Useful and Fun Gift Ideas for Someone Going On A Cruise

A cruise vacation requires a lot of supplies, so get some for a friend who loves cruises.

Image courtesy of Carnival

If you know someone who is going on a cruise and you need to get them a gift, get them something that makes the cruise experience even greater for them! Someone who goes on cruises often, or is going on one for the first time could use very many things to improve the experience, and those things can be practical, fun, or both. Whatever your friend likes to do most when spending a week on a cruise ship, one of these gifts will make it easier for them so go ahead and pick something out and make their cruise even better!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

Let a cruise lover pick out their own gift. 

Send a someone going on a cruise GiftYa gift card

Hand holding Text a gift card
Text a gift card to a cruise goer’s phone. 

Someone that is going on a cruise would love a gift card from GiftYa. With this gift card, they will have options and it will be easy for you to buy. GiftYa makes purchasing gift cards simple and keeps everything digital so that it is quick and easy. You can make the purchase online and have a gift card sent over through text or email as soon as you get done. 

GiftYa is a gift card service that lets you get a gift card for a friend online really quickly. A gift card from GiftYa can be used at many locations across the country. You can get a gift card for Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, and many more establishments. There are so many options, and if you don’t choose right, your friend gets to correct your choice. 

Send a someone going on a cruise GiftYa gift card

2. Passport Cover

A cover to keep a passport safe. 

Passport Cover
This passport holder will keep your passport and small belongings safe. Image courtesy of Anthropologie

When someone is on a cruise, they have to travel with one of their most important documents, their passport, which is what makes a passport cover such a good gift. A passport cover will keep their passport safe from rain, drinks, and beach water whenever they need to get off the ship in another country. 

This passport cover from Anthropologie will reflect the surroundings of a friend on a cruise. It is bright, colorful, and covered with palm trees, which is a sight your friend surely loves to see when on vacation. 

A passport cover from Burga comes in seven vibrant colors and can hold everything from your passport to your credit cards. With this passport cover, you can keep it safe and carry everything important with you all at once.

3. Waterproof Bag

A bag meant to keep everything in it safe from the elements. 

Waterproof Bag
This bag will give you peace of mind. Image courtesy of Amazon

A cruise is a wet vacation, and a friend is sure to appreciate a waterproof bag. A waterproof bag can keep their things from getting wet whether they are at the bar, the pool, or at the beach. Their things will have many opportunities to get wet on a cruise and you can help prevent that from happening with a waterproof bag.

Quest’s waterproof tote bag can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods and can be bought in two colors. You can get one the color of the blue ocean or in gray. It has a roll top closure and a compartment to keep a phone safe.

The Waterproof Dry Bag from Amazon will keep all of a person’s belongings dry no matter where they’re hanging out. This bag can come in many different colors and will even do fine if fully submerged. When this bag is sealed, no water will be getting in. 

4. Portable Charger

A charger to take everywhere you go. 

Portable Charger
With this charger around, a phone will never have to die. Image courtesy of Amazon

When someone is going on a cruise, a portable charger will make a really useful gift for them. With a portable charger, they can spend all their days enjoying all parts of the cruise without having to worry about keeping their phone charged. They will be able to keep them charged from anywhere on the boat.  

A portable charger from Amazon can accompany someone anywhere they go on a cruise. It is extra compact and can easily fit in any purse, backpack, or pocket. It also charges at a high speed so they won’t ever have to worry about their phone’s battery. 

This portable charger from QVC is easy to use and easy to carry. It comes with a speaker and a carrying strap for further ease of use, and it can be connected to different devices so you don’t need to worry about the kind of phone your friend has.

5. Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses with personality. 

young man and women wearing Sunglasses
Any of these sunglasses will shield the sun with style. Image courtesy of Amazon

When someone is on a cruise, they will be spending a lot of their time in the sunlight, and for that they could use a cool new pair of sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses will make it easy for them to navigate every part of the ship and sea without having to squint or use their hands as a shade. The right pair of sunglasses can also make them look really cool. 

