Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Parents Of The Bride

Surprise them with a delightful gift they will cherish for many years to come!

It’s not too common but getting gifts for the parents of the bride is something some couples do to show their appreciation for all the things her parents have done leading up to the wedding. Because as we all know planning a wedding can be super stressful, the parents can be a major help with getting everything exactly the way their daughter and husband/bride to be the way they want it. Taking away some of the stress leading up can be very helpful, and if anyone knows better it’s an already-married couple because they’ve been there!

So if you’re looking to show some appreciation then you’ve come to the right place as we’re going to list out some gift ideas for the parents of the bride that are full of sentimentality and thoughtfulness. Weddings are a time for all things love and there are plenty of gifts out there that would make these proud parents even prouder of their child. 

One gift that’s easy to get and hassle free is a GiftYa digital gift card. GiftYa is a website and mobile app that sells thousands of eGift cards to a number of restaurants, famous retailers, local businesses, online stores and subscription services, spas, hotels, and more. You can purchase an eGift up to $250, add a picture, video, message, and/or gift wrapping to the card, and send it via email or text ASAP. It makes for a great surprise to get at any time of the day as you can be anywhere in the world and send a GiftYa gift card to someone.

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An Olive Garden Gift Card

Chow down on delicious pasta, bottomless salad bowls, and never-ending breadsticks!

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What’s a better gift than a chance to veg out completely on an insane amount of carbs all courtesy on the famed restaurant chain Olive Garden. Known for their Italian-American dishes, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll fall in love with at any Olive Garden location. They can have their own date night soon at a restaurant that you know will have some solid food options. Some of their menu items include Shrimp Carbonara, Chicken Marsala Fettuccine, Cheese Ravioli, and the classic, Spaghetti & Meatballs. But don’t forget the desserts because they’ve got Chocolate Lasagna, Tiramisu, and Sicilian Cheesecake with Strawberry Topping. There’s plenty of delicious dishes to indulge in with an Olive Garden gift card.

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Weddings are full of sentimentality, it’s the time for family and celebrating love, so giving a gift that’s personal to the family and the couple would make for a delightful gift to receive, so here’s a few gifts that will elicit an “aww” reaction from both the parents.


Jewelry always makes for a great gift, you can wear it all the time and if it’s customizable you can add something specific to your family to make it even more special and unique to them. Think how cool it would be if the parents got a piece of jewelry like a necklace or something similar with their daughter’s initials on it? Here are a few gifts we liked:

  • mint&lily has a Customize Your Personalized Cuff Bracelet on sale for $34 right now. It’s a basic, simplistic, and sleek design perfect for both the mom and dad. It comes in three makes: 18k Gold Plated, 18k Rose Gold Plated, and Silver. You can get an outside inscription and an inside inscription which is double the fun! 
  • A lot of young parents might have their child’s fingerprint on an art piece, but how about it as a necklace pendant? alivia+danny has a Custom Fingerprint Round Charm or Pendant starting at $49.95 that’s available in Sterling Silver, 10K Yellow Gold, 10K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, and 14K White Gold. Plus you can add the birthstone on it too!
  • And speaking of birthstones, Etsy user BabelfishJewlery has a Raw birthstone necklace for $48.00+ which features a small “rough-looking aesthetic” wrapped in gold or sterling silver wire and chain. It’s an androgynous look that works for both parents and you can order up to 12 stones:
A collection of the stunning Raw birthstone necklaces
A collection of the stunning Raw birthstone necklace(s) on Etsy from BabelfishJewlery.
  • Or if you love birth flowers Etsy user Elegantbright makes a Real Dried Birth Month Flower Necklace on sale for $10.50+ which is a clear circle pendant that has the small dried flower inside it so all can see. It’s a really cool design which you can see here:
All of the Real Dried Birth Month Flower Necklace(s) by Elegantbright on Etsy. There are also multiple chain styles you can choose from if you think they will prefer one over the other.
  • And if you want to pick and create any piece of jewelry completely from scratch then you can look at which has a step by step process where you can create the piece(s) in a unique way specific to your parents' tastes.

Photo Albums & Photos On Everyday Items

Photos are a moment captured in time, and photos are the best to look back on especially when you are older parents who must have many pictures of their daughter from when she was young till now. So having a customized photo album and a few everyday items with their favorite photos on it will make for some great gifts.

