Score a Goal with These Gift Ideas for a Soccer Coach

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a soccer coach, we have 10 right here!

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Is there a soccer coach in your life that really puts their all into the team? If so, maybe it’s time you gave them a little something to show your appreciation for all the hours, energy, and expertise they bring to coaching their team. Coaches are a special group of people who take their knowledge of the game and choose to use it to help others get better. No matter if they’re coaching small children, high school, or beyond, soccer coaches not only work to help the team win, they are also a role model for their players off the pitch.

Soccer coaches don’t expect to be thanked for their contribution to the team, but it sure is nice to have their hard work and dedication acknowledged once in a while. And what better way to do that than with a gift for a soccer coach!

If you’re at a loss about what to get them, don’t worry, we have lots of options including:

⚽ Gift cards that are perfect for soccer coaches

⚽ Personalized items they are going to love

⚽ Useful gifts they can definitely use at practice

Send a soccer coach the gift of GiftYa!

Soccer coaches are busy people, so chances are they’d love to receive a gift card that goes directly to their phone! GiftYa is the all digital gift card platform that allows you to choose from thousands of merchants, and send your gift in no time. Just choose the vendor, the amount you wish to send, and then text or email it to the recipient. Their gift card will always be with them and store in their phone, (no more lost gift cards!) and they can even track their balance so they know exactly how much remains.

Now let’s get to the best gift ideas for a soccer coach!

1. Champs Sports gift card

There are always items a soccer coach can pick up at Champs Sports

Text a Champs Sports gift card

Champs Sports gift card

Soccer coaches always seem to need something related to the game. Whether it’s new shorts, soccer balls, or even a new pair of cleats, they can easily find what they’re looking for at Champs Sports. This store has all kinds of options when it comes to soccer attire, perfect for warm days, and not so warm days. With all the major soccer brands like Adidas, Puma, and Converse, they’ll have a lot of choices the next time they need warm up pants or a hoodie that will keep the chill away on those early morning practices. 

Coaches always seem to need soccer balls at various times throughout the season, so why not give them the opportunity to restock with a gift card to their favorite sports store?

Text a Champs Sports gift card

2. Personalized soccer tumbler

What coach wouldn’t appreciate a tumbler that they can easily use on and off the field?

Personalized soccer tumbler
Coaches need their beverages to stay hot or cold no matter where they are, so consider getting them a tumbler that travels with them anywhere the team goes. Image courtesy of Etsy

Does the soccer coach in your life love having hot coffee or tea but just can’t seem to get it to stay warm on the pitch? Then they definitely need a personalized tumbler like this one. This cup can be personalized with their name, and comes in a variety of different colors. It’s double walled, vacuum insulated, and will fit 20 ounces of their favorite hot (or cold) beverage and ensure that it stays the right temperature. When they need to travel, it’s good to know this cup also fits in most cup holders and has a lid to prevent spills. 

You can also rest assured knowing this personalized soccer tumbler is BPA-free. Show your appreciation for the coach in your life with this useful gift idea for a soccer coach. 

3. Signed photo plaque

At the end of the season, show coach how much they’ve meant to the team

Signed photo plaque
What soccer coach wouldn’t love to have their team memorialized in a beautiful picture they can hang in their office or at home? Image courtesy of Etsy

When the season is over, it’s easy to forget all the hard work and time a soccer coach puts into every practice and match. Coaches aren’t looking for recognition, but one of the best ways you can express how much they’ve meant to the team this season is with a framed, signed photo display they can proudly hang on their wall. This option spells out the word coach, and gives you plenty of space to include pictures of players, game winning goals, awesome moments, or other photos that mean something to the team. Each letter holds 4x6 pictures and the frame is 9.5x28 inches— it would make a fantastic end of season gift or something the whole team can give at a sports banquet.

There is room around the letters for each member of the team (and any assistant coaches) to sign and leave a message. This type of personalized gift really would mean a lot to any soccer coach!

4. Apple gift card

Let them relax and stream all their favorite shows on Apple

Email an Apple gift card

Apple gift card

Does your soccer coach use Apple devices? Are they always looking for new shows to stream? Then an Apple gift card makes a great gift idea for a soccer coach. Apple devices can be expensive, so what better way to take away from some of that cost than with a gift card they will definitely use. If they don’t need a device upgrade, it’s good to know that this gift card can also be used in the Apple iTunes store. So if there’s an album or show they’ve always wanted to purchase, they can easily do that with one of these gift cards. Who knows, they may be able to set up new playlists for practice or before games with access to new songs!

