Top 10 Gifts Perfect for Non-Binary People

Celebrate people of all gender identities and sexualities with these ten incredible gifts!

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The month of June not only marks the halfway point through the year, or the beginning of the summer season, but it is a time to love and appreciate everyone of every gender identity and sexuality. Pride month is an important time of year for the LGBT+ community, but it is also a reminder to love everyone for who they are and who they identify as no matter what their sexuality is. 

According to a 2021 survey by the Williams Institute, there are over 1.2 million non-binary individuals ranging from the ages of eighteen to sixty. Non-binary individuals do not conform themselves to a particular gender, such as being exclusively male or female. 

If you have a non-binary friend, you may be wondering what kinds of gifts you can give them. In today’s article, we will discuss some great options to get your non-binary friend, partner, or family member that include:

  • Gifts to commemorate their identity
  • Everyday essentials that are a must-have
  • Gender-neutral favorites that anyone will love

Give a GiftYa Gift to a Non-Binary Individual To Show How Much You Love and Support Them

No matter who you love and how you identify should never matter, so it’s important to remind your non-binary friend, partner, or family member how much they are loved. The best way to do this is with a GiftYa gift card, a digital card that can be used almost anywhere at any time. GiftYa features over 200,000 merchants to choose a digital gift card through which you can select the vendor, amount on the card, customize it with a personalized video or picture, and send it through email or text message to the recipient. Plastic gift cards are in the past and digital gift cards are in where you never have to worry about walking out of the house without it ever again.

Check out these top ten gift ideas that are perfect for non-binary people to get today!

1. Dunkin’ Gift Card

Get a cup of joe and a donut to start your morning off right with energy and a full stomach!

Text a Dunkin’ gift card

Dunkin’ gift card

Who says that a gift card to a chain coffee shop wouldn’t make someone’s day? If a gift card is what is on your mind to get your non-binary friend, then make sure to get them a Dunkin’ one. Dunkin’ is known for their coffee that many sweet flavors can be added to, such as french vanilla, mocha, hazelnut, and even some fan-favorite seasonal ones. Anyone with this gift card can also pick up a breakfast sandwich of their choosing and one of their famous donuts to top the morning off.

Text a Dunkin’ gift card

2. Amazon Gift Card

A gift card that can provide plenty of options on what to get is what everyone needs!

Text an Amazon gift card

No matter who you are, hobbies and interests are what can make up our personalities, which makes an Amazon digital gift card from GiftYa one of the best gifts to give everyone, including non-binary individuals. Amazon is the place where you can purchase almost anything, which gives the recipient the option to choose what they want or need. Whether they want to purchase the latest book by their favorite author, organizers to stay on top of things at home, or everyday essentials, Amazon makes finding what you need and love easy.

Text an Amazon gift card

3. Non-Binary Related Clothing

Funny graphic t-shirts can both be great with the puns and also subtly getting a point across!

black t-shirt
A funny t-shirt to celebrate a non-binary individuals' ideals is a great way to show love and support. Image courtesy of Look Human.

Everyone loves a good graphic t-shirt that is both silly, yet gets a point across, which is why a t-shirt to celebrate non-binary individuals is essential. Including illustrations of animals is also a great addition to any t-shirt, which helps to get the “Gender is Garbage” point across with an opossum waving a  non-binary flag. This is a shirt that makes an impact in a subtle way, smashing gender ideologies one t-shirt at a time. This shirt also comes in many different sizes, ranging from small to a 3XL, and it comes in many cuts too to fit particular body types. 

4. Non-Binary Plushie Rabbit

Adorable plushies can make anyone’s day and be a great addition to an ever-growing collection!

Plushie Rabbit
A non-binary related plushie can be a great gift for those who love stuffed animals that are unique to their own identity. Image courtesy of Plushie Dreadfuls.

Looking for the perfect gift for a non-binary loved one can be hard if you’re stumped, but stuffed animals are a great thing to give to anyone of all ages. Plushies can become collectibles for many people, especially the Plushie Dreadful Non-Binary Rabbit, with its punk rock look and the purple, white, yellow, and black colors to represent to keep it genderless. This plushie specifically comes with the stuffed rabbit, a matching tote bag, and the spike and cross bracelets to complete its tough look. 

5. Non-Binary Related Mugs

Finding their new favorite mug is essential because it will make their cup of coffee that much better!

Non-Binary Related Mugs
Home accessories are a great gift for anybody, such as mugs to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee any time of day. Image courtesy of Etsy.

