Say “I Do” to the Top Gift Ideas for Married Couples

Know a married couple that you need to get a gift for? Consider these 10 spectacular options!

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Do you know a fun married couple that really enjoys experiencing new things? Do they have an anniversary or other important milestone coming up and you want to do something to help them celebrate? There are all kinds of items you can choose to give to the married couple in your life that they are sure to appreciate. Chances are you know them pretty well, and are aware of some of their interests and hobbies, but you may still be at a loss on what to get them.

No to worry! We realize you don’t want to get them something they’ll never use, or don’t want. That’s where our list of the best gift ideas for married couples comes in! Whether they’ve been married for months, or for decades, we’re confident you can find something on our list that they’re really going to love.

Keep reading to find:

  • Gifts of a new experience
  • Gift cards for romantic dates
  • Practical gifts the married couple never knew they needed

The gift of a weekend away

What married couple wouldn’t love the chance to get away, rest, and recharge?

Text an Airbnb or Omni Hotels and Resorts gift card!

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At the top of the gift list for many married couples is the chance to get away from work and home for a little bit and spend some time away with each other. And what better way to do that then by giving the happy couple an Airbnb gift card, or a gift card to a popular hotel? This is an amazing opportunity for them to really choose a place that speaks to them, whether it’s a cabin in the countryside, or a downtown hotel in a major city. The choice is up to them on how they decide they want to spend time together.

While the gift card amount might not cover a week’s worth of a stay, you’re still giving them the push they might need to finally book that getaway trip. A gift card for a weekend away will allow them the space to relax and enjoy each other's company, as well as see new parts of the country!

Text an Airbnb or Omni Hotels and Resorts gift card!

Cooking classes

Give the couple a chance to bond over meal prep, and enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Creating a meal together is a great way for couples who like to cook to spend time together. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Does the married couple you know like to cook? Does it seem like they’re always trying out new recipes and types of cuisines? Then you can’t go wrong looking up local cooking classes for them! Chances are there’s a restaurant or cooking school in their area that offers classes, and perhaps even some specifically geared towards couples. These kinds of classes are great ways to not only bond, but to create and share a delicious meal. Oftentimes cooking classes will have all the ingredients you need to make a delicious meal, and a chef will be present to help guide you through any issues, and can offer their support and suggestions to make the meal you prepare even better. 

Send over a gift card to one of these classes to a couple you know, and watch how fast they book a session. 

A chance to go out to dinner

What couple wouldn’t love a night out at a fancy restaurant?

Email or text a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse or a McCormick & Schmick’s gift card to a married couple!

There’s a reason why going out to dinner is always a tried and true gift, no matter the occasion. If you know a married couple that likes to eat out as much as they like to cook, then you can’t go wrong sending them a gift card to one of their favorites. If you know what type of food they like, you can easily send a gift card to an Asian or Italian restaurant so they can enjoy having someone else cook for them. 

Or if you’re a little unsure what they’re favorite type of food is, you can’t go wrong sending over a gift card to a steakhouse or a place that specializes in seafood. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and McCormick & Schmick’s have locations all across the country, so chances are there’s one of the two restaurants near them. This is a great opportunity for the couple to not worry about who’s making dinner that night, and instead spend quality time with each other. 

Email or text a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse or a McCormick & Schmick’s gift card to a married couple!

An anniversary journal

Give the married couple the gift of a journal to remember their anniversaries through the years

A journal that’s designed to keep track of the memories made on anniversaries would make a great gift for a married couple. Image courtesy of Unsplash

Another fantastic way to show a married couple you care is to gift them an anniversary journal. If you haven’t heard of these, they’re specifically made to record the memories the couple shares through the years. Typically at the start of the journal, there are spaces to write in how they met, their first date, their wedding day, etc. And then each year on their anniversary, they can document what they did and include any pictures they’d like to remember the day by. Some journals have prompts as well, allowing the couple to recount the memories of their marriage through the years.

This would make a very sentimental gift and is sure to be a treasured addition to their collection, and something that’s brought out and updated each year. 

New matching robes

What better way to stay cozy when they’re enjoying a night in?

Text over a gift card to Macy’s

A couple sitting on a couch
Staying warm and cozy when you’re lounging on the couch or enjoying much needed relaxation is essential, and robes can help you do just that! Image courtesy of Amazon.

