10 “Super” Gift Ideas for a Super Bowl Host!

The Great Gifts That’ll Get You to First and Goal

Super Bowl Parties are an American tradition that have been around for over 50 years now. In all reality they are just an excuse to pack another food holiday into the cold part of the year. I mean Thanksgiving and Christmas are great for food don’t get me wrong. But we all needed another day to pack on the calories in the bitter cold of February and the Super Bowl affords us an opportunity to do just that.

In fact a majority of respondents said they look forward to Super Bowl Parties because of the food. And it makes sense when you think about it. There are 32 teams in the NFL and only two of them are going to be playing the Super Bowl. So the odds are more than likely that your favorite team isn’t playing every year. But people still go out for Super Bowl Parties every year because it's a great chance to spend time with family and friends and enjoy some incredible food.

So if you are looking for a great gift to get for your Super Bowl Party host this year then you have come to exactly the right place because today I have a list of 10 great gift ideas for Super Bowl hosts. And I’ll even be sure to throw you a link anytime you can use one of our GiftYa gift cards on any of these great options.

A GiftYa is essentially a gift card that exists in a totally modern format. Instead of being a clunky piece of plastic, a GiftYa instead exists all digitally. And this comes with a whole variety of benefits such as the card keeping track of the balance for you, never being without your card when you are out and about, and for a gift giver they are great because you can instantly text them to the recipient's phone in just a couple clicks on GiftYa’s website.

But enough about the brand Let's get right to that list of gift ideas for Super Bowl host that brought you here! And as always, thanks for the click, and an even more sincere thanks for reading!

1 - A Nice Serving Dish

Super Bowl Hosts Always Need More Serving Trays Than They Think They Will

game on serving dish as a gift idea for super bowl host
Showing up with a nice serving dish is a great gift for a super bowl host! Image courtesy of partycity.com.

A Super Bowl host really has one job if they want the party to be a success and that is to make sure there is plenty of food for everybody to chow down on while they are watching the game and the commercials. But not everybody has a ton of servingware just lying around the house. So they might find themselves a little unprepared to be able to dole out all the food appropriately.

That’s where you come in. You can get them a great serving tray (and you can even find plenty of football themed ones) that they can use at the party to help keep everything organized. And on top of that a serving tray is something they can reuse anytime they have company over. So it's your call on whether to get them a football themed one to stay on theme with the Super Bowl. Or a more generic serving tray that they can use all the time. No matter what you choose, I’m sure they’ll be happy you brought something to help organize the massive amounts of food they have prepared!

2 - A Nice Dish to Serve Dips In

Chips and Dip are a Standard at any Super Bowl Party!

football themed chip and dish tray
Every good super bowl party is gonna have chips and dip so you can really add some fun to the party with a football themed serving bowl!. Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

The same way that a good serving tray makes a good gift for a Super Bowl host, a great way to store chips and dip will also be appreciated by a Super Bowl host. It’s really pretty messy and inconvenient to try and dip chips into the glass jars that they come in. So instead hook them up with a chip platter that has a built-in bowl to hold the dip. And you can go the traditional route and get them something ordinary, or you can steer right into the holiday fun and get them a football themed chip and dip holder right off of Amazon.

But no matter what you go with, they will certainly appreciate you bringing them something to help organize the food. Afterall, the food is the main attraction to the party.

3 - A Gift Card to StubHub

Help Your Super Bowl Host See Their Favorite Team Live

Grab a StubHub gift card by following this link!

StubHub is a website where you can find tickets to all sorts of live events. Everything from pro sports games, to the ballet, the opera, the symphony, and stand-up comedy can be found on StubHub. And the nice thing about that is it means you can send your Super Bowl host a gift card to StubHub that they can use to get tickets to their favorite team next season.

Now normally I would say just get them the tickets as a gift and skip the whole gift card step, but I honestly think it's a real gamble to buy tickets for another adult. You have no idea what their schedule might be like the day the tickets you picked are for. Maybe they have to work late or they can’t get a sitter or something? By sending them a gift card and letting them choose the tickets that work best for them and their schedule ensures this is a gift they will actually use.

Get yourself a digital StubHub gift card in seconds by following the link!

4 - Target

You Can Get All Kinds of Great Kitchenware at Target

Grab yourself a Target gift card by following this link!

If you are just trying to bring something that will help out in the kitchen then stopping in at a Target isn’t such a bad call. Target has a little bit of everything, but they have plenty of home goods and kitchenware. So take a look around and see if there are any nice serving trays or things of that nature. And if all else fails, you can always grab a couple bags of chips and some 2 liters of soda and be on your way to the Super Bowl party.

