Gift Ideas That Any New Grandma Will Enjoy

A new grandma has a lot to look forward to, and now she can look forward to a gift.

Becoming a new grandma is a milestone that many women look forward to in their elderly years, and now that it's finally happened for someone in your life, you can help them celebrate it. Whether the new grandma is a friend of yours or your mom who has been asking you for grandkids for years, we have picked out gifts that they are sure to love. There are different ways to celebrate new grandkids, and we will show you a few of them. Check out our list and be prepared to get the perfect gift for a new grandma!

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1. GiftYa Gift Card

Let a person pick out their own gift. 

Send a new grandma a GiftYa gift card

GiftYa Gift Card
Text or email a gift card to a new grandma. 

If you want to give a new grandma more options, get her a gift card from GiftYa. With GiftYa, you can get a new grandma a chance to shop for her own gifts and choose exactly what she wants from a store of your choosing. And GiftYa lets you take your pick when it comes to choosing a store, resort, or restaurant to get the gift card from.  

When you visit GiftYa’s website, you will be able to text a gift card straight to a new grandma’s phone or send it to her email. There are hundreds of places to choose from where a grandma can enjoy lunch, shopping, or a dessert. Get her a gift card from Clean Juice, Amazon, or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, or one of many other options. 

Send a new grandma a GiftYa gift card

2. Grandma and Me Cookbook

Recipes for grandmas to follow with their kids. 

Grandma and Me Cookbook
This book contains recipes that kids will love. Image courtesy of Target.

Grandma’s are often remembered for all the food they feed their grandkids, and with a Grandma and Me cookbook, a new grandma can get their grandkids in on the cooking. A cookbook made for grandma to share with the kids will be easier for them to follow than the average cookbook, and grandma will have an easy time guiding them towards creating a good meal. A cookbook like this will be a lot of fun for both grandma and the grandkids. 

This Grandma and Me cookbook from Target will have a new grandma having fun in the kitchen with her grandkids. It contains several recipes that kids will love, like blueberry muffins, strawberry orange slushies, and cinnamon sugar popcorn. These fun and tasty recipes can bring a new grandma and her grandkids together. 

Grandma’s grandchildren can learn about recipes from grandmas all over the world with this baking recipe book from Amazon. They will learn about foods from different countries and how to make them, and learn the word for “grandma” in several languages. 

3. Large Tote Bag

A tote bag big enough to carry all of her grandkid’s incoming treats. 

Large Tote Bag
This bag represents grandma’s love and can be filled with it too. Image courtesy of Shutterfly

A grandma loves to bring treats to her grandkids, and you can help facilitate that with a personalized tote bag. A large tote bag can be filled with cookies, candies, sweaters, blankets, and anything else your grandma has in mind to give to her new grandkid, and make gift giving very convenient. She can also use it to bring treats from her grandkids back home! Any time they hand her a drawing or macaroni art, she can put it right in her tote to bring home. 

This large tote from Shutterfly will give grandma a creative vessel to carry her things in when she’s going back and forth from her place to her grandchildren’s. As well as having a message to grandma on one side of the bag, you can add a picture on the other side. And that picture can be of grandma's new favorite person, her grandchild. 

This tote bag is made to carry grandma’s goodies, and the grandkids will be able to see them coming. It is made of 100 percent cotton and has enough room for anything a new grandma may want to carry. 

4. Baby Face Mug

A baby’s face on a mug makes it even cooler. 

Baby Face Mug
Her new grandchild can be all over this mug. Image courtesy of Etsy

A grandma’s favorite image is of her grandchild’s face, and you can make sure that she sees it every day on a mug. A new grandma can always use a new mug, for herself and to share with her grandkid, and that mug can be even better than usual when it's customized to have her grandchild’s face on it. 

This baby face mug from Etsy lets you add any photograph you want to it. And when you add a photograph, it will feature as many tiny faces all over the mug. This is a mug a grandma will be happy to wake up and use each day. Any moment she can be reminded of her grandkid is likely a good one for a new grandma. 

5. Decorated Planter

A planter that holds all kinds of small plants. 

Decorated Planter
Plants in this planter can be very well nourished. Image courtesy of Personalization Mall

For the grandma who loves to plant, a planter can make an incredible gift. A planter can help her turn her space even more into the kind of place her grandchildren will enjoy spending time in. Her place will be where her new grandkids develop a lot of their lasting formative memories, and you can help turn it into a beautiful place to be that reminds them of their grandma’s love. 

