Great Gift Ideas for A Pastor's Wife

A pastor’s wife often lives a busy life, and you can help her distress with the right gift.

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Being a pastor’s wife comes with its own important role, and if you know someone who is living it, whether she’s your pastor’s wife or a friend who is married to a pastor, sometimes it's a good thing to give her a gift that she can use. It could be a gift that she can use inside of church or outside of it, but as long as it is something that can help her organize her day, look put together, or relax, it will be a gift that will make her happy. For a pastor’s wife, something that is useful and good looking would work great as a gift, and we have plenty that fit those categories in our list below!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

Give your pastor’s wife great options. 

Send the pastor’s wife a GiftYa gift card

Text a gift card to your pastor’s wife’s phone. 

A pastor’s wife, like anybody, is likely to enjoy a gift card as a gift, and a gift card from GiftYa is a really good option. GiftYa makes purchasing gift cards simple and keeps everything digital so that it is all very quick and easy. You can make the purchase online right away and have it sent to her just as quickly. 

GiftYa allows you to get a gift card online without having to leave your house. A GiftYa gift card can be used at many different places all across the country, in person and online. Some of those places include DoorDash, Sephora, and Target. There are so many stores on the list, and if she isn’t a huge fan of the place you chose, then she can pick a new one to shop at!

Send the pastor’s wife a GiftYa gift card

2. Stainless Steel Tumbler

A tumbler that comes with a steel straw. 

This tumbler will keep liquids from spilling. Image courtesy of Brumate

A pastor’s wife often spends as much time in the church as he does, and that is why it's a good idea to get her a tumbler she can drink out of while she is there. A stainless steel tumbler will hold onto anything a pastor's wife wants to drink in a day, and she can switch it out anytime she wants during a long day. 

A Brumate tumbler represents a whole new era of straw tumblers. It is leakproof and made to sip on the go, and comes with a built in steel straw. It has the technology to keep ice cold for 24 hours and has a cup holder friendly base.

This insulated tumbler with a lid from Amazon offers double the space of the average mug and still fits into any car cup holder. It is extra durable and even comes with a lifetime guarantee so your coworker will get to take it to work year after year. The lid also comes with a straw inside so your coworker can sometimes take a drink at their desk without lifting a finger if they want to. 

3. Wearable Blanket

A blanket that can be worn. 

This blanket will fit like a sweater. Image courtesy of Amazon

Sometimes spending lots of time in the church after hours can get chilly, and a pastor’s wife could potentially use a wearable blanket. A pastor’s wife often spends a lot of time in the church just like the pastor does, so a way to keep warm when she’s in the building doing work long after everyone has left can make a great gift. 

This wearable blanket from Amazon can keep a pastor’s wife warm whenever she needs some extra heat at church. It is thick, comes with a hood and pockets, and is oversized. The inside is also packed with fluff for maximum warmth. It will make her feel as if she is being hugged by a cloud!

4. Glass Tea Cup

A tea cup that is more decorative than others. 

This tea cup will stand out amongst a sea of neutral mugs. Image courtesy of Amazon

A pastor’s wife likely enjoys many cups of tea or coffee at the church, so give her a gift that she can enjoy drinking out of. You can get her a mug that is unlike any other she has, and is more fun to drink from than the average mug. And the type of container that can fit that description is a glass tea cup. A glass tea cup can double as a cup and as decoration, which is perfect for a beautiful church building. 

This glass tea cup from Amazon is a handmade mug that looks pretty and elegant. It comes decorated with flowers and butterflies that can come in a range of colors, and is made of high quality, eco friendly glass. It even comes with a matching spoon with an embroidered flower on the end. 

5. Handmade Journal

A journal that looks like it was made with thread. 

This notebook wasn’t actually embroidered, but it looks like it. Image courtesy of Etsy

A pastor’s wife is often involved in many of the church’s affairs, and that is one reason that a handmade journal can make such a good gift. With a handmade journal, she can easily keep track of all her appointments and responsibilities in a pretty package. She can even keep track of sermons and bible verses if she chooses. She can use a decorated journal to write down anything she wants. 

This pressed flower journal comes in a white wrapping with flower petals pressed into it. It's a medium sized notebook filled with ivory paper and it can be used with pens, pencils, or markers. It is perfect for someone who wants to use it to write or draw. 

