Gift Ideas for Swim Coaches

Gifts that will please a person who spends all day in the water.

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Swim coaches spend a lot of their time in the water, and sometimes they could use some help or an escape. Spending hours in the water each day can require supplies or something to remedy the damage after. So get them gifts to make some of their time in the water more fun or gifts to soothe their constantly wet skin. Everything on the list below can make a swim coach’s day, so keep reading and pick something out!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card for a swim coach who likes to choose. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

GiftYa Gift Card
Text a gift card to a swim coach’s phone so they can use it in the next few minutes. 

If you want to get a swim coach a gift, and don’t know where to start, a gift card from GiftYa is a great gift idea. With a GiftYa gift card, a swim coach chooses their own gift out. You will just pick the store and they will get to pick out everything else. A gift card can be the perfect option when you don’t want your gift recipient to have more of a say.

To get a GiftYa gift card you need to visit their website and follow their prompts, and in a few minutes will be able to text the gift card right to them. You can pick from local and national stores and the coach can even change the store if they don’t like the one you picked out yourself. Try gift cards from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, REI, or Crunch

Send a GiftYa gift card

2. Towel

A swim towel for the pile. 

This towel represents what a swim coach does most. Image courtesy of Zazzle

A swim coach can always use a fresh new towel, especially since they use them everyday. Get your swim coach, or a swim coach you know, a towel so they can use one that hasn’t already been repeatedly doused in chlorinated water for now. It can add to their collection of towels, so they will be further from running out than before.

A vintage bath towel from Zazzle will have a swim coach prepared for the next day of classes. It shows off an image of a swimmer in the front, is decorated with pool water colors, and is large enough to fit a small or larger swim teacher. It can make someone feel warm and cozy after a few long hours in the pool. 

3. Water Bottle

A water bottle dressed in wood. 

Water Bottle
This water bottle looks cool and is just as useful. Image courtesy of SwimOutlet

After spending hours at a time getting exercise in the water, a swim coach could often use a drink of water, which makes a high quality water bottle a great gift. You’ll need something that is well made, can hold a lot and will do fine out by the pool all day

Swimoutlet’s teakwood stainless steel water bottle can help a swim coach stay hydrated with a water bottle that is high quality and stylish. It has a condensation free exterior, so no matter how cold it is on the inside, no one’s hands will get wet holding it. 

Sans self cleaning water bottle will give a swim coach clean water on the go. It has a UV-C light purification that cleans out the bottle, and a double wall vacuum installation. This bottle will make drinking water on the go even cooler. 

This water bottle from Takeya will keep swim coaches hydrated and in style. It is a convenient size with a spout lid, and comes in bright colors. It is made for easy gripping, and holding all types of drinks. 

4. Mesh Backpack 

A backpack that dries fast. 

This backpack is made for getting wet. Image courtesy of SwimOutlet

A swim coach likely has a lot to carry to and from the pool each day, and you can save them some steps by getting a mesh backpack. A mesh backpack will allow a swim coach to store certain things by the pool without fear of getting their bag wet. Anything they need by the pool that has no issue getting wet can be stored in a mesh bag. 

This big mesh backpack from SwimOutlet is the perfect bag for carrying swim gear to the pool. It's spacious, lightweight, and has a water bottle pocket. This bag will make days by the pool a lot easier than it would be without a mesh backpack. 

5. Insulated Lunch Bag

A lunch bag that keeps food cool. 

Insulated Lunch Bag
This lunch bag will have your food ready to eat by lunch. Image courtesy of Bellroy

A swim coach will need to have lunch each day, and you can make that an easier process by getting them an insulated lunch bag. With an insulated lunch bag, they will be able to keep their lunch at the right temperature and ready to go when they need it. They can then easily enjoy lunch by the pool whenever they’re ready. 

This electric lunch box from Amazon will let a swim coach enjoy hot meals from any location. It offers a 2 in 1 design with a 12 volt adapter for the car and a 120 volt plug for anywhere. It comes with a bento style food tray with 3 compartments to separate food into, and an insulated bag and clip to prevent spills. 

While this cooler caddy from Bellroy will keep food and drinks cold on the go and is easy to store. When a swim coach is done using it, all they have to do is squeeze it down, and store it in small spaces. It can fit one lunch or six drinks, has an attached bottle opener, and is made of waterproof material. 