Shutterfly is an online service that specializes in photography and photography products. They can put your favorite photos on cups, mugs, cards, stationery, posters, blankets, pillows, and more. You can even get them an after-wedding present with some wedding photos of the parents and their daughter on any of those products. 

Plus you can choose one of their many templates for their photo albums and pick photos that compliment the design. You can add pictures of the bride when they were younger, growing up, meeting their partner, and finally, getting married. What an incredible journey to see through pages of a quality photobook from Shutterfly. A sentimental gift that’s made well.

Here’s an example of two of their photo books:

This is the ‘Everyday Neutrals Photo Book’ for $66.23 which comes in six different sizes: 8x8, 8x11, 10x10, 11x8, 11x14, and 12x12. There’s also four cover types and three page types: Soft Cover, Hard Cover - Glossy, Hard Cover - Matte, Premium Leather Cover, Standard Pages, Standard Layflat, and Deluxe Layflat.
This is the ‘Heirloom Moments Photo Book’ for $66.23 which also comes in the same six different sizes, four cover types, and three page types as the previous “Everyday Neutrals Photo Book” from Shutterfly above.

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  • Every parent loves a good cup of coffee and tea, so how about a custom mug with a photo of their daughter on it? Of course you can get one under Shutterfly but if you want to go with someone different you can get them a Custom Mug from VistaPrint. Add a photo from the big day or go with a classic baby photo. (And if you want to add another gift on top of the mug, why not go big and get them a K-Express Single Serve Coffee Maker from Keurig on sale for $69.99).
  • Stunning Gift Store makes this Parents of the Bride Gift wrapped and framed canvas print starting at $49.95. They have four different sizes: 20x10 inches, 32x16 inches, 40x20 inches, and 60x30 inches. It features two sides, a “Mom & Dad” side where a picture of the parents go on their wedding day and a “Daughter & Partner” side where their picture goes. And in the middle is a lovely message which you can preview here:

The “Parents of the Bride Gift” from Stunning Gift Store.

Flowers & A Custom Vase

  • Flowers are a classic “congratulations” gift and are heavily featured in weddings, they’re also just nice to get. 1-800-Flowers is a great service to go to in order to get beautiful hand-crafted bouquets for any occasion. They’ve also got premade ones on their website you can view if you know which ones they would already like just by taking a glance at them. Farmgirl Flowers is another service similar to 1-800-Flowers, they make bouquets of flowers grown in gardens. And it’s a woman-led business, how cool is that!?

Care Packages

Care packages are a “go-to” gift for a reason, they have a lot of goodies and treats packed in them that can last a long time depending on the type of gift basket you go with. Here are a few that they will definitely take delight in:

  • The Deluxe Everyday Sharing Gift Basket from Harry & David for $104.99 features Busseto Milano Italia dry salami (6 oz), Thuringer sausage (5 oz), Sharp white cheddar cheese (4 oz), Three-seed crackers (4 oz), Pepper and Onion Relish (10 oz), and much more.
  • Looking for something a bit more on the sweet side rather than savory? Go with the Harry & David Premier Favorites Sweets & Treats Gift Basket which has four sizes: Ultimate, Supreme, Grande, and Deluxe. We will talk about the Ultimate size as it features some pretty great stuff for $129.99: 3 Cheryl's Iced Buttercream Cookies (1.5 oz each), Harry & David® Strawberry Flavored Shortbread Cookies (3 oz), The Popcorn Factory® Kettle Popcorn (6 oz), and more.
  • And for our baked goods fans, the Harry & David Baker’s Best Basket for $49.99 contains Cinnamon swirl (8 oz), Lemon vanilla blueberry loaf cake (7.25 oz), 4 Mama Moore’s Bakeshop® snickerdoodle cookies (1.6 oz each), and 3 double chocolate chunk cookies (1.6 oz each). A small selection of baked treats makes for a great gift!
The ‘Baker’s Best Basket’ from Harry & David.

A Well Written Card

This gift doesn’t require any money, all you need is a piece of paper and something to write with. You can write the parents of the bride something heartfelt, saying how much you’ve felt supported by them, detailing what they’ve done for you, and telling them how much you appreciate them. A well-written card can be the best gift of them all because the right words can be such a heart-warming thing to receive. You can get good card stock so it lasts a while, get it framed, or laminated even- this is a great gift idea especially if you want them to hear how much you love them.

And there you go! Those are some gift ideas for parents of the bride full of sentimentality and will surely be cherished for many years to come as they watch their daughter start her own family.

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