new apartment like burning that first candle. And with so many fragrances out there to choose from, there is a candle for anyone and everyone. You can help your tenants explore a world of mesmerizing scents with a Yankee Candle gift card.

When it comes to discovering your perfect candle match, you won’t get much better than the sea of scented candles and other fragrance products available at your local Yankee Candle store. Customers can shop for large jar candles, stylish candleholders, fragrances for the car, wax melts and warmers, other accessories, and plenty of mini candles to fill your days with a variety of blissful scents.

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5. Chewy

Access to Essential Products to Care For Your Pets

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Are you renting to tenants with furry children? More and more people are investing in their pets in place of having actual kids, but we’re not here to judge – only to offer support! And heaven knows it is by no means cheap, either. That’s why a Chewy gift card goes a long way to show you care about the wellbeing of your tenants and their beloved pets.

With Chewy, pet owners can order the products they need like food, toys, and medication around the clock for their furry companions. Day or night, Chewy provides pet owners with the means to get essential products for their pets, from cats and dogs to birds, reptiles, ferrets, and even farm animals. Stock up on canned wet food and litter, purchase new bedding for your dears, and get important preventative health supplies to keep your babies safe from potential harm all with services from Chewy.

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6. The Original Pancake House

Fill Up On Good Eats At This Fine Breakfast Restaurant

Get a gift card for The Original Pancake House

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Going out for breakfast after successfully moving into a new apartment is always a good time. Since things aren’t quite set up yet in the kitchen and you may not have the right ingredients for a hearty home cooked breakfast, opting to have breakfast or a late brunch at a local hot spot is a smart alternative. A gift card for The Original Pancake House may be exactly what your tenants need for their first morning in their new home.

The Original Pancake House currently boasts over one hundred franchises throughout the United States. This family-oriented restaurant presents the perfect laid-back atmosphere of diners in a more casual setting. Customers can pick from a wide array of signature American breakfast dishes, including fresh pancakes, scrambled eggs, crepes, waffles, omelets, cereals, and other specialty breakfast items.

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7. Tuesday Morning

Furnish Your Place With Quality Products at Affordable Prices

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tuesday morning

Even though there are no physical Tuesday Morning stores around anymore, you can still shop for tons of discount home goods online that you can use to make your space shine. Tuesday Morning carries an assortment of stylish products and efficient appliances to cover all of your needs.

Tenants looking to spruce up their new place will enjoy browsing through everything Tuesday Morning has to offer. From cotton bedding and beautiful quilts to tasteful dining sets certain to impress any guest, there’s a lot to love about their household products.

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8. Giant Eagle

A Great Supermarket to Stock Up On All Sorts of Groceries

Buy a Giant Eagle gift card

giant eagle

Because you can never have too many places to shop for groceries, a gift card for Giant Eagle is certainly a considerate gift to surprise a loyal tenant with. If you know there happens to be a location right down the street or within driving distance, your tenant could definitely benefit from having a Giant Eagle gift card.

Filling up the fridge and pantry is a breeze when you get to choose from a variety of quality products and fresh produce at a Giant Eagle supermarket. The stores also have in-house bakeries that make fresh baked goods daily like artisan breads, cakes, brownies, cupcakes, and other pastries.

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9. Target

A Convenient Place to Shop For All Your Daily Needs

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You’re gonna need a lot more than just food to get through everyday life in your apartment, which is why a gift card for such a popular department store chain like Target is perfect for tenants of any background.

Target carries all sorts of goods to help make your space uniquely your own, including home furnishings, wall art, candles, lights, bedding, books, and much more. Whether you have something in mind or are simply browsing, a Target gift card is bound to come in handy.

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10. Visa

Buy What You Want From the Retailers You Love

Send a Visa gift card

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Gift cards are great because they are basically free money, but many have their funds locked to specific stores and retailers. If you are looking for a gift card that can be used to make purchases at all kinds of different merchants, then you should absolutely consider going for a Visa gift card.

Both new tenants and longtime loyal renters will be able to get a lot out of a Visa gift card. Not limited by brands or specific retailers, tenants can use their Visa gift card funds to purchase a variety of things, including groceries, electronics, apparel, furniture, decorations, and cleaning products. A Visa gift card is sure to help tenants maintain a space that meets their quality of living.  

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There is no limit on what kind of gift cards you can surprise new and old tenants with to show that you care about their experience. With GiftYa, you can shop a range of digital gift cards for all sorts of different categories, from restaurants and supermarkets to department and home goods stores. What will you end up sending with GiftYa?

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