An insulated lunch bag cooler from Mier sports can keep food cold for more than 8 hours. It is leakproof, has a detachable shoulder strap, and can hold up to 12 liters. It offers multiple compartments, and everything someone will need to enjoy their lunch.

6. Swim Goggles

Colorful swim goggles for protection.  

These goggles are cool and colorful. Image courtesy of SwimOutlet

Swim goggles are useful for anyone who spends a lot of time under water, which is what makes them such a great gift for a swim coach. A swim coach could always use plenty more of this eye gear even if they already own a pair, and if they didn’t have a pair before, they may discover just how useful they are and wear them regularly

These mirrored goggles from SwimOutlet are bright, shiny, and provide a secure fit. They also provide UV protection, which is essential for anyone working at an outdoor pool. It is perfect for long training sessions, and will keep a coach from being distracted by water splashing in their eyes. 

Speedo swimming goggles from Amazon are mirrored, anti fog, and come equipped with UV protection. These slim goggles have a full rim and come in silver, smoke, or emerald. 

7. Whistle

A whistle with some personality

A whistle that is different from the usual. Image courtesy of Amazon

A swim coach could always use a new whistle for work, so be the one to get them one. Coaches of all kinds need whistles to send signals to their students. They need to do it very often and might have to replace their old ones on occasion. It will be an even cooler gift if you get them a whistle that is different from the generic ones they own. 

This crystal rhinestone whistle is made for the swim coach with some style. It is a fashionable whistle made with 14k gold and sparkling rhinestones, so it will hold up in the water. It is also lightweight so it can move with them. 

The 7 in 1 survival whistle from Amazon comes with many more features than the average whistle. It includes a thermometer, match storage, and LED flashlight, and a compass. It can be taken from the pool to the wilderness!

8. Swim Themed T-Shirt

A shirt that matches what they do. 

Swim Themed T-Shirt
Put on this t-shirt after a swim. Image courtesy of Etsy.

A swim coach likely spends a lot of time changing from wet to dry clothes, so the more casual t-shirts they have for this, the better. That is why you should get them a swim themed t-shirt. They spend so much time at swim class, and can probably use several t-shirts to change into on certain days. 

This funny t-shirt from Trendy Summer has a funny swim-themed logo that can make a swim coach laugh. It makes a joke of the popular stick figure swimming image, pointing out that it looks like a stick figure diving into bacon. 

Another option is thi ‘return to nearest pool’ t-shirt that carries a funny message on front that will make anyone who knows them and what they do laugh. This t-shirt is handmade with polyester and cotton, and has a relaxed fit, so it will fit loosely, something that swim coaches need in their wettest moments. A swim coach is likely to love putting this on after drying off from the pool. 

9. Waterproof Hat

A cap that can protect the eyes in water. 

Green Waterproof Hat
This cap can get soaked and do fine. Image courtesy of Eddie Baur

Sometimes a swim coach wants to cover up their eyes when it's sunny out, and they can do that with a waterproof hat. A waterproof hat can make part of their face feel protected as they teach classes, and they won’t ever have to worry about getting it wet. It can fall in the water over and over and still end up fine.

This waterproof baseball cap has a moisture wicking headband, a mesh liner, and a velcro tab. This cap is constructed for maximum protection, and will keep someone’s face covered from the sun in any wet environment. 

You could also go with this  sun protection hat from Amazon that will keep a swim coach’s eyes protected in or outside of the water. Whether they are hanging out on the outside of the pool while giving instructions, or inside giving a demonstration, this hat will do just fine. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A gift card that offers more options.

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card will allow a swim coach to shop wherever they want. Whether they want clothes, food, furniture, or something else, they can pick it out on their own, and Gift Card Granny will let them do that. On top of getting a swim coach a gift card that works anywhere, you will also get to add anything you want to it, including pictures, messages, and videos. 

Gift Card Granny will allow you to create a custom Visa gift card in a simple way. You will have to choose a Visa or a Mastercard, add your personal image to the card, maybe a funny picture of your friends, add a personal message, and send the gift straight to their messages or their email. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Swim coaches do an important job, and they should be rewarded for it at times, so give them a gift one day that will make them smile!

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