Great Gift Ideas for A Nerdy BF

All Kinds of Merch, Gadgets, and Games That Will Make His Inner Nerd Go Wild!

If your boyfriend is a big ‘ol nerd and you really aren’t one yourself, then it can be kind of difficult to find a great gift for him. But not to worry. Today I have just the thing for you because in today’s post I am going to lay out 10 amazing gift ideas for a nerdy bf that you can get him. And as a nerdy boyfriend myself I can personally vouch for every item on this list. But to be fair, there are nerds of all types out there so I tried to get some options on the list that would cover all the bases. 

On top of that, I also tried to get some variety in on the price point for the different gifts but *spoiler alert* a couple of the gifts on the list are pretty pricey so you might only wanna go with those ones if you're really trying to go extravagant with it and blow his mind. And for every entry on the list that accepts our convenient GiftYa gift cards I’ll be sure to provide you with an easy to use link.

Now if you are brand new to GiftYa you are probably wondering just what the heck they actually are. Well, you can go to this page here to find out everything you need to know, but if you don’t feel like switching between browser tabs I’ll try to explain them real quick. In essence they are a gift card that exists in an all digital format. And GiftYa is partnered with 1000s of national brands and plenty of independent brands around the country as well. The nice thing about them is that you can buy and send them wirelessly in just a couple clicks. In fact, as soon as you purchase the card you have the option of having GiftYa immediately text it to the recipient’s phone. Which is really convenient when you want to make sure your gift actually makes it there on time.

But hey, that’s enough about the “brand” for now I think. Let’s get right to that list of awesome gift ideas for a nerdy bf that brought you here today. And as always, thank you so much for reading!

1 - Best Buy

There Are Thousands of Great Gifts for a Nerdy BF at Best Buy

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Best Buy gift card

Best Buy is the leading retailer in the whole country when it comes to home electronics. And the nice thing about that is that it means there are tons of great choices for gift options. You could get your boyfriend a new 4K version of one of his favorite movies or a brand new video game that he’s been dying to play. But they also have all sorts of great accessories and whatnot as well. So you could get him a special gaming mouse if he likes to play on PC or you could get him a high-end controller for his favorite video game platform. And if you are really trying to blow him away they also have plenty of smart TVs and home theater systems. 

While they’ll obviously cost quite a lot I have no idea what kind of budget you happen to be on so I want to be sure to include them as well. And if you really don’t know what to get him you can always send him a gift card to Best Buy. Then he can use it to pick out the exact game or movie or whatever it is that he wants. Or he can use the balance on the card to help him save some money on a larger purchase. You don’t have to worry about getting him something he won’t like because he’ll be picking it out himself so you know for certain that it's exactly what he wanted.

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2 - Gamestop

The Perfect Place to Find A Gift for A Nerdy BF Who Likes to Game

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Gamestop gift card

If your nerdy BF likes to play video games then you’ll be able to find him a great gift at Gamestop. The great thing about Gamestop is that they are the leading retailer in the country when it comes to video games so they’ll have all sorts of great choices you can choose from. Not only can you get the video game consoles themselves, but you can also get all the games and accessories that go with them. 

You can get him a copy of that new AAA game that he’s been dying to play or you can get him a brand new controller that he can customize. They even have plenty of merch with video game characters on it so you could find him a t-shirt with his favorite character on it. Overall Gamestop has tons of great gift options for any nerdy boyfriend who likes to play video games. 

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3 - Barnes & Noble

Countless Books, Comics, and Mangas That Are Perfect for A Nerdy BF

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Barnes & Noble gift card

If your boyfriend likes to do any sort of reading then Barnes & Noble can be a great place to find him a gift. The nice thing about Barnes & Noble is that they have such an enormous selection that you can find something great for anybody no matter what they like to read. So if he’s into sci-fi or fantasy books they’ll have plenty of great choices. Or if he’s into comic books, graphic novels, or manga they’ll also have plenty of great choices in those categories as well, which is why I think Barnes & Noble makes a great place to find a gift for a nerdy bf!