There are many people across the country who love a hot cup of joe to wake them up in the morning, or even a black or herbal tea to enjoy midday. Another great gift to get for your favorite non-binary friend, family member, or partner is a mug related to their gender identity. Lots of mugs can have their own touch of humor to them, such as one that says “I don’t have a gender. I have anxiety.” This can be a comical gift to give to a non-binary loved one that also recognizes them for who they are as well—andalso delivering a quote that many people can relate to.

6. Non-Binary Wall Art

Wall art is great to show creativity, interests, and express beliefs and ideals in an artsy way!

Non-Binary Wall Art
Wall art can be a creative outlet to show off your favorite artists, interests, hobbies, or for self-expression. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Unique home accessories are all around and what better way to express yourself than by adding wall art that appeals to you, your hobbies, interests, or even expresses who you are? There is a ton of wall art that is great for everybody, as it can be tailored to anyone’s interest according to artists, series, and even gender identity. It is important for individuals who identify as non-binary to be able to express themselves not only outside in the world, but also in their own home. Simple wall art with the non-binary flag can go a long way for gift-giving and supporting a loved one, and its design can be customized with a frame of their choosing.

7. Non-Binary Bracelet

A simple accessory to add to any outfit no matter if it's for everyday wear, or for special occasions!

Non-Binary Bracelet
Wearing an accessory as simple as a bracelet can help for self-expression purposes, and add style to what you wear. Image courtesy of Ebay.

One of the best ways to express yourself is by the clothing that you wear everyday. Whether it's the shoes you wear, shirts, type of jeans, or accessories, there are many ways of customization when it comes to everyday style. A great accessory to add to any outfit are bracelets that can be incorporated in everyday styles, or for special occasions. No matter what your non-binary friend wears or how they wear it, a non-binary bracelet is a great option to choose. Not only does this bracelet include a simplistic look that can be added to any outfit at any time of year, but it also features the colors of the non-binary flag as well.

8. Non-Binary Tumblers

Tumblers make it easier to drink water, or can be a fashion statement for your favorite iced coffee!

Non-Binary Tumblers
Tumblers are a great reminder to continue to drink water in-style, and they are easily portable no matter where you go. Image courtesy of Two Crafty Gays

For many people, drinking enough water in a day can be tough, but it can be easier with a water bottle that looks super cute, is easily portable, and is not too heavy to carry around. Water bottles have also become a unique way to express yourself and many people add stickers with their favorite book quotes, movie or TV series, or even the flag that they identify under the LGBT+ community. A great gift to get any non-binary person is a tumbler that is customizable to add their name, with a simple message, “Love Wins.” This mug will make it easier to drink water while also reminding a non-binary loved one to express themselves despite what people think. 

9. Non-Binary Flag

Purchase a gift perfect for self-expression either inside of their home or outside!

Non-Binary Flag
A non-binary flag is a simple gift to give to an individual, but it holds a lot of meaning and can be hung both indoors and outdoors. Image courtesy of Polycute.

One of the most important things to any non-binary individual is the flag that shows their beliefs of how they identify. The non-binary flag is a great way to display how proud non-binary individuals are of coming out and being able to express themselves despite any criticism they may receive. It is a way to showcase how strong they are in their gender identity with the colors to back them up. Giving a non-binary partner, family member, or friend a flag that expresses how they identify themselves to hang up either inside or outside of their home or apartment is key to normalizing their beliefs and a reminder that they exist. 

10. Visa Gift Card

The type of gift card that can be used at restaurants, for your book addiction, or for necessities!

Text a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

A Visa gift card can be used on anything at any place or at any time, which makes it a perfect for individuals stuck on a gift to give. Image courtesy of GiftYa.

No matter how stuck you may be on a gift to give a non-binary individual, there is no gift better than one that can be used on anything at any time or place. Visa gift cards are among the most versatile gifts to give anyone because of how they can be used, as long as it is at an establishment that accepts Visa. These gift cards can be used at everything from restaurants, bookstores, ice cream shops, coffee shops, grocery stores, and even giant supermarkets, making it a gift that can satisfy whatever the recipient wants or needs. No matter how the recipient uses their Visa gift card, the simple thought can go a long way.

Text a Visa gift card 

These Top 10 Non-Binary Gifts Are Some of Our Favorites to Mention!

There are no doubt hundreds of thousands of gift ideas to get for any non-binary individual, but at the end of the day, they will mostly appreciate the love and support that you provide for them daily. Gifts such as the ones mentioned above can be a great way to express any non-binary person and even help to remind them that they are seen and are not alone on their journey to acceptance and identification.

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