10 Gifts to Send Away Your Favorite Retiring Boss

Show your support and appreciation as your boss moves onto the next chapter

One of the most significant events in any person's life is retirement. It can be hard to find the perfect gift for a boss that shows your gratitude for all the work they did over the years, but taking the time to find something meaningful will truly show your appreciation.

While a retirement gift is meant to celebrate the accomplishments of the departed employee, it can also signal the start of a new chapter in their life! The Golden Years are a time for new beginnings which includes new hobbies, travels, and so much more!

You can never go wrong when you buy someone a gift card to their favorite place, and you have lots of options when you use from GiftYa which offers gift cards to a wide variety of spots like restaurants, retailers, and subscription services. You can have the gift sent via text or email, and you can even add your own personalized message! 

1. GiftYa Gift Card

You can never go wrong with gifting a gift card, especially when you buy it for a place you know the recipient will love! There are countless options to choose from when you shop at GiftYa, including Amazon, Target, Home Goods, and Apple. If you’re not sure what your boss would like you can always purchase a Visa gift card, but GiftYa does give the recipient the option to change the store. Once you have chosen your option from the GiftYa website, it can be sent through either text message or email! 

2. Spa Gift Basket 

Items among this gift basket include aromatherapy bath bombs, body butter made with goat's milk, and a rejuvenating face mask. Image Courtesy of Design it Yourself Gift Baskets.

For many years, workers think about their retirement, and sometimes it may feel like the day will never come! Once retirement comes, they plan on seeing the country, taking time with their families, and hopefully doing a lot of relaxing. It’s a time to celebrate, and what other way to start this off than gifting your boss a spa gift basket! 

You can arrange a basket of gifts to give your boss that are related to a certain theme, such as reading or relaxation, that could also include gift cards to various establishments. A luxurious bath awaits you in this AHHH gift basket, which includes a gel eye mask, slippers, and spa-inspired accessories. This gift idea will make your boss' retirement special, you can feel free to customize it with additional items as well such as a gift card from Giftya! 

3. Travel Log - Passion Journal

Journaling is a great way to help you document your traveling adventures and some of the most special moments that you can hold on to for years and years to come! Image courtesy of Moleskine, where you can find this journal offered in eight different colors. 

One of the ideal presents for a retiree who is planning on traveling during their retirement years is a scratch-off map, which can help them keep track of every single trip they go on! 

A scrapbook or travel journal can also be used as a gift, and you can choose one that's designed to keep track of specific trips or one that's general, with an attractive cover. The recipient can then log their details about their travels in a journal that's filled with photos and other items, and you could also create a travel scrapbook kit which has various accessories such as stickers and scrapbook paper.

Consider gifting your boss a passion journal, which lets you keep track of the things that matter most to you whenever you travel to each new location. It is divided into eight themes, and each one has sections that are designed to help you document your interests. It will grow into an account of your life's most important moments and favorite pastimes as the travel experiences go on!

4. Coffee Subscription

What gets better than coffee being delivered right to your doorstep? If your beloved boss is a fan of caffeine, a coffee subscription is not only a clever but also quite thoughtful gift idea. With Atlas Coffee Club, your boss will receive a new coffee from a different country every single month! 12 ounces of fresh roasted coffee are delivered right to you every month, which feature unique flavor notes from all around the world such as countries like Tanzania, Kenya, and Colombia. Exotic coffees are not always the easiest to find, and Atlas Coffee Club is truly a one-of-a-kind service! Along with the coffee, each box you receive will contain a postcard and even a coffee match guarantee if you didn’t like what you received. 

5. Bouquet of Fruit

What better way to boost someone’s mood than with some chocolate strawberries and smiling pineapples! Image Courtesy of Fruit Bouquets

Fruit bouquets have gone quite underrated these days, and it’s certainly a lovely gift for just about anyone! With Fruit Bouquets, you can ship your bouquet to anywhere across the country, or locally if your boss doesn’t plan on moving very far. With smiling pineapple flowers and chocolate dipped strawberries, your boss will certainly enjoy this special and thoughtful treat. 

