Gift Ideas For K-pop Fans (BTS, BLACKPINK, Stray Kids, TWICE, & More)

We’re here to give you, a K-pop novice, gift ideas for your loved one that wants to show off their bias with your gifts!

celebration coming up that you know is a huge K-pop fan? Are you wanting to get them something that’s “K-pop” related but you’re a total novice and aren’t sure where to start? Well you’ve come to the right place as today we’re going to be listing out some gift ideas for K-pop fans that can cover a few different bands from the popular genre, music style, and brand.

There are many different K-pop groups and artists out there, so the biggest piece of advice we would give is to find out who their faves are and who their bias is. 

  • “Bias” refers to a “favorite.” So when someone says that their bias is Bang Chan- (a member of Stray Kids) that means that he is considered to be their favorite or at least one of their favorites as you can have multiple biases.

After you find out who they love and who their bias is- getting gifts for them is pretty easy as there is plenty of merchandise and unique ideas on the internet thanks to passionate K-pop fans. 

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Gifts that are great for any K-pop fan! 

With these gifts the K-pop fan in your life will be able to add to their ever-growing collection!
The K-pop sensation TWICE. Image courtesy of Rolling Stone.

Music speaks to souls, it builds relationships, helps mend broken hearts, bring smiles, and lets us groove to the beat without a care for the world. As K-pop arose, many fans of all ages found a new genre, better yet, a new style to groove to, to fall in love with. And today as of writing this, K-pop fans are still bringing in the passion for groups old and new. 

If you aren’t familiar with K-pop then you may have only heard these names in passing but a few of K-pop groups out there that your loved one may be low-key obsessed with are BTS, BLACKPINK, GOT7, TWICE, Seventeen, EXO, Red Velvet, SHINee, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ATEEZ, and NewJeans. Now it’s good to know that there are so many more groups out there that are equally as incredible, but we mentioned a few just to give you an idea of the ever-rising style of K-pop.

Since, like music in general, the person your gift shopping for can have varying taste and a group they love above all, we can’t make this list biased (hah) against any particular group, we want to give more of a general overhaul of gifts that can work for anyone and everyone that’s a fan. So without further ado and in no particular order or category, here’s our gift ideas for K-pop fans:


Now, K-pop albums are a bit more special than your regular music albums. K-pop albums always have a photobook and at least one tradeable photocard with a group member or the entire group on it. There’s also a poster and maybe some stickers or a standee. There’s even “pre-order” gifts that you can get if you special pre-order an album. A K-pop album is stocked full with memorabilia which means getting an album for them is our top pick on our list today. 

But where can you get them?

Well, most famous retailers, places like Target, Walmart, and Amazon will have the albums but if you want to look at other places you can go to:

You’ll get some great packaging from these places but may be limited in some of the options. Ebay is also a great place to look for, there are some reputable sellers on there that fellow K-pop fans know and love- check out the reviews of each seller to make sure you’re buying from a legit person.

Photocard Holders, Frames, and Sleeves

Photocards are a HUGELY popular collectable item among fans, as they come in albums and not all of them are the same, having places to safely store these photocards would make for a great gift. So here are some photo card holders, frames, and sleeve options:

And if you go to your local supply shop and find a photocard album that you think they’d like more than these then go for it!

Want to hang up your cards to add a bit to your home and room decor?
A group photo of BTS (Bangtan Boys). Image courtesy of Seoul Mate.

Photocards, Stickers, and Posters

Even though K-pop albums will have these sweet collectable items, they may enjoy getting even more- and who wouldn’t? Photocards, stickers, and posters are probably the biggest pieces of merchandise for K-pop fans so they will definitely make for some great gifts.

  • To find photocards we’d recommend searching in some places like Facebook and Instagram where you can type in something like # ATEEZSale and find reputable sellers that way. There’s a great Reddit thread detailing what to look for when it comes to typical sale prices of these cards so you know what to look for and not end up overpaying for a photocard. 
  • eBay has a whole “Kpop Photocard” section for sale with thousands of choices from all different brands and prices.

There’s also K-pop stickers that make for a great collectable item and then there’s ones that are all encompassing and a bit more “generic” like these from Redbubble:

silver tumbler with text Staying Delulu
Courtesy of Redbubble.
silver tumbler with text I just Want to Listen To K-Pop
Courtesy of Redbubble.
  • Then there’s the “in bulk” sticker packages you can find on Amazon like this 100pcs Singer Aesthetic Kpop Stickers for $6.99. And these 100pcs Cute Stray Kids Stickers on sale for $6.99. Or these 100 PCS Stickers for BTS for $5.99 which again can work for water bottles, laptops, tablets, or your bedroom walls. <- These are obviously a bit more group-centric but they are just ideas, so find out the group that the recipient loves and get them a sticker pack of them.

And as for posters, well you can find posters in a variety of places. Amazon obviously has a whole section of “Kpop Posters” ranging in prices anywhere from $10 to $50. There’s also websites like Displate that make metal posters that will last you forever that sell K-pop ones. Kpop USA has a ton of cool merch like posters but they sell out QUICK so be on the lookout.

Apparel and Plushies

You can’t go wrong with a good piece of merch like a t-shirt, hoodie, bracelet, or necklace! Those are classic items for any music group including K-pop ones! Now obviously there are a bunch of options out there, as the rise in popularity has grown exponentially more and more businesses have taken to dipping their toe into the K-pop merchandise pools. Here’s a few websites we’d recommend to take a look through for ideas:$productMainDesktopRetina$&fmt=auto
Courtesy of Hot Topic.$productMainDesktopRetina$&fmt=auto
Courtesy of Hot Topic.

A recent piece of merchandise that has hit the zeitgeist for K-pop fans are plushies! A lot of groups are producing their own plushies and you’ll be able to find them on different group’s websites. Here’s a couple so you can see what we’re talking about:

Associating the members of a group with an animal or something similar is super common and you can find a number of cute plushies through official websites like the ones we listed above. 

Here’s an idea of what the plushie line advertisements have looked like:

Courtesy of ANITEEZ (ATEEZ).

A very cute addition to go with a K-pop album for a gift if we do say so ourselves.

And there you go! Those are some great ideas to get you started on your own K-pop journey. These gift ideas for K-pop fans cover a variety of bases so be sure to ask your loved ones who they love and who their bias is then get to shopping!

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