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4 - Apple

Perfect for Any Nerdy BF Who Uses Mac or Apple Devices

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 Apple gift card

If he uses a Mac computer, an iPhone, or an iPad then a gift card to Apple can be a great gift for your nerdy bf. The nice thing about an Apple gift card is that it can be used on any of their hardware, but it can also be used on iTunes and the app store. This gives him access to all sorts of music, movies, tv shows, apps, and games that he can get with the card. And it's that incredible level of variety that makes an Apple gift card a great gift option for a nerdy bf!

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5 - Take Him Out to A New Sci-Fi or Comic Book Movie

Nerds Always Have A Movie Franchise They Are Obsessed With

Get a Cinemark Theaters or AMC Theaters gift card in just seconds by following the links!

A group of people sitting in red cinema seats, some looking at their phones, with a cozy and casual atmosphere.

Another nice gift you can get for your nerdy bf is to take him out to the movies to see the newest sci-fi or comic book film that he won’t stop talking about. Not only will this be a nice gift for him, but it will also be a nice memory that the two of you can share together. With this one you are really getting him more of an experience than a gift, but it’s an experience you can share which makes it a really great gift option for a nerdy bf!

Anybody can grab a digital Cinemark Theaters or AMC Theaters gift card in an instant when they use the links!

6 - Get Him A Gift Card to His Favorite Video Game Console

Every Gamer Will Appreciate Saving Some Money

Grab a Xbox LivePlaystation, or Nintendo eShop gift card by following the links!

two men playing video game while holding joystick

Video games are getting more expensive all the time. Plus you have to pay for online services to be able to play games online with your friends. So you can find out what his favorite video game console is and get him a gift card for that console. And then he can use it to buy a new game, buy some DLC, or sign up for the multiplayer service that they charge for so that way he can play with his friends!

You can grab a digital Xbox LivePlaystation, or Nintendo eShop gift card anytime by clicking the links!

7 - Get Him A Ring of Power

Any Lord of the Rings Nerd Will Absolutely Love This Gift

Ring of Power
A Ring of Power is an awesome gift for any nerdy bf out there. Image courtesy of

If he is any sort of Tolkien or Lord of the Rings nerd then this gift will absolutely blow him away. It’s one of the most iconic pieces of nerd merch that has ever existed and he will be absolutely thrilled to have a copy.

8 - Get Him A Lego Set

You Can Find Lots of Impressive Sets of Famous Nerd Icons

A fun Lego set makes a great gift for a nerdy bf! Image courtesy of

Lego has really expanded into more advanced sets that are geared for adults so what you can do is find him a set of one of his favorite nerdy fandoms and get him that. And then he can enjoy the process of building it and also enjoy having the replica on his shelf when he’s done. And they have sets for all sorts of fandoms like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and many many more that you can choose from.

9 - Get Him A Lightsaber

They Make Surprisingly Realistic Ones These Days

A replica lightsaber
A replica lightsaber is sure to impress any nerdy bf out there! Image courtesy of

Every nerdy boyfriend out there would love to have their own lightsaber and the good news is that today there are an abundance of really high-quality ones out there that are surprisingly affordable. Check out this video to find some of the best options on the market today!

10 - A Custom Visa Gift Card

Let Him Support the Local Comic Shop With This Gift Card

Get a Visa gift card in just seconds by following the link!

If nothing else on the list looked right then get him one of these custom Visa cards. The great thing about these cards is that they are accepted everywhere that takes debit cards. So he can use it to support his favorite local comic shop or independent game store. And you can even pick out a custom photo to make the front of the card. So find a picture of whatever it is he’s a nerd for and then he’ll have a friendly reminder of it every time he opens his wallet!

Anybody can grab a digital Visa gift card in an instant when they use the link!

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Gift Ideas for a Nerdy BF!

As a nerdy boyfriend myself I think this list came out pretty good. But there are nerds of all types out there so I tried to get some variety in on the list that I thought would cover most of the major nerd fandoms. And I also tried to get some variety in on the price points for the different gifts on this list so that way hopefully there is something great for everybody no matter what kind of budget you are on. 

But no matter what kind of gift you decide to go with, your nerdy boyfriend is just going to be super psyched that you got him a gift that corresponds with one of his favorite fandoms. My girlfriend got me an Evenstar keychain for Christmas a few years back and it’s still my favorite gift of all time to this very day. So I am sure he will love your gift no matter what you decide to go with!

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