Even though she has only just started the role, let a new grandma know that she’s the world’s best grandma with a planter with a message from her grandkids. This mini planter comes with a message that says, ‘I Love You Grandma’, with her grandkids' names printed on the bottom. It is 100 percent ceramic and can hold onto any small plant. 

If you are a parent with kids who are proud to have their grandma in their life, get her this personalized outdoor flower pot. It has a traditional design, a drainage hole for outdoor use, and you can personalize it with any message for a new grandma. 

6. Embroidered Robe

A robe that a new grandma can wear all day long.  

 Embroidered Robe
Her new title can be placed right on the front. Image courtesy of Personalization Mall

A grandma usually spends a lot of time resting and hanging out at home, and you can make that a more comfortable experience with an embroidered robe. A fluffy robe will make it even easier for your grandma to relax at home, and get things done without having to get dressed. She’ll be able to do anything from cooking to doing laundry in style without any effort. 

This embroidered fleece robe will keep a new grandma warm and cozy whether or not she is with her grandkids. It can be embroidered with a title and a date, is oversize for maximum comfort, and is kimono style with two front pockets. 

7. Picture Frame

A frame to hold pictures of the new grand kid.

Picture Frame
A picture frame with lots of meaning. Image courtesy of Amazon

A new grandma will want to show off pictures of her grandkids more than anything else, and you can help her do that with a picture frame. Any new picture frame grandma gets will probably be used to show off her new grand kid, and you can get her one specifically for that. With a label on the frame that points out it's a picture frame for grandma and grandchild, everyone will know exactly who is in the photo when they see it. 

This picture frame from Amazon describes just what happens when a child is born: a grandma is also born. This frame is heavy weight and durable, and can sit on a living room or bedside table for years to come. 

This Nana and Me picture frame is a handmade frame meant to celebrate nana and everything she does. It is handmade and laser engraved for a personal touch, and comes with glass, wall hanging hooks for an easy display. 

8. Special Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt that brings memories. 

Green sweatee with pink hat
This sweatshirt can have every grandkid’s name on the sleeve. Image courtesy of Etsy

“Grandma” is soon to become a new grandma’s favorite title, so get her a gift that lets her wear it on her chest. A new sweatshirt will add another warm and cozy item to your grandma’s wardrobe. It's something she can wear at home, at a friend’s place, or out running errands, and the shirt will bring up her grandkids for her whenever she wants to talk about them. 

This personalized sweatshirt from Etsy lets you make the sweatshirt you want for your grandmother. You can choose a style, color, and size, and have it made within a few days. It is made with a blend of cotton and polyester, and will have a new grandma feeling happy and comfortable!

9. Handprint Keepsake Ornament

A baby’s hand print of foot print memorialized. 

baby’s tiny footprints
A baby’s tiny footprints can be kept forever. Image courtesy of Kohls.

Anything that reminds a new grandma of her grandkids can make a good gift, and a keepsake ornament will make a really great one. A print of a grandchild’s hand or foot will be a cute reminder of her grandkids at their earliest stages, and something she will want to show off to everyone who visits. 

This baby hand and footprint kit will make lifelong memories of a new grandmother’s grandkids. It will allow you to make molds of a baby’s hands or feet, and then use them to make decorations. The molds can be used to make tree ornaments, table top decor, and necklaces. The molds will last a lifetime and can be decorated however you want. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A gift card that can be used anywhere. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Custom Visa Gift Card

A new grandma will love a custom gift card from Gift Card Granny, especially if their grandkid had a hand in designing it. Gift Card Granny will let you add images, statements, and videos to a gift card to make it personal. You can add a message from the grandkids or a message from you to a new grandma in your life, it will be special whatever the personal message turns out to be. 

Gift Card Granny will have to choose a Visa or a Mastercard to start, then let you add a picture that reminds you of them, add something you want to say, and then text or email it over to a new grandma. This gift card will work anywhere a new grandma wants to shop, whether she wants to get something for herself or for her new grandkid. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Becoming a new grandma is a significant step in someone’s life, and with just a little bit of inspiration, you can help someone celebrate that new phase with a gift she will love! Something on the list is likely to make her day, so choose quickly, and send a gift over to a happy new grandma.

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