These irregular sunglasses are fun and quirky, and will make your friend stand out in a cool way. You can get the ones shaped like clouds, the ones shaped like flames, the ones shaped like stars, or more. Each of them comes in their own shape and their own vibrant colors, so choose the one that matches your friend’s likes best!

6. Kimono Robe

A robe that is comfortable even in the heat.

This robe will keep you from overheating. Image courtesy of Personalization Mall

A gift that a cruiser goer can appreciate is one that helps them lounge in comfort all day. Sometimes they may want to grab a meal or a drink before getting ready for the day, and with a robe, they can run out and do that any time they feel the need. Or maybe they want something dry to wear after spending hours in the pool. They can even enjoy wearing it in their room rather than wearing actual clothes. A robe gives them options. 

This kimono robe was made to wear in any climate. It is made of cotton and polyester, is super absorbent, and can be customized with your friend’s name or initials. It even comes with pockets so it's easy to use to carry small items. 

This Knit Kimono Robe is made from comfort in a warm environment. It is smooth to the touch, has pockets, and has a relaxed fit. It is a great robe for your friend to lounge around in when they’re on a cruise.  

The Peacock Kimono robe is the right robe for summertime heat. It is bright and floral so it fits aesthetically with the times, and it is also made of polyester that feels just like silk. 

7. Portable Lock Box

A lock box with a personal code.

Portable Lock Box
This container can keep everything important safe. Image courtesy of Ozerty.

When someone is on a ship surrounded by tons of people, they can be concerned about holding onto their belongings, which is why a portable lock box will make a good gift for them. A portable lock box will allow them to carry their important or expensive items without worrying about anyone getting access to them. They can leave a lock box in their room and not worry about it, or even carry it around with them. 

This portable safe box comes with a handle and a code. It comes in one of four colors and can secure valuables really well. With just a three digit code in mind, your friend will be the only one that can access this safe box. 

A personal safe from Ace Hardware will keep your friend’s small belongings safe for the entire cruise. It’s small and easy to carry, and can hold onto a wallet, phone, keys, and more at once.  

8. Noise Canceling Headphones

Headphones that can block out all the noise. 

Noise Canceling Headphones
Cancel out noisy shipmates. Image courtesy of BestBuy

When you’re on a vacation surrounded by lots of other people, things can get loud, and that is what makes noise canceling headphones such a good idea. With noise canceling headphones, your friend can make themselves feel like they are enjoying their time by the ship’s pool alone. No matter what is going on around them, they’ll be able to shut it out and have their peace. 

The Soundcore noise canceling headphones will give your friend peace wherever they are on the ship. They are wireless, connect to bluetooth, and have an adjustable fit. It will keep your friend from having to deal with too much noise. 

Noise canceling headphones from Cowin Audio can block out all the unnecessary noise around them. It can come in one of six bright colors and has a high quality sound. Wearing it is also oh so comfortable. 

9. Waterproof Phone Case

A case meant to protect your phone from water. 

Waterproof Phone Case
This case will protect your phone from damage. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Aside from their wallet, the next most important thing that someone has to protect is their phone, and that is why you should get them a waterproof phone case. Someone on a cruise will be surrounded by water everywhere they go, so make sure their phone is protected while they enjoy themselves. Even if they didn’t know they needed this, they would be super happy to have it if a stream of water splashed onto their phone from the pool. 

This waterproof phone case offers maximum phone protection. It is so protective, you can take a phone into the water and use it and it will still be fine in the end. You can get this in several different colors and it comes in tough plastic that allows you to use the screen. This phone case will make a phone even more useful on a cruise!

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card for a cruise lover. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

When someone loves cruises, they will appreciate a personalized gift card that can give them anything that they want. With Gift Card Granny, you can make a universal gift card custom. A friend will be able to shop with it anywhere and it can reflect their tropical tastes. 

Gift Card Granny is a custom gift card building website that anyone can use with no effort. It will take just a few minutes on the website to leave with a custom gift right when you need it. You will need to choose a Visa or a Mastercard, and then add in all the personal information you can, and you’ll be ready to text or email it tight over to them. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Someone who enjoys cruises will love any of the gifts on this list! These gifts will help keep them and their things dry and safe no matter what they are doing on the cruise or how wet that activity is.

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