Great Gift Ideas for Piano Players

All The Gifts, Gadgets, and Gizmos That Will Help Them Elevate Their Craft

If there is a piano player in your life that you need to find a gift for, but you aren’t really sure where to start then you’ve come to the right place. Because in today’s post I have a collection of great gift ideas for piano players of all types. And just as a general note, when I say piano players I am also including anybody who plays keyboard, electric piano, and organ as well. So if they play keys of any type I am sure there is a great gift option for them on this list. 

I know it can be a bit daunting to pick out gifts for a musician if you aren’t a musician yourself so I will try to explain while a piano player would approach each one of these gifts the best that I can. And if you can use one of our convenient GiftYa gift cards on any of these great gifts for piano players I will be sure to throw you a simple to use link.

If you are new here at GiftYa and aren’t quite sure exactly what they are, you can check out the video on this page to learn everything you need to know about them! But if you don’t feel like opening a new tab and watching a video I get it. I’ll try to give you the short version here. Essentially a GiftYa is a gift card that has been totally reimagined for the modern world. Their all digital format means you can never lose them, that you can buy and send them wirelessly in just a couple clicks, and be texted directly to the recipient as soon as they are purchased. And on top of that GiftYa is partnered with 1000s of national brands and lots of small businesses in most major American cities as well. So there is always an.amazing GiftYa to send for any gift giving occasion!

But I’ll wrap up the introduction and the pitch for the “brand” right here. Let’s get right to that list of 10 great gift ideas for piano players that brought you here in the first place. And as always, thanks for reading!

1 - Guitar Center

Also Has Plenty of Great Gifts for Piano Players

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Guitar Center gift card

Don’t let the name fool you. Guitar Center isn’t just for guitars and guitar players, they also have everything you need to enjoy playing a wide variety of other instruments. They have everything you might need if you play drums, bass, a classical instrument, or yes, even piano and keyboard. So you will be able to find your piano player a great gift here. You can get them a metronome, a sheet music holder, some headphones, or a songbook by one of their favorite artists. And it's the sheer variety of gifts you can choose from that brings Guitar Center to the number one spot on the list today!

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2 - A Metronome

An Essential Gift for Any Musician

A Metronome

If you don’t play any type of instrument then you are probably unfamiliar with how important a metronome is to the study of music. It is absolutely essential if you want to get really good because it trains you to always play on beat even without the help of a drummer or drum track. The click-click-click of the metronome lays out the 4 count of the measure of music so that way the musician knows exactly when their beat falls. 

And this makes all the difference when it comes to really excelling at your instrument. If you can train and play something to the metronome slowly, then you can build up until you can not only play it fast, but you can play it fast AND perfectly. So I’m sure you can see why a metronome would make a great gift for a piano player!

3 - A Song Book From One of Their Favorite Artists

A Great Gift Idea for Any Piano Player Out There

official book song - The big black piano
An official songbook makes a great gift for any piano player out there! Image courtesy of

A songbook is basically an officially licensed book that has songs from a particular artist in them. Really big and popular bands put out their music in the form of sheet music in these books so that way their fans can learn to play along perfectly at home. So just do some digging into who some of their favorite artists are and I am sure you will be able to find a songbook that your piano player will love to receive as a gift!

4 - A More Comfortable Stool

A Comfortable Stool Can Go A Long Way In Helping Them Practice

a piano with music sheets on it

I’ll be honest, to keep proper form while you are playing piano can be quite uncomfortable. But it is also an essential part of playing well. And one thing most piano players don't think of when it comes to their playing is the stool they are sitting on while they are practicing or performing. You spend so much money on the piano or keyboard that it’s easy to forget to invest extra in the stool you are sitting on while you play. So this is a gift I think almost any piano player out there will enjoy and most of them won’t have even thought about it. But it will be a huge quality of life upgrade for them!

