Great Gift Ideas For Moms Who Have Toddlers

Being a mom of any kid is hard work, but toddler moms should get a medal for everything they put up with – instead, here are some thoughtful gift ideas to show your appreciation and make a difference in a mom’s life!

Every stage of a child’s life comes with its own set of difficulties and challenges that parents have to work through, but there may be no time full of more frustration and exhaustion than the toddler stage. Newborns and young babies certainly require a lot of hard work and effort from any parent, but there are still blissful moments of peace and quiet where the baby does not fuss. Toddlers, on the other hand, are entering a time in their life where they want to act independently and have a desire for activity, but do not yet have a grasp of their emotional or social skills. These factors can add up to make toddlers extremely challenging for parents to manage. 

Mothers of toddlers have a lot on their plates, especially when there is more than one in the picture. If you have a relative who is a mom with a toddler or know a friend who recently became a toddler mom, it is important that you can act as a dependable source of support in times of need. Even moms need to find solace once in a while and escape the chaos of motherhood, and if you have a close relationship with a mother then it can be a lovely gesture to show that you care. 

Supporting and being there for a mom with a toddler can look different from person to person. Offering to babysit so mom can enjoy a date night may be preferable for some, while others might just be content with a small gift or care package that shows you’ve been thinking about them. Then there are moms who simply want a gift card to a store where they can buy everything they need for their toddler and home. 

In this article, we are going to cover some great gift ideas for moms currently raising toddlers. Some of the gift ideas featured below include:

  • Gifts for clothing and shoes
  • Gifts for fun and enrichment 
  • Gifts for household and toddler necessities 

Continue reading to find out more!

1. Visa

This gift card makes shopping for whatever you need a piece of cake

Buy a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

When it comes to mothers, there is no thing as too much help. You may not be able to do as much as you would like for a busy toddler mom, but you can provide some financial relief to any stressed-out parent with the convenient funds of a Visa gift card. From paying off monthly bills to affording groceries, clothes, and other essential items every mom can’t go without, a Visa gift card can help you afford all of that and more. 

There are many awesome cards that would make for great toddler mom gift ideas, but you will not find many other gift cards that are as adaptable and as secure as Visa gift cards. Moms can use their Visa gift cards funds without posing any risk to their private financial information, and Visa gift card purchased through online retailers are much more secure than their in-store counterparts which are more likely to fall victim to scams. Purchasing a Visa gift card with GiftYa offers a quick and super convenient way to gift any toddler mother a gift card they can use on must-have, essential living items. 

You can send a GiftYa for a digital Visa gift card to toddler moms you know when you click the link!

2. Carter’s

Moms can get all of her toddler necessities from this trusted name 

Click for a Carter’s gift card

Carter’s gift card

One thing about having a kid at any age is that they grow. A lot. And as for toddlers? They become that size and then grow out of it in the blink of an eye. One moment you are a doting mother of a small, melon-sized babe and then you have a little monkey running around, gradually getting bigger by the day. But no matter how brief they stay that size, it’s important for parents to have clothing that fits and is comfortable for their delicate, ever-changing bodies. 

Appropriately-sized toddler clothing of any kind is sure to be well-received by any toddler mom, though it’s always smart to let parents make big wardrobe decisions for themselves. You can help any mom out when it comes to affording quality clothing for their kids with a Carter’s gift card. This children’s apparel company has a wide selection of timeless clothing options and other necessities for babies, toddlers, and older kids alike. Carter’s products are trustworthy and child-friendly, sparing parents from unneeded worry and stress. Browse plenty of apparel items like pajamas, sweaters, rompers, skirts, swimwear, underwear, and even shoes at any Carter’s store. 

Pick up a Carter’s gift card for any toddler mom searching for good quality clothing!

3. Target

Help any mom you know keep her house stocked full of what she needs

Get a Target gift card

Moms need a lot of things. Like, a whole lot of things. More than just baby things. Whether it has to do with keeping the fridge stocked, the rooms clean, the house from falling apart, or even indulging in much-needed self-care from time to time, pretty much every mother has a lot of stuff on her average shopping list. So instead of asking her what types of gifts would be helpful or what she really wants, try simply giving her a Target gift card to help her shop for what she actually needs. 

What kind of mother wouldn’t benefit from a shopping spree at Target? A large department of stylish and thoughtfully designed women’s clothing all at bargain prices, several aisles stocked full with groceries, tons of toys for toddlers to play with, and lots of childcare items make Target a hot destination for parents to shop at. When you don’t want to spend time running around to different stores in search of what you need, a Target run serves as the perfect alternative for that busy toddler mom lifestyle. 

Grab a Target gift card from GiftYa today!

4. No Reception Club Hideaway Carry-On Duffel 

Transform the travel experience for toddler moms with this practical duffel bag

No Reception Club Hideaway Carry-On Duffel 

Moms who frequently travel with children, toddlers, and babies rely on their planning and packing skills to stay organized and prepared for everything during their trips. Traditional luggage and travel bags may be reliable enough for adults, but adding kids of any age into the mix can be a recipe for disaster with the slightest slip-up. No mom will ever have to worry about forgetting the essentials for her toddler or other young kids when she has the No Reception Club Hideaway Carry-On Duffel

Super easy to pack, keep organized, unpack, and repack on a whim, this travel-friendly duffel bag makes the boring parts of being a parent a whole lot more bearable, giving you more space to enjoy the company of your kids. Wear this carry-on in any way that feels right for you, pair it with other luggage pieces, and stay well-prepared for trips of any length as a parent. 

