10 Great Gift Ideas for Mechanics

All the Equipment Tools and Accessories to Make Their Job Easier

Mechanics can be a tough group to buy gifts for. You aren’t ever really sure what all tools and equipment they already have. Even if you find something you know they don’t have you can never be entirely sure what brand of tools they prefer. And a mechanic's job is hard. There’s lots of dirt, rust, grease, and oil that they have to deal with all day. So if you are looking to get a gift for the mechanic in your life that will help make his job just a little bit easier then today’s post is going to be just the thing for you. 

Today I have a list of 10 great gift ideas for mechanics. There are mechanics of all shapes and sizes out there so I tried to pick out 10 options that I thought would be pretty universally appreciated by any mechanic out there. And anytime you can use a GiftYa for one of these great gifts I will be sure to include a link for you.

If this is your first time at GiftYa, hello! 👋Welcome to the site. Since you are new here let me explain what a GiftYa actually is real quick. Essentially a GiftYa is a gift card that has been totally revolutionized for the 21st Century. They exist in an all digital format which comes with a whole slew of benefits like being able to buy and send them wirelessly and the fact that you can never lose them. But on top of that, GiftYas are also nice because they are partnered with 1000s of national brands across the country and tons of small businesses in most major cities. If you want to find out even more about how GiftYas work be sure to check out the video on this page!

But that’s enough about GiftYas. Let me get right to that list of 10 great gift ideas for mechanics that made you click on this page in the first place!

1 - Specialized Hand Cleaners to Remove Grease

Some GoJo or Goop WIll Always Be Appreciated

a close up of a container
Mechanics need a little something extra to help get all the grease off their hands at the end of a long day. Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

If you’ve never spent any time working on a car yourself then you might be surprised to find out what a dirty job it is. Working under the hood of the car is one thing, but having to work up underneath of the car is incredibly dirty. There’s all kinds of dirt, rust, and grease that a mechanic is going to encounter while they are doing their job. It’s impossible to not get dirty while you are working on a car. There’s just not that much space for your hands and arms to fit into some of the places you need to get to. 

Because of that mechanics get dirt and grease all over their hands and arms. So if you want to help them out with such an annoying part of their job then be sure to get them a specialized cleaner that is made to remove grease and stains. Good and GoJo are the two most popular brands that I’ve encountered but I’m sure there are other brands of cleaners as well. They probably already have some Goop or GoJo at the shop, but they’ll certainly be pleased to have it all restocked without them spending a dime.

2 - A Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight

These Are Super Handy When Working On A Car 

A Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight
One of these flashlights will definitely come in handy for any mechanic out there! Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

So these seem kind of goofy to look at at first, but they are really quite a clever invention. What they are is a small handheld mag light. And having a good source of light is essential when working on a car. But what separates these from your standard flashlight is that the bulb housing is actually magnetized. And on top of that, the magnetic bulb head is set on a telescoping pole so that way you can extend the bulb way out and use the magnet to grab screws or bolts that you might have dropped. 

Since the bulb is magnetized you simply need to find the screw with your light and then touch the bulb to it and the magnet does all the work for you. With this gift the mechanic in your life will save themselves a lot of time the next time they are working under the hood of a car!

3 - Xtreme Xperience

Let Them Live Out Every Car Guy's Dream!

Grab an Xtreme Xperience gift card by following this link!

Xtreme Xperience gift card

Xtreme Xperience is a company with over 40 professional race tracks around the country. And when you go to one of them you get the opportunity to drive a legit racecar or souped up sports car. It’s kind of every car guy's dream. So this can make a really great gift for the mechanic in your life. Just be sure to check and make sure there’s a track near you because they aren’t gonna wanna drive 5 hours on the interstate to get to the racetrack ya know?

Get yourself a digital Xtreme Xperience gift card in seconds by following the link!

4 - A Bluetooth Speaker

So That Way They Can Enjoy Some Tunes While They’re Working

A high-quality bluetooth speaker can make a great gift for a mechanic! Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

A mechanics job doesn’t have a ton of coworkers that they can chit chat with throughout the day. But nobody wants to work all day in total silence. So that’s why I think getting them a high-quality bluetooth speaker is a great way to help make their day job more enjoyable everyday. I would just be sure to get a durable speaker that is going to be able to stand up to the harsh environment of an auto body shop without breaking down. 