5 - A Great Set of Headphones

Every Musician Needs to Be Able to Hear Themselves Clearly

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A Great Set of Headphones

If there’s one thing every musician out there is going to need it’s a great set of headphones. But in this instance, a set of headphones is really only good for a piano player who plays an electric piano or keyboard because you can’t plug a set of headphones into a normal stringed piano. But for all the pianists that can use them, a great set of headphones can be really awesome because it lets them hear themselves clearly while they are practicing. And then they can keep getting better as they hear where they mess up. Plus this is really nice because they can practice without anybody hearing them.

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6 - Hand Warmers

It’s Uncomfortable and Difficult to Play With Cold Hands

A set of reusable hand warmers
A set of reusable hand warmers makes an awesome gift for a piano player. Image courtesy of

Any musician will tell you that it’s terrible to play with cold hands. Your joints are just unresponsive and your fingers are slow. So if you want to get your pianist a nice gift they will be sure to use you can get them some hand warmers. Now you can get a big box of the disposable kind they sell during the winter, or you can get them a great reusable electronic set that they can have ready to go every time they plan to perform or practice! 

And then with their hands all warmed up and ready to go they will be in a much better condition to play and all those difficult arpeggios and trills will be much easier for their fingers because they will be all warmed up!

7 - Bluetooth Pedal That Turns Music Pages

This Is A Huge Quality of Life Upgrade for A Piano Player

Bluetooth Pedal That Turns Music Pages
A pedal that automatically flips music pages is a great gift idea for a piano player! Image courtesy of

One of the most difficult parts of playing piano is having the sheet music to the entire song easily accessible on one page. Since you play both a bass and a treble clef when you play piano it means the sheet music is twice as much as any other instrument. And because of this it can be hard to fit a whole song in on one set of pages, but it’s really awkward for the pianist to reach up and flip the page of the sheet music while they are playing. Well you can solve that problem for them with this bluetooth sheet music page turner! And then they won’t have to break their musical flow to reach up and turn a page. After all, pianists play with both hands so it's really quite a hassle for them to have to change sheet music midsong.

8 - A Piano Themed Gift From Etsy

A Personalized Piano Themed Gift Makes A Great Gift Idea for Piano Players

A Personalized Piano Themed Gift
A custom piano themed gift can be a great gift for a piano player! Image courtesy of

You can find lots of great piano themed gifts at Etsy And the nice thing about Etsy is that a lot of the sellers allow you the option to personalize or customize a gift when you get it. And I always think having a gift personalized makes it all the more special to the person who receives it. And on top of that most sellers on Etsy are individuals or small businesses so you can feel good about spending your dollar here when you get a custom piano themed gift for the piano player in your life!

9 - Office Supplies

You’d Be Surprised How Much A Piano Player Needs These

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You might not think about it right away but playing music involves a lot of paperwork. There is all the music tablature that has to be accounted for as well as plenty of scrap paper for writing down notes and ideas. So you can help the piano player in your life out by getting them some much needed office supplies to help them restock so they don’t run out just when they are on the brink of writing their masterpiece!

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10 - Visa

A Gift Your Piano Player Can Use to Shop Anywhere They Want To

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The nice thing about these prepaid Visa gift cards is that they are accepted by every business that accepts Visa Card. Which means that they can be used pretty much anywhere. So your piano player could use it at the local independent music shop they like to support, or they could use it to shop online somewhere like Amazon and order themselves a songbook by one of their favorite artists. And it's the amount of choice and variety offered by this gift that I think makes it such a good option as a gift for a piano player!

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And There You Have A List of 10 Great Gift Ideas for Piano Players!

I hope something on the list looks like the perfect gift for the piano player in your life. If you aren’t somebody who plays piano or any other instrument for that matter it can be really hard to figure out what kind of gifts a musician would like. I personally play a little keyboard myself and I consulted with several of my friends who play the keys and came up with a list that I think is pretty good. And what I like about the list is that there are options to go extravagant with your gift, but there are also plenty of more affordable gifts on the list. So that way you can get the piano player in your life a great gift no matter what kind of budget you are on!

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