There are thousands of songs and shows in the iTunes library, even some they may be soccer-based that they’ve never got around to watching (ahem, Ted Lasso anyone?)

So give them the gift of choice with a gift card to Apple

Email an Apple gift card

5. Personalized soccer portfolio

Help your soccer coach stay organized on the field

Personalized soccer portfolio
Every soccer coach needs to stay organized, so help them do it in style with a portfolio that’s designed to hold all they need. Image courtesy of Etsy

In order to conduct successful practices and coach effectively at games, soccer coaches need to stay organized. And what better way to help them do just that then with a personalized portfolio? Each portfolio can be personalized, so you can add their name to the outside tab, and then have 200 characters on the inside pocket to create a custom message just for them! You’ll love that these portfolios are very durable and are water resistant, making them the perfect accessory on a rainy day. On the inside there is space for a notepad and a pen, and a pocket to stuff any important papers. Alternatively, they may also choose to keep their iPad in this portfolio, in addition to any notepads they use to draw up plays or keep notes on what players should be at what positions. 

This is an incredibly useful gift idea for a soccer coach that they will use for years to come. 

6. Columbia Sportswear gift card

Every soccer coach needs to be prepared for all types of weather

Text a Columbia Sportswear gift card

Columbia Sportswear gift card

While some coaches may have the facilities to practice indoors in inclement weather, not every coach does! This is why it’s essential for them to have clothing and outerwear that can withstand the elements. Although practice may get canceled if there’s snow, chances are a little rain or cold isn’t going to deter the team from taking the field. At Columbia Sports, they can pick out exactly what they need, whether it’s an insulated jacket or vest, a fleece, a windbreaker, or quick drying pants, Columbia Sportswear has them covered. They also offer lots of options when it comes to shoes that will keep your soccer coach dry on the sidelines. 

Text a Columbia Sportswear gift card

7. Under Armour gift card

Help the soccer coach in your life have the gear they need to succeed

Email an Under Armour gift card

While outerwear is extremely important, when you’re a soccer coach, you also have to make sure you also have important layering pieces—and a gift card to Under Armour can help them with that! This is the go-to brand of amateurs and pros alike when they want to have the right base layers on that will wick sweat and keep them cool and dry. But this brand has more than just under layers! You can also choose from a variety of jackets, hoodies, pants, shorts, and socks that any coach who is practicing outdoors or indoors would love to have. 

If they’re a soccer coach, chances are they played at one point, and perhaps they still do! A gift card to Under Armour gives them the chance to pick up items they need for their own workouts, whether it’s jogging, biking, lifting weights, or playing soccer with a few friends. 

Email an Under Armour gift card

8. Personalized soccer whistle

This useful item is what every soccer coach needs

black and white Personalized soccer whistles
Coaches always need to have a whistle at practice, why not give them one that’s customized with their name? Image courtesy of Etsy

Every soccer coach needs to have a dependable whistle, which can help make practice go smoother. While you can find whistles almost anywhere, why not give your coach the star treatment they deserve with a personalized whistle? Each of these whistles is made out of stainless steel, and can be customized to fit the coach’s name, message, and soccer ball icon. This very functional gift can help soccer coaches relay communication on the field more effectively than with just their voice alone. These whistles come with an included nylon string, which makes it easy to always keep it exactly where they need it. 

9. Personalized coffee cup 

A personalized mug is always a welcome addition to their collection

Personalized white coffee cup
Get a little cheeky with this funny gift idea for a soccer coach and make them chuckle each time they reach for this mug! Image courtesy of Etsy

A morning cup (or two!) of coffee is an essential for lots of folks, including soccer coaches. They may even have coffee later in the day, which means they’ll always be on the lookout for new mugs. Why not give them a funny soccer-inspired mug that will make them smile each time they’re going for another cup of coffee? Each of these durable ceramic mugs holds 11 ounces of brew and has double-sided permanent ink printed in black ink, but you can choose the color of the cup’s handle, as well as the inside! 

10. Customized Visa gift card

Give the gift of choice to your soccer coach

Text a Visa gift card

 Visa gift card

When you want to show your thanks to a soccer coach, sometimes the best thing is to give them the gift of choosing their own gift. You can do just that with a customized Visa gift card from Gift Card Granny. Just choose the amount, find a photo of the whole team together, then add a customized message to the card, and send it! They’ll love the chance to use it on something just for themselves. 

Text a Visa gift card

Those are our favorite gift ideas for a soccer coach!

Coaches work hard to do all they can to help their players get better so the whole team benefits. Often their job is thankless, but you can remedy that with one of these amazing gift ideas for a soccer coach! No matter which one you choose, they are going to really appreciate it.

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