Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Teachers

Help settle their nerves with one of these great gift cards!

Teachers have a high-stress job! They have to keep the attention of a classroom full of kids, impart their knowledge, and keep everyone out of trouble. New teachers may be understandably nervous as they embark on their first foray into the teaching world, and a little gift will go a long way. 

There are some staples that will always be appreciated, like a bottle of wine, a gift card to a clothing store, or coffee, and in this article we will cover those as well as some other cool gift ideas to help you figure out which is the perfect gift idea for a new teacher. 

Not sure where to start? No worries! In this article, we are covering the best gift ideas for new teachers, including: 

  • Gift cards for easy meals
  • Gift cards for drinks
  • Gift cards for clothing

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Now that we’re on the same page, let’s jump right into our list!

1. Dunkin’ Donuts

A gift card for coffee lovers

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card

 Dunkin’ gift card

A gift card for coffee is a fantastic choice for all times of the year. Coffee is a staple in many lives, and if this teacher is into the coffee scene, a Dunkin’ gift card is a great option. A local cafe is a great alternative to a place like Dunkin’ if you know one nearby. This is a great gift card that’s exciting in any denomination. Getting a $5 gift card to, Nordstrom, for instance, is a little less exciting if you’re purchasing a $50 top. A $5 gift card to Dunkin’, however, is a free coffee! If you know of a local cafe, a gift card to that place is a great incentive for the teacher to try someplace new or go back to an old favorite. Whichever place you choose, a coffee shop is a fantastic destination for a new teacher.

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card

2. Xbox

For teachers who love to game

Buy an Xbox gift card

Xbox gift card

Not every teacher is a gamer, but if you’ve heard that they like to play video games after grading papers, this might be the gift card for them. You can use an Xbox gift card to buy gaming accessories like a new controller that matches your (or your friend’s) aesthetic or even some add-ons within a game. Gaming is a wonderful post-work activity, especially when that work is the stressful day of teaching. Before you grab this gift card, make sure they have an Xbox! The most common ways to game are on Xbox, Playstation, PC, or Switch. Double-check their favorite gaming platform to ensure you get the right gift card. 

Buy an Xbox gift card

3. The Cheesecake Factory

A gift card for a lovely meal

Get a Cheesecake Factory gift card

Cheesecake Factory gift card

The Cheesecake Factory is our stand-in for restaurants as a great gift idea for new teachers. The Cheesecake Factory is a sit-down, affordable restaurant providing guests a great experience. This is a great gift card for teachers that like to enjoy a quality meal at a local restaurant. The Cheesecake Factory is great for dinner and, of course, great for dessert! Their cheesecakes are always a special treat. 

We want to single out the Cheesecake Factory as a great option for a restaurant gift card, but there are many restaurants at this price point where your friend could enjoy a delectable meal. 

Get a Cheesecake Factory gift card

4. Barnes and Noble

A home for readers

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 

Barnes & Noble gift card 

We don’t want to imply that all teachers are readers, but if you know this one, a gift card to Barnes and Noble is a great choice. Books are costly! Older paperbacks go for seven to twelve dollars, and new hardcovers can be over $20 each. Regardless, Barnes and Noble is a calm sanctuary for book lovers. 

They have such a diverse collection of books on their shelves that readers of all ages and interests can find a book that they enjoy. If, however, you know they are a fond listener of audiobooks, we put forward Audible as an excellent alternative. Audiobooks are a stellar alternative to reading, and let people listen to their favorite book while up and about. This is perfect for commutes, chores around the house, or drifting off to sleep.

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 

5. Walmart

A gift card to a reliable superstore

Buy a Walmart gift card

Walmart gift card

Walmart has just about anything a new teacher may need. It has many items and a large grocery department, making it a great stop for anyone needing, well, just about anything. We recommend finding the superstore where they are the most comfortable, be it Walmart, Target, or another similar store. These are great places for gift cards, where just about anyone can build a list and head out for some great products with the use of your gift card. 

GiftYa does not offer Walmart gift cards at this time, but you can head over to Gift Card Granny and pick one up straightaway. 