Check out the No Reception Club Hideaway Carry-On Duffel

5. Chuck E. Cheese

Let the kids have fun while the parents sit back, dine, and relax 

Buy a Chuck E. Cheese gift card

A happy toddler generally means a happy mom, too. There are all kinds of things out there for toddlers to entertain themselves with on a daily basis, but special occasions deserve spending time at one of the funnest spots for kids around – Chuck E. Cheese!

Any toddler will have a blast when they step into a Chuck E. Cheese location near them. This entertainment restaurant chain has good food, arcade games, parties, trampolines, and great deals on having fun any parent would want to take advantage of. Chuck E. Cheese is a great place for children of any age to let loose and play until their heart’s content; your toddler is guaranteed to fit right in and have a phenomenal time. 

You can send a Chuck E. Cheese gift card to any toddler mom you know with the link!

6. Skechers

Provide crucial support to developing toddler feet with good quality footwear

Click for a Skechers gift card

Toddlers may grow out of their shoe size fast, but that doesn’t mean that what they wear in the moment isn’t important. Good footwear that is comfortable and supports the wearer during daily activities is something necessary for any age, toddlers included. For toddler-friendly shoes that provide support during play, a gift card for Skechers hits the mark. 

Skechers makes footwear for all ages, though they have a great reputation as a solid shoe brand for young kids. You won’t have to fret over your toddler being comfortable and supported with shoes from Skechers, which are specially designed for the active lifestyles and explorative natures of toddlers. Skechers footwear for kids pops with eye-catching styles and vibrant colors, keeping your kid fashionable while providing support for their posture and gait. 

You can grab a Skechers gift card when you click the link!

7. Ellis Brooklyn Vanilla Milk Eau De Parfum 

Give her a scent that adapts to her own body chemistry for unique results

A child is their mother’s whole world and then some, and while that love is as unshakeable as mountains, every mom needs to take a moment for a little self-indulgence once in a while. Surprise a toddler mom you know who has an affection for sweet fragrances and intoxicating aromas with Ellis Brooklyn Vanilla Milk Eau De Parfum

This alluring perfume blend is everything a mother could want. A smooth, refined, and delicious fragrance comes with each spritz of this lovely bottle. Two types of vanilla extracts, a hint of florals, creamy milk accord, inviting cocoa shell, and rich amyris all come together for a uniquely addictive formula. 

Check out Ellis Brooklyn Vanilla Milk Eau De Parfum

8. Burlington

Deals so great you would think they could not be true 

Buy a Burlington gift card

 Burlington gift card

A majority of moms stick to a certain budget when doing their regular shopping. Raising a toddler is no cheap journey, which is why moms have to take advantage of savings where they can. Consider giving a toddler mom you know a gift card for Burlington to help them afford great deals on merchandise for the entire family, from home goods to apparel and accessories. 

Burlington department stores carry fashion for women, men, kids, and even the young toddlers. Stock up on apparel that you can wear year-round, from dazzling coats and designer jackets to stunning boots, dresses, athleticwear, and more. Burlington also has plenty of accessories, furnishings, decor, cosmetics, and baby products to check out as well. 

Purchase a Burlington gift card with GiftYa!

9. Ulta Beauty 

Every mom deserves to feel like a queen when she wants to 

Get an Ulta Beauty gift card

Ulta Beauty gift card

Moms do a lot every single day, which is why it is so important that they have opportunities to spoil themselves with the things that make them happy. If you know a makeup-loving toddler mom who could use a restock on her supplies, then a gift card for Ulta Beauty is the perfect gift solution. 

Ulta stores carry everything a mom needs to feel like the best version of herself. Whether she is in search of stunning new eyeshadow palettes to play with, vibrant smear-proof liquid lipsticks, replenishing face and hair masks, or high-end tools to make applying her favorite cosmetics a breeze, Ulta Beauty has it all and then some. 

Make any mom feel like the star she is with an Ulta Beauty gift card!

10. Bugaboo Butterfly

A stroller that works with moms to make travel with a toddler easy

Moms who are always on-the-go with their toddler are well-acquainted with the struggles brought on by traditional baby strollers. Bulky and obnoxious, strollers can make travel more of a pain than were initially supposed to be. That’s why any mom who frequently travels with her toddler-age kid should try out the Bugaboo Butterfly

This ultra compact stroller only takes a couple seconds to set up or fold shut, a true blessing for many moms out there with schedules so busy every minute counts. Great for in-city navigation and easy to store around the house, the Bugaboo Butterfly will transform the lives of moms across the nation and beyond. 

Check out the Bugaboo Butterfly

See any gift ideas that resonate with you? There are even more great gift card options available at GiftYa as we speak!

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