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Target gift card by following the link!

5 - Amazon

Choose From Millions of Gift Ideas for Super Bowl Host

Get an Amazon gift card in just seconds by following the link!

If you need a gift for your Super Bowl host in a hurry, then I would recommend using Amazon. After all, Amazon is the largest online retail company in the whole world. Which means they have over 12 million separate items for sale. And somewhere in that 12 million has to be a great gift for your Super Bowl host. Maybe you find them serving dishes or chip and dip holders. But you could also get them plenty of great team merch for their favorite team. Heck you can probably find merch for their favorite player for their favorite team if you searched hard enough. And that’s not a football fan out there who wouldn’t like an authentic jersey of their favorite player!

Anybody can grab a digital Amazon gift card in an instant when they use the link!

6 - A Food Delivery Gift Card

Help Them Restock the Party if the Food Runs Low

Grab a Domino’s gift card or Papa John’s gift card by following the link!

door dash deliver pappa john's pizza to a super bowl host

It can be hard to plan for a Super Bowl party specifically. You never know exactly how many people are definitely coming, and then you have no idea how hungry everybody is gonna be, but you want to make sure that you have enough food that people have enough. But at the same time you don’t want to way over prepare and have a bunch of food go to waste.

Well, you can help take that headache out of the equation for your Super Bowl host. Send them a gift card to a local pizza place, or a gift card to a meal delivery service like Uber Eats or DoorDash. And then that way if the food starts to run low before halftime, the host can just get a pizza or some appetizers ordered in time for the 2nd half and nobody's the wiser!

You can grab a digital Uber Eats gift card or DoorDash gift card anytime by clicking the links!

7 - A Fathead of Their Favorite Player

A Great Gift If Your Super Bowl Host Is A Fanatic

Fathead wall decal of the Kansa City Chiefs number 15
Any Super Bowl Host out there will be overjoyed to have a life size cutout of their favorite player! Image courtesy of fathead.com.

This is the gift to get if your Super Bowl party host is a real fanatic about the game. Especially if they have a favorite player. You can go to Fathead.com and get many players ordered in a life size cutout sticker that they can put up on any wall or vertical service. And these decals are super high-quality You’ll have to spend around $100 to get one of the full size ones, but I think it will be well worth it when you see the glee on the face of your Super Bowl party host when they unwrap it.

8 - Merch From Their Favorite Team

Any Super Bowl Host Would Love A Jersey As A Gift

assorted professional football jerseys
Any big football fan out there will be hyped to get some apparel from their favorite team or player. Image courtesy of dickssportinggoods.com.

If you don’t want to go the Fathead route, but still want to get them a great piece of team merch then consider getting them a jersey from their favorite team or from their favorite player. There’s lots of places you can find these kinds of jerseys but I found Dick’s Sporting Goods to have a really great selection. And there isn’t a football fan out there who wouldn’t be psyched about getting a real high-quality jersey in those home team colors and their favorite number on the back. But just as a heads up, if you want to grab a high-quality jersey you’re gonna be looking to spend around the $130-$150 price range.

9 - Spotify

Help Them Set the Soundtrack to the Party

Grab yourself a Spotify gift card by following this link!

If your host is really just using the Super Bowl as an excuse to throw a party and they don’t really care much about the game, then you can always send them a Spotify gift card. And then they can use it to stream millions and millions of songs uninterrupted so they can set the perfect soundtrack to not watch the game too. All in all, if you end up at a party like this I at least hope the food is good!

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Spotify gift card by following the link

10 - Visa

Give Your Super Bowl Host A Gift That’s Better Than Cash

Create a Visa gift card in just seconds by following the link!

If you really don’t know what to get your Super Bowl host as a gift then I would recommend one of these customizable Visa gift cards. SInce they are Visa they are accepted everywhere. So you can use them to shop at the little mom & pop store in town, or you can turn around and use it to order on Amazon. And you can even pick out a photo of their favorite NFL to make the front cover of the card!

Build a custom Visa gift card

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Gift Ideas for Super Bowl Host!

I hope something on this list worked perfectly for the Super Bowl host or hostess in your life. People love going to Super Bowl parties, but the one reason that stands above them all is the food. So any gift you can bring that spruces up how the food is being served, or helps the host have a convenient backup option on hand if people go through the food faster than they expected. But no matter what you decide to get them, I’m sure your Super Bowl host will be thrilled you thought to get them a gift in the first place!

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