The Top 10 Gift Ideas for Homesteaders

Great Gifts to Help Them Achieve Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability

Homesteading is a practice that is becoming more and more popular all the time. And what homesteading is, is basically a return to many of the practices that people needed to do to survive before the Industrial Revolution when everybody lived in a society based on agrarian practices. And while these practices were essentially for survival in the past, the reason that homesteading is growing in popularity in the modern world is because so many people want to find a way to live that is more in tune with nature and much less wasteful.

Basically the end goal of most homesteaders is to live a life that is both happier and more sustainable than they would otherwise find in modern society. So if there is a homesteader in your life that you need to find a gift for and aren’t sure where to begin, today’s post should be just the thing you need. Because today I have a list of 10 great gift ideas for homesteaders, and if at any point you can get one of our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards for one of these gifts, I’ll be sure to provide you with a link!

If you are new to GiftYa you can always check out the video on the bottom of this page to find out everything you need to know about them. But if you don’t have time for that now, I will briefly mention that they are gift cards that exist in an all digital format that you can buy and send instantly in just a couple of clicks. Which makes them a really great option when you need to send a gift long distance or need to get a gift at the last minute. And since they are all digital you don’t even have to worry about creating any plastic waste when you send one to the homesteader in your life!

But I’ll wrap up the explanations here and get right to that list of gift ideas for homesteaders that brought you here.

1 - A Soap Making Kit

This Can Be A Great Gift Idea for Homesteaders

soap making kit that would be the perfect gift for homesteaders
A soap making kit can make a great gift idea for homesteaders! Image courtesy of

I think this gift idea for homesteaders is pretty self-explanatory. Since homesteaders are always looking for ways to be more sustainable in the modern world you can get them a soap making that will allow them to make their own soap right at home using a variety of ingredients to create different smells and scents that they love. Let’s face it, everybody in the modern world needs to have soap on hand to keep themselves clean and smelling fresh each day. But a lot of modern soaps come in the form of body washes in plastic bottles that create a lot of unnecessary plastic waste. Get them started with this soap making kit so that they can live sustainably, but still have plenty of soap whenever they need to shower or wash their hands. You want to make sure to get them a kit that has all ingredients and tools they’ll need to make their own soap. And then when they run out of ingredients they can simply get more and keep using the set of tools you got them.

2 - A Sewing Machine

Many Homesteaders Like to Repair Their Clothing to Prolong Its Use

homesteader using sewing machine to make clothes from scratch
A sewing machine can help all kinds of homesteaders get one-step closer to sustainability.

This is another one that I think is pretty self-explanatory, but since homesteaders are all about living more sustainably, a sewing machine can really come in handy for them. That way they can extend the lives of their clothes and repair them anytime they get a tear or hole in them. And they can have a much smaller impact on the planet by only buying new clothes when they absolutely need to. And for anybody who has ever tried sewing by hand you know exactly how frustrating the process can be.

It’s almost impossible to thread the needle and then you really need to know what kind of stitch to use when you start actually sewing so it takes a lot of know-how. A sewing machine can take all of the headache and frustration out of the process and it will even speed the whole thing up for them.

3 - Bass Pro Shop

Help Them Get Everything They Need to Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

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bass pro shops

If you are looking for something simple and easy to get the homesteader in your life as a gift then you could always send them a gift card to Bass Pro Shops. Bass Pro Shops is one of the country’s leading retailers when it comes to everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors. So if they happen to like to hunt or fish for their own food then they’ll be able to get everything they need here. Whether it's ammo or fishing lures they’ll be able to get it here. And even if they don’t like to hunt or fish I’m betting that they like to enjoy the outdoors in other ways and Bass Pro Shops has everything you might need to enjoy backpacking, hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing and more. You can rest assured that they’ll get exactly what they want with the gift card and won’t have to worry about getting them the wrong kind of fishing line or a pair of hiking boots that won’t fit them.

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4 - A Gift Card to A Pet Supply Company

Homesteaders Will Have Plenty of Animals That Need Taken Care of

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Petsmart store

Homesteaders are oftentimes involved in taking care of animals. Whether that’s by having a chicken coop so that they can have fresh eggs every morning or by having a family dog that they love, the people who are interested in sustainability are going to be interested in having animals too. So hook them up with a gift card to one of the leading pet supply companies in the country and let them pick out exactly what they need. They can get their dog or cat all kinds of great food, treats, and toys and they can also get things like chicken feed and food for cows, pigs, and goats. So no matter what kind of pet or farm animals they have, they will be able to get something they absolutely need and are going to use at a place like PetSmart.

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Petco or PetSmart gift card by following the link!

5 - Food Dehydrator

Get Them A Gift That Will Help Them Store Food

food dehydrator dehydrating food
A food dehydrator will help them store their food for longer. Image courtesy of

A food dehydrator can be a great gift for homesteaders because it will help them cut down on food waste and extend the shelf life of different types of food and ingredients. A food dehydrator extends the shelf life of food because it removes the moisture in the food. By taking the water out of the food the dehydrator makes it much more difficult for things like bacteria or fungus to grow on the food. This prevents the food from spoiling and keeps it safe to eat for much longer than it would otherwise be.

And while this certainly won’t be the cheapest option on the list, I do think it’s one that any homesteader out there would get a ton of use out of. Is there anything better for sustainability than by making food and ingredients last longer? This way they will have less food spoil on them and by extension they will also have to buy less food from the store and cut down on household expenses.

6 - A Gift Card to A Hardware Store

Homesteaders Always Need Plenty of Hardware to Keep Things Running Smoothly

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couple shopping at home depot

Most homesteaders out there are going to be involved in all sorts of projects around their house and property in their pursuit of sustainability. So if you want to get them something you are sure they are going to get use out of then you can send them a gift card to a hardware store. And then they can get all the tools and materials they need for whatever home improvement project they have in mind next!

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7 - A Brewing Kit of Fermenting Station

This One Makes A Fun Gift Idea for All Kinds of Homesteaders

brewing and fermenting kit
Homebrewing