Buy a Walmart gift card

6. Sephora

Get a gift card for a quality beauty product

Buy a Sephora gift card

Sephora gift card

Beauty products are very popular with teachers, and a gift card to Sephora is the perfect gift to let them pick out the products they love or even try out some new ones! Sephora is a great choice because they are dotted all over the country, maximizing the chance that there is one nearby. 

When push comes to shove, they can also shop online for their beauty products! More than anyone, they will know which products need to be refilled, and your gift card can take a bit of the weight off of them getting that expensive bottle of hand cream that they love. 

Buy a Sephora gift card

7. Macy’s

A gift card perfect for shopping anytime

Buy a Macy’s gift card

Macy’s gift card

A gift card to Macy’s lets the teacher pick out some great new outfits for the next semester. Even the most filled closets get old after picking out outfits five days a week. Macy’s has a great selection of clothes in a wide variety of styles and they have a pretty substantial bath and body section as well. Macy’s is a great place to shop around, and it is easy to find the products you need within these halls.  

Clothes shopping is not everyone’s favorite, but it is a necessity. That’s where your gift card comes in! Going shopping with a gift card in hand is always a good feeling. 

Buy a Macy’s gift card

8. Nordstrom

A gift card for high-end clothing

Buy a Nordstrom gift card

Nordstrom gift card

Nordstrom is a high-end clothing store. This department store is one of the best around, and a Nordstrom gift card for a new teacher is great if they like expensive clothing. The risk with a Nordstrom gift card is that the bills are always high. Gift cards to more expensive locations are best given to regular customers. Nordstrom is expensive! You don’t want to force your friend into shopping somewhere expensive unless you can produce a gift card that covers the cost of at least one item. 

Unless your friend shops at Nordstrom, you run the risk of the gift card sitting unused. Make sure to ask where they like to shop before purchasing a gift card from a clothing store. 

Buy a Nordstrom gift card

9. Yankee Candle

Fragrant candles that come in different forms.

Get a Yankee Candle gift card

Nordstrom gift card

If you want your teacher to enjoy a good atmosphere after work, fragrances are a good way to make that happen. A gift card from Yankee Candle will make a teacher’s home smell amazing and change the vibe of the place. A good scent can make a home feel calm, lively, or warm, and teachers deserve to be in a good mood.

Some fragrances your Yankee Candle sells include Art in the Park and Fresh Cut Roses. Your teacher will get the opportunity to choose from a variety of sizes and even order personalized candles, signature candles, or original jar candles as well as room sprays and plug-ins. We love Yankee Candle gift cards because, let’s face it, walking into a Yankee Candle store is awesome. There are so many scents all competing for space in the air, and you can wander happily, picking out the scents you like the best. 

Get a Yankee Candle gift card

10. Amazon

Home to just about every item imaginable — an Amazon gift card is always a welcome sight

Buy an Amazon gift card

Amazon gift card

Amazon gift cards are always good, and we are certain new teachers number among those excited to see an Amazon gift card. It is an open-ended card, letting them put it towards their next Amazon order, where they are sure to buy something they are excited to receive. There is always another item to order on Amazon, and these gift cards are added straight to the portal and go into the recipient’s account. From there, they are automatically added to the next order, and the savings pile in. We recommend Amazon gift cards to pragmatic recipients who are happy with a monetary gift rather than something that leads them to a new experience. 

Buy an Amazon gift card

11. Visa

Customize a Visa Gift Card for a Personal Touch

Buy a custom Visa gift card

 Visa gift card

The best gifts are always the ones your recipient can actually use. It doesn't matter how expensive or flashy those gifts are if your friend doesn’t know what to do with them. A Visa gift card cuts that risk out of the equation. Usable anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted, these gift cards are as good as giving cash -- just a little more polished. Plus, Gift Card Granny makes it easy to customize it with a photo and a custom message. Click the link to learn more!

Buy a custom Visa gift card

These are our favorite gift cards for new teachers!

We hope that this article has helped you figure out which is the best gift card for a new teacher. This will help dispel jitters about the new position by helping them get some supplies, clothes, or something to help them relax after a long day in the classroom. 

Remember: many of the retailers on this list are available at GiftYa, where you can send a gift card in just a few clicks. 

From all of us here at GiftYa, happy shopping!

Trae Bodge

Trae Bodge is the shopping expert here at GiftYa. Trae helps people find the best deals and ideas on popular new items to purchase.

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