No one wants to be chilly while they’re relaxing at home, and one of the best ways to ensure you’re always warm is with a good quality robe. Robes can be worn over your pajamas or comfortable clothes, and they are a must if the married couple is spending the night in. If you know their sense of style, you could go out and get a set of soft robes for them, but it would be an even better gift to leave the decision up to them. Send them over a gift card to a department store like Macy’s and allow them to pick out the color and fabric texture. Then the next time they want to make some popcorn and relax with a movie on the couch, they’ll have a wonderfully soft robe to snuggle up in.

 Text over a gift card to Macy’s

A picnic basket

Give them the tools to try something new for a date!

Many married couples have never had the opportunity to go on a real picnic, but you can change all that! Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Going on a picnic always sounds like a great idea, and you always see couples in movies spending the day in a meadow eating outdoors. But in reality, how many married couples have the chance to do just that? Not as many as you might think, and one of the big reasons for this is they don’t have anything that can carry all the items for a picnic. That’s where you come in when you give them a picnic basket! These large, sturdy containers are designed to hold food, plates, cutlery, glasses, and drink bottles securely, and some even come with ways to keep drinks cold and food warm. 

When they have a picnic basket they’ll be more willing to take the time to set up a picnic date, which could definitely be a lot of fun. Additional add-ons you might want to include with the basket:

  • A blanket
  • A bottle of wine
  • A set of disposable plates/cutlery

A movie date night

Give them the chance to see a movie together

Send over an AMC Theatres gift card

AMC Theatres gift card

Date night at the movies has been a tried and true way for couples of all kinds to enjoy themselves. There’s something magical about seeing a movie on the big screen, and if you know a married couple that likes to see the latest flicks, then consider getting them a gift card to a theater. AMC Theatres are located all around the country, and they are always getting the latest and greatest when it comes to movies. With a gift card, the married couple won’t have to worry about the cost of admission, and instead can splurge on some in-movie snacks and drinks. 

No matter what their favorite genre of film, there’s always a movie showing that would make for a fun, romantic evening out. 

Send over an AMC Theatres gift card

A personalized gift 

Personalize a gift for them so they can show it off in their home

A customized gift is a great way to show that you really put some thought into your present. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

It seems like anything and everything can be personalized these days, and that’s a great way to get a gift for someone that is sure to please. Whether you want to get their names put on an item, or you want to send them something that’s particular to their interests, getting a customized gift for a married couple is always a win-win. These are the top gifts you can easily personalize for a couple you know:

  • Ornament. Do you know a couple that loves collecting ornaments? If so, consider getting them something that’s personalized! Whether it’s their two names, their last name, or marking a significant date in their lives, taking out the ornament to hang on the tree each year is sure to bring a smile to their faces. 
  • Cutting board. This is another great way to customize a gift for a married couple that likes to cook. Cutting boards are essential in any kitchen, so why not get one with their names on it? 
  • Doormat. Whether you get their name on it, a simple message, or a quote from a movie or show (like this amazing Lord of the Rings option), a doormat is another fantastic way to customize something that speaks to the couple on another level. 

A new experience 

Couples grow closer over the experiences they enjoy together

Send a Groupon gift card

While dinner and movies are great date night options, sometimes you just want to try something different. That’s where Groupon comes in! There are all kinds of fun experiences happening in their town, and Groupon is there to offer them a deal on it. Whether it’s trying out a brewery tour, seeing a new art exhibit, or getting a deal on a candle making class, Groupon has lots of ways for a married couple to try something new together.

Send a Groupon gift card

Customized Visa gift card

A Visa card can be used for whatever they want!

Email a customized Visa gift card

customized Visa gift card

If none of the gifts on this list so far stand out, you can’t go wrong sending them a personalized Visa gift card. Visa is accepted almost everywhere, and it’s just like cash, except with this card, you can include a fun photo and a heartfelt message to the couple. Whenever they use this card, they’ll definitely remember you gifting it to them!

Also, Visa gift cards work really well as additional gifts, if you want to include it with another one of the options on this list. 

Email a customized Visa gift card

Those are our favorite gift ideas for married couples!

No matter what your favorite married couple is celebrating, any of these gift ideas are sure to please. Which gifts are you going to plan on giving?

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