Top 9 Gift Ideas For Salon Owners: Beauty and the Latest Trends in One Gift

Salon owners put their expertise, dedication, and passion into their career to make women feel beautiful everyday, which is why they deserve an incredible gift!

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There is a ton of work that goes into owning a salon. From making sure that it’s stocked up on shampoo, conditioner, and all of the latest hair products necessary for any appointment, nail polish and acetone for manicures and pedicures, and even wax and strips for waxing sessions. Anyone who owns a salon knows how much passion and dedication goes into owning one, and it is a rewarding experience to see clients walk out feeling confident and beautiful.

Salon owners are always keeping up with the latest hairstyle trends, including hair colors and cuts, and other mainstream and popular beauty must-haves in the industry. Trying to keep up with what is popular now can be completely different from yesterday, but salon owners always make sure to provide a top notch service for their clients to keep them coming back and feeling beautiful. 

If there is a salon owner that you have been going to for years, or even someone in your family or group of friends that owns their own business, paying them back for their hard work is key. It’s important to consider purchasing them a gift to make them feel appreciated, and some ideas including the following:

  • Beauty-related decoration to add to their salon
  • Gift cards to beauty stores to stock up on products
  • Everyday items aimed toward their profession

Get a GiftYa Gift Card For a Salon Owner to Make Them Feel Appreciated For the Work They Do

It can be difficult to find the best gift possible when it comes to giving back to a salon owner that you go to. From the many options to choose from, one gift that you can’t go wrong with is a GiftYa gift card. This is a fully digital gift card that can be used at any time that leaves physical cards in the past as you can access it right onto your phone for convenience. GiftYa has over 200,000 merchants to choose a gift card through, including restaurants, bookstores, gas stations, and even local shops too. Once you select the vendor , then you can choose the amount, customize it with a picture or video, then email or text it to a salon owner as an appreciative gift for them. 

With that being said, check out these nine ten gift cards that are perfect for any salon owner!

1. Sephora Gift Card

Beauty trends, such as makeup, skincare products, and hair care, are essential to keep up with as a salon owner!

Text a Sephora gift card

Sephora Gift Card

There is no better feeling for a girl than getting some of the most award-winning makeup brands and seeing how much better they are compared to cheaper dupes. One thing that many salons do is makeup for special occasions, including weddings, homecoming, prom, and even movie makeup, which makes a Sephora gift card that much better. Whether this gift card is used for the salon owner personally to try out the latest makeup trends to show off at work, or to use on their clients, Sephora offers the most diverse group of products. From foundation, concealer, lip glosses, hair care, and skincare from high-end makeup brands, this gift card will make any salon owner's dreams come true.

Text a Sephora gift card

2. Hair Stylist Candle

A candle to add to the hair salon can be a great touch providing clean scents throughout!

Candles are a great gift to give to anyone, especially ones that are personalized to salon owners to help them smell good. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Many salon owners always aim to make their business look the best that it possibly can, and a simple way to create an ambiance that smells good as soon as a client walks in is a candle. There are many candles to get for a salon owner, but one that is personalized for hair stylists is a great gift. This candle can burn anywhere from 45 to 50 hours total and has a clean and refreshing rose sandalwood scent that provides a welcoming ambiance as soon as clients walk in. 

3. Dunkin’ Gift Card

A little pick-me-up in the morning is essential to get any salon owner’s day started!

Text a Dunkin’ gift card

No matter what time a salon owner starts their shift, it’s essential to get caffeine flowing through their system to wake them up and get them moving. One of the most popular coffee franchises is Dunkin’ where salon owners can not only get their famous coffee with tons of flavors, such as caramel, french vanilla, hazelnut, or mocha, but they can get a bite to eat as well. Whether they want to get coffee and donuts for the girls that work at the salon, or if they’d just like  a breakfast sandwich with an iced coffee, any salon owner would appreciate a Dunkin’ gift card.

Text a Dunkin’ gift card

4. Hair Care Holders

It’s important for any stylist to keep all of their hair care products right on hand when they’re working on clients!

A place to store all of your heat tools is essential for a salon holder to have at any workstation in order to stay organized. Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods.