DeWalt is a great brand to choose, but there are lots of other options as well. And you could even hook them up with a premium Spotify account so they can enjoy unlimited commercial free streaming of over 100 million different songs and tracks. You can get a premium Spotify account for around $11/month or around $99/year. So you can set them up for the whole year without seriously breaking the bank!

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Spotify gift card by following the link!

5 - A Flexible Ratchet Set

To Help Them Get to Those Hard to Reach Places

These flexible ratchets make a great gift for any mechanic out there! Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

If you’ve ever worked under a car then you know how hard it can be to reach some of the nuts and bolts that you need to get to with a standard wrench or standard socket set. To help alleviate that issue in your mechanics life you can get them a set of ratchets that have a flexible head. So that way they can bend the ratchet just the way they need to to get to those hard to reach places!

6 - Bass Pro Shop

A Good Place to Find YOur Mechanic A Gift If They Are An Outdoorsman 

Grab a Bass Pro Shop gift card by following the link!

Bass Pro Shop gift card

Bass Pro Shop is one of the country’s leading retailers when it comes to outdoor gear and apparel. So if your mechanic is any kind of outdoorsman you will be able to find them a great gift at Bass Pro Shop. They have everything you might need for hunting, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, camping and more. 

But if you aren’t sure exactly what kind of fishing lures your mechanic prefers or what brand of kayak paddle he likes to use you can always send him a gift card to Bass Pro Shop. And then he can pick the perfect gift out for himself at any of their 170 locations or right online at their website. That way you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting them the wrong thing!

You can grab a digital Bass Pro Shop gift card anytime by clicking the link!

7 - A Gift Card to A Hardware Store

Mechanics Are Always In Need of Tools

Get an Ace Hardware gift card by using the link!

A Gift Card to A Hardware Store

Every mechanic out there is always going to have their eyes on some sort of tool in one shape or another. So if you want to get your mechanic a great gift then set him up with a gift card to one of the country’s popular hardware store chains. It would be almost impossible for you to know exactly what tools they already have and what tools they want to get next. So instead of accidentally getting them a duplicate of a tool they already have or getting them something they won’t need or use, you can just let them pick out the exact tool they want themselves. And then you can be sure they are going to get good use out of your gift!

Anybody can grab a digital Home Depot or Lowes gift card instantly by clicking the links!

8 - A Magnetic Wristband

To Help Them Keep Track of Bolts and Screws

Keeping track of lots of little pieces can be a real hassle when you are working on a car. Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

These are super handy for any mechanic out there. Instead of trying to keep track of all the loose bolts and washers, they can just magnetize them to their wrist and have them ready to go when they need them. Not only will this gift prove incredibly convenient for them, you can also get one for a very reasonable price. So I think this one makes a really great option when you want to get your mechanic a gift, but don’t have the money to get them something extravagant.

9 - A Set of Vice Grips

These Locking Pliers Can Be Really Handy When Working On Cars

a group of pliers with screws
Vice grips lock in place and make turning a bolt much easier for the mechanic. Image courtesy of homedepot.com.

If you’ve ever worked on anything. A sink, a lawnmower, a snowmobile, a dirt bike, or yes even a car then you will surely know what a life saver a nice set of vice grips can be when you have the one screw or bolt that just refuses to turn. By having a good set of vice grips they essentially have pliers that lock in place. And then they can use their strength on turning the bolt instead of squeezing the pliers handles.

10 - An Amazon Gift Card

Let Them Choose Their Own Gift From Millions of Options

Get an Amazon gift card in just seconds by following the link!

Amazon gift card

If you want to get your mechanic a gift, but really have no idea what they might want or need then I would send them an Amazon gift card. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the whole world and as such they have over 12 million different items for sale. So with an Amazon gift card your mechanic can choose from millions of options to find the exact gift he was hoping for all along!

Anybody can grab a digital Amazon gift card in an instant when they use the link!

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Gift Ideas for Mechanics!

I hope something on the list today looked like a great gift for the mechanic in your life. Not every mechanic is going to need the same things so I tried to get options on the list that I thought most mechanics out there would probably appreciate. But I’m sure that no matter what gift you decide to go with, they will be thrilled that you thought to get them a gift in the first place!

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