Top 9 Gift Ideas for Shark Lovers: Express Your Love For This Water Animal in More Ways Than One

Everyone knows what their favorite animal is, but for many sharks are the best and most intriguing animal in the deep blue sea!

Main image courtesy of Britannica.

There are a slew of animals that live in the ocean and there may even be some that we’re not aware of due to how deep it is. While there are many unknown species that potentially live in the ocean, there are some famous ones that have made their presence known in more ways than one. Sharks are very intriguing creatures that are known for their predatory ways, hunting down fish and larger sea mammals to eat. They are even so popular that there is a TV series called Shark Week on the Discovery channel covering these terrifying, yet cool sea creatures.

Lots of folks love the ocean because of all of the wonders that lie within it, not to mention how relaxing it can be to sit on the beach and soak up the sun. For many others, their favorite animal resides in the big blue depths, such as the shark. There are all kinds of people who are fascinated by sharks and find how they live their lives intriguing, making it their favorite animal. There are also many shark gifts for lovers alike if you’re looking for something to give this special someone too.

With so many gifts for shark lovers to decide on, it’s important to weigh all of the options you have. In this article, we’ll talk about the the types of gifts to get shark lovers that include the following:

  • Gift cards to see sharks and enjoy nature
  • Shark plushies to touch anyone’s heart
  • Apparel and everyday products great for a shark lover

Give a GiftYa Gift Card to a Shark Lover So They Can See Their Favorite Animal in Person

Choosing the best gift for a shark lover you know can be difficult if you’re not sure where to begin your search. Gift cards are a great idea because they can be used whenever the recipient wants to indulge themselves on what the gift card is. The best type of gift card to get for anybody, including shark lovers is a GiftYa gift card because it is completely digital. This gift card can be received through email or text message and is always stored on your phone, so it’s available whenever you want to use it. To find a gift card perfect for someone who loves sharks, make sure to choose from one of the 200,000 merchants through GiftYa, select the amount you want to add, and personalize it with a picture or video before sending it via email or text message.

Consider one of these top nine gift ideas to give to anyone who loves sharks with a passion today!

1. Fandango Gift Card

A gift card perfect for going to see any upcoming shark movie that is a huge hit!

Text a Fandango gift card

Gift cards are a great gift to give to anyone, especially people who love to go see horror movies related to sharks. There are a ton of famous shark movies out there, Jaws being the most notable one, and other popular ones including Sharknado, 47 Meters Down, The Reef, The Meg, and even Deep Blue Sea. With all of this being said, a great gift card to get for any shark lover is a Fandango gift card. Fandango is a fantastic way to purchase movies and even your popcorn, candy, and sodas ahead of time before a movie, and it can all be done on the app. 

Text a Fandango gift card

2. Shark Crochet Kit

Learn how to crochet your favorite animal in a simple, easy-to-learn kit!

Crocheting is a popular hobby for many, and creating a shark for animal lovers is a go-to great gift. Image courtesy of Woobles

Learning certain skills that were popular a long time ago are essential, and it can even be a bragging right too. Sewing and crocheting are some of the most essential skills that anyone should learn, but younger generations still don’t know how to do it. The brand Woobles is known for creating simple and easy to follow crochet kits for some of your favorite animals, or creatures based on movies and TV series. With hundreds of different animals to crochet, they feature a Tank the Shark kit that includes step-by-step videos, yarn that is pre-started for you, a hook (if desired), and other essential items to learn how to crochet.

3. REI Gift Card

Water sports are extremely popular for those who love the ocean, which makes it important to have all of the essentials!

Text an REI gift card

Enjoying the beautiful weather outside is crucial for humans to make sure that we get enough vitamin D, along with bringing a sense of peace of mind. Sports are a great way to get outside and soak up the sun and the atmosphere, and there are lots of activities that can be done on the beach or in the ocean. For people who love sharks, being by the ocean is intriguing, and lots more may play a water sport. To get all of the essential gear needed for any water sport, an REI gift card can be the perfect gift to give to a shark lover. REI offers everything from beach gear, clothing, and accessories, along with paddle boards, kayaks, life jackets, coolers, and even dry bags to keep all of your belongings in one place and free from the salt water. 

Text a REI gift card

4. Shark Slides

Slides to wear around the house or on the beach in the shape of sharks makes for the best gift!

Shark slides are a great gift to give someone who loves this type of animal, and it’s perfect for kids too. Image courtesy of The Original Slides.

Choosing a great gift for someone who loves sharks can be difficult, but luckily there are many cute items that include this animal to warm the heart of the recipient. Comfy shoes are essential to wear around the house whenever you’re doing chores, or even when lounging around, which makes the shark slides a thoughtful gift to give. These shark slides are super cute and they come in tons of fun colors instead of blue to really make these shoes personalized to you. These slides come with a therapeutic cushioning that helps tired feet feel relaxed, and they provide support no matter where you wear them and for how long.  

5. Hey Dude Gift Card

These comfortable shoes make any beach walk one thousand times better!

Text a Hey Dude gift card

If there is one thing that many people believe in, it is purchasing comfortable shoes that are a go-to wear whenever. There are slides, slippers, and even running sneakers that can be extremely comfortable and offer a lot of support so that it feels like you’re walking on a cloud. One of the best shoe brands that have taken off recently is Hey Dude, a lightweight, stylish, and comfortable beach shoe. These shoes are praised for their comfortability and many people own more than one pair. The best part is that they come in many styles including their classic Wally and Wendy looks, slip ons, sneakers, and even slippers. 

Text a Hey Dude gift card

6. Shark Warmies Stuffed Animal

A stuffed animal that you can warm up in the microwave makes for a healing gift!

A stuffed animal, such as the Shark Warmies, is great when you need comfort and some extra warmth. Image courtesy of Warmies.

Whether you need a gift for a child or an adult that is a shark lover, there are plenty of options to choose from. Shark stuffed animals will forever be a popular gift to get for anyone who is obsessed with this animal, and one made by Warmies will be sure to make anyone’s day. Warmies is a company that makes adorable stuffed animals for all ages that can be put in the microwave to warm up, or even chilled in the freezer for a sensory experience when you need some comfort or healing. This two-pound stuffed shark is weighted to help relieve anxiety, and it even smells like real french lavender, which helps to get rid of stress as well. This is the perfect all-age gift for any shark lover alike. 

7. Tropical Smoothie Cafe Gift Card

A smoothie to enjoy before heading out to the beach or zoo to check out these sea creatures is essential!

Text a Tropical Smoothie Cafe gift card

Something cold to sip on before going out into the heat and soaking up the sun is crucial in order to stay hydrated. One of the most refreshing types of drinks to order if you want to treat yourself to something extra tasty is a smoothie, that is cold and even healthy too. Some of the best smoothies are sold at the Tropical Smoothie cafe, and we think any shark lover will appreciate a gift card to this place. This chain smoothie cafe is known for offering tons of incredibly delicious super veggie smoothies, summertime classics, and  even breakfast and lunch options ranging from flatbreads, wraps, sandwiches, quesadillas, salads, and much more. 

Text a Tropical Smoothie Cafe gift card

8. 40oz Shark Tumbler

Tumblers are new and in style now because of how much liquids they can hold and all of the colors you can choose from!

Shark Tumbler 40oz with Handle Personalized, Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Cup for Shark Week
A large 40 oz. tumbler with sharks covered on it will make any shark lover's day with this thoughtful gift idea. Image courtesy of Michael’s.

There’s no doubt about it that water is essential for every human being and it is important to drink the recommended amount that is needed. Drinking eight to ten cups of water a day can seem nearly impossible, but a 40 oz. tumbler can help to make it that much easier. If you’re looking to help a friend out by giving them the best tumbler to keep their water cold or their drinks hot, then consider getting them a unique 40 oz. one with sharks all over it. This tumbler can be personalized and you can choose some vibrant colors for it, personalize it by adding their name to it, and also getting a full shark design that is perfect for anyone who considers them their favorite animal. This shark tumbler will keep your drinks cold or coffee or tea hot for hours with the built-in insulation it has. 

9. Visa Gift Card

A gift card perfect for any shark lover to spend on themselves no matter where they go!

Text a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

There are many gift cards to choose from when giving something for a birthday, anniversary, or just for a special occasion to a shark lover. If you’re not sure how to narrow down gift card choices for a shark lover, then a Visa gift card is an incredible option. Visa gift cards can be used anywhere that Visa debit or credit cards are used, which is almost anywhere. This can include everything from restaurants, coffee shops, stores at the mall, and even to book a shark viewing tour for someone who wants to get up close and personal with their favorite animal.

Text a Visa gift card

These Top 9 Gift Ideas Can Make Any Shark Lover’s Day No Matter the Time of Year

Trying to find the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or significant other that loves sharks can be difficult. They are a unique sea creature known for being the number one most feared predator in the water, but they are intriguing to many people on how they search for their food and how they live. Getting a loved one a gift that pertains to something they love is extra special, and with these top nine gift ideas, you are bound to put a smile on their face once they receive it.

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