A wild mushroom cottagecore journal is gorgeous and can be personalized, and it looks like a book that has been embroidered. It is a hardcover notebook that is quality, sturdy, and laminated. It is the perfect size for a purse or a desk and fits a fun cottagecore theme. 

6. Satin Pajamas

A pair of pajamas that are cool and silky.  

This pair of pajamas fits loosely and comfortably. Image courtesy of Black Butterfly Clothing

After long days at church helping everyone in the congregation, a pastor’s wife deserves to go to bed in something comfortable. That is what makes satin pajamas such a great gift. A pair of satin pajamas will feel great against her skin every time she goes to bed. She might even like to spend some of her days in it on those occasions when she takes a break. 

This wine pajama set from Black Butterfly Clothing is perfect for those moments when someone may need a little more warmth but still doesn’t want to be too warm. It is great for summer nights inside with the AC on. These are made with the finest satin fabric, a relaxed fit, and a notched collar.  

These pure silk pajamas are designed with pure comfort in mind. They are made with 100 percent mulberry silk and have a unique style. It comes in an array of colors, including pink, lavender, and gray, and will make a great gift. 

7. Handbag

A handbag that incorporates faith into the design.

This handbag will represent what she believes in. Image courtesy of Jesus Spirit

Something a pastor’s wife carries a lot of are purses, so a new handbag can always make a good gift. She could always use a new handbag to have something else in the rotation for Sunday service. You can find something that suits her style based on what you already see her wearing every Sunday, and you can even find purses that have Christian symbols and Bible verses on them. 

This personalized Chrisitan leather handbag is stylish and will represent her faith. It is made with leather and has different patterns on different squares. Its leather is luxurious and sophisticated, and made for durability. She can wear her faith and her fashion on her arm. 

Or go with this leather zip tote from Michael Kors, which is stylish, vibrant, and spacious. She can carry it on her shoulder or turn it into a crossbody bag. Either way she chooses to wear it, a pastor’s wife is likely to love this bag for her Sunday outings. 

8. Watch

A watch that’s as pretty as it is useful. 

This watch is made with wood and leather. Image courtesy of Tree Hut

A watch can help a pastor’s wife tell time in church without having to glance at her phone. With a watch, she could put all her belongings away in the office and still know the time wherever she is. A watch will also look great with her outfits since it is a great accessory as well as a great time teller. 

This olive rose pink watch was made to make a fashion statement. It has a minimalist design with a wood case and a pink, leather band. It is a unique piece that will surprise her in different lighting, and the numbers are all white diamonds. 

A handmade watch that reminds the pastor’s wife to “keep praying” might be just what she needs to tell time both in and out of church. This watch not only looks good, but carries a great message on it. 

9. Tea Gift Set

A tea set packaged as a gift. 

This gift set comes with more than just tea. Image courtesy of TeaForte

A pastor’s wife spends a lot of time in the church and in that time, she’ll need a lot to drink. A tea gift set will provide her with tea that she can enjoy throughout the day. It can come with tea in different containers, from loose leaf to pyramid tea bags, and it can contain a supply of tea that lasts for two weeks or one that lasts for months. 

The Tea Forte Fluer gift set has everything a pastor’s wife may need for a relaxing tea drinking experience. There is a box of 10 pyramid infusers included, a min gray tray, and a monogram cup, and the flavors include blueberry merlot, peach blossom, and hibiscus blossom. 

Give the pastor’s wife a floral tea set from The Tea Can Company. It comes with several different flavors that fit a floral theme. There is tahitian vanilla, orange almond, jasmine vine, and chamomile. Each of these flavors comes in its own tin with several servings. This gift set also includes a bookmark and lolipop tea sweeteners.

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card for a pastor’s wife. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Sometimes a gift card can seem to be the best gift for a pastor’s wife, and that is when you should try out Gift Card Granny. Gift Card Granny lets you make a custom gift card that will allow your pastor’s wife to buy anything she wants. And you get to customize it to make it personal for her!

Gift Card Granny is a custom gift card building website that makes it quick and easy to set up and send a custom Visa gift card. After a few minutes on their website, you will leave with a custom gift card that spreads just the message you need it to. You will pick out a Visa or a Mastercard, add in all the personal information you choose, and text or email it right over to your pastor’s wife. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

If you need a gift for a pastor’s wife, but can’t decide which way to go, pick something from this list, and it is very likely that you will make her day!

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