Edible Arrangements is another website that offers a variety of delectable fruit bouquets, including assortments with other sweet treats like cookies and donuts! You can also get flowers in the assortment as well. 

6. A Masterclass

A retirement gift that lets the retiree experience lifelong learning is a subscription to a curated collection of online courses taught by some of the world's most prominent experts in various fields. This personalized gift allows the individual to continue improving their skills and personal interests.

The subscription includes a library of high-quality lessons that can be accessed on-demand, allowing the individual to explore new abilities and gain insights from industry figures. This gift is a great way to extend their life's learning.

MasterClass is a global learning platform that provides a variety of interactive video lessons for various subjects such as photography, journalism, cooking, sports, and more. These lessons can be accessed anytime on your device, such as a smartphone or a computer.

With over 200 classes in various categories, such as leadership and business, MasterClass is a great place for people with little or no experience to learn. Every class is designed to be interactive and accessible, making it the ideal platform for people who are looking to improve their skills or ignite new passions.

7. A Watch

pink Watch
Find this watch for just $134.99 versus the steep original sale price of $300. Image courtesy of Jomashop

A watch is a fabulous retirement gift, and it can even be customized with your boss' name or initials! When it comes to choosing a watch, it's important to consider their style. If they prefer vibrant colors and intricate patterns for example, brands such as Swatch have a wide range of affordable options. On the other hand, if they prefer more understated and classic accessories, a watch from Fossil would probably be most ideal.

If you're looking to save money on a watch, Jomashop is a great place to start. The online retailer is a leading gray market dealer that sells watches at low prices, and its selection includes both new and pre-owned models, and they're often marked down to less than half of the retail price.

Jomashop may not be an authorized dealer but the company takes the risk out of buying a watch by offering a 5-year warranty on all of its products, which covers all of the watches that it sells for up to five years.

8. Heart Shaped Collage

What’s the point of regular collages when you can have so much more fun with heart shaped ones! Image courtesy of Minted

What a better way to show your appreciation for someone and all the memories shared together than with a special collage! With Minted, you can customize your very own heart shaped collage with up to 30 photos. With a natural wood frame and standard plexiglass, this collage will also come with hanging hardware already installed. All of the designs created by Minted are sourced by a community of independent artists, and you can count on high quality paper and printing techniques. 

Another idea is to simply create a collage on your own, no frame required! You could decorate a poster board and attach a collage of your favorite pictures with your boss. Something not as expensive but still thoughtful and time consuming! 

9. Baseball Print Glasses

Sports lovers could always use some more sports accessories! Image courtesy of Amazon, where you can purchase these baseball print drinking glasses for $27.98. 

Glasses with baseball print are a great gift for baseball fans, so your boss will love it if they are a baseball lover! For many, a baseball park isn't just a place to watch a game, it's a sacred ground where legends are created. To properly honor these places, baseball map print glasses feature the iconic locations of where several moments in history went down! 

The glasses are dishwasher-safe and feature the team's logo on the bottom. Baseball legends like Mickey Mantle and Jackie Robinson were able to establish their lasting legacies by watching games in these structures featured on the glasses, and they are also a great way to give a historical gift!

10. California Wine Box

If your boss has lucky enough friends and family, they will be able to try a taste of these scrumptious wines too! Image Courtesy of in good taste

This California Wine Mixer box is the absolute perfect way to celebrate retirement in 2024. It allows you to raise eight various bottles, which will transport you to a tour of California's magnificent vineyards and sunny warm beaches.

This 8-bottle box flight is ideal for people who are new to wine since the bottles are relatively small, but also a good gift idea for someone you know likes wine and might like to try out some different types. Good Taste Wines has selected eight of the state's best wines that are bottled by the glass, showcasing its bold and fascinating tastes.

The process of finding the right gift for your retiring boss can be rather time consuming and difficult, especially if you want to find something really special. When you choose off the items from this list, you can guarantee that your boss will be satisfied with whatever you get them. A retirement is already a big and exciting step in someone’s life, and gifts just make the experience even more enjoyable!

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