It is important for any salon owner to stay organized through and through with their business. Finances are among the most important things to stay on top of, but so is where all of your products at all of your work stations as well. A great gift to get for any salon owner are hair care holders, which are great for holding any straighteners, curling irons, blow dryers, and other hot hair care essentials that need to cool down after using them. These holders are also great to ensure that they don’t fall over and potentially burn you, other employees, or clients too. 

5. Target Gift Card

This gift card is great if you need some necessities, decorations, work outfits, and tons more!

Text a Target gift card

Target gift card

One of the best gift cards to get for a salon owner is a Target gift card because of all of the great stuff that they have there. It’s easy to want to blow an entire paycheck on their clothing, makeup, decorations, books, and other necessities, which makes it a great gift card to give to a salon owner. Target offers a little bit of everything, whether you need new work outfits for the salon, some last minute makeup, decorations to spice it up, or even basic needs, such as cleaning supplies, this is the superstore that has everything a business owner needs. 

Text a Target gift card

6. Business Social Media Sign

This gift makes it easier to promote a salon owner’s social media accounts all on one fancy sign!

Business Social Media Sign
Social media is important to have for any business to promote their products or services, and a sign in a salon can help gain more followers. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Having a social media presence for any business is crucial to have and it’s important to keep updating it on the regular in order to bring in more clients and to promote new products or services you offer. For salon owners, having a company Facebook and Instagram account are among the best ways to promote your business, which is why a business social media sign is the perfect gift to give. This sign is completely customizable where you can select the color you want the background and mirror acrylic colors to be, along with the social media handles of the salon to have clients follow and see upcoming promotions they’ll offer. 

7. UberEats Gift Card

Taking a break is a must no matter how busy a salon owner may be, and delivery makes it even better!

Text an UberEats Gift Card

As a business owner, it can be hard to set time aside to take breaks and take out some time for yourself during the work day. One of the best ways to kick back and relax, even if it is for thirty minutes, is by making sure you get to eat a good meal before helping out the next client. An UberEats gift card can make for an incredible gift to get a salon owner because they don’t have to leave their place of business to get a break. They can order their favorite meal from a fast food restaurant, Mexican or Asian place, or even just get a little pick-me-up from a coffee shop whenever they please and have it hand delivered to them for convenience. 

Text an UberEats gift card

8. Shears Necklace

A sentimental gift is great for any salon owner to receive as it will remind them of who gave it to them and their #1 passion!

A necklace that represents haircutting shears is an incredible gift to give to any salon owner that they can pair with any kind of work outfit. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Sometimes there is nothing better than getting a loved one a sentimental gift that will touch their hearts, especially for a salon owner. There are a ton of hardworking salon owners that work towards making sure that their clients are taken care of, and there is no better gift to thank them for their service than with a necklace of haircutting shears. This necklace is beautiful, is made in 14k finish, and is also a dainty necklace that isn’t over the top, making it the perfect finishing touch to add to any business casual outfit at the salon. This necklace can also be personalized by choosing the length of the chain and there are many other finishes to choose from, such as silver, gold, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. 

9. Visa Gift Card

The perfect gift card to get no matter what you want to buy!

Text a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

There are a ton of gift cards to get for a salon owner that are useful to what they need for their establishment, or even just to change the scenery and add new decorations. One of the best gift cards to get for any salon owner is a Visa gift card, which can be used at a number of different establishments, as long as they take Visa. It can be used for personal use, to be put towards the salon, like buying products or decorations, or it can be used when they forgot their lunch and needed to run and get a bite to eat. A Visa gift card is a life changer, making it an exceptional gift for any salon owner.

Text a Visa gift card

Choosing One of These Top 9 Gift Cards For a Salon Owner Can Make Their Day!

Giving back to a salon owner that you know is crucial. They not only go out of their way to do what they can to help you look and feel your best, but they also are able to fulfill your wants and desires for how you want your hair, nails, eyebrows, or eyelashes to look. There are a ton of gifts to give to any salon owner so they can purchase products necessary for their business, get cute decorations for it, or even some funny beauty-related everyday items to use. Make sure to consider getting a salon owner you know something special for all of the hard work they do to make sure you feel beautiful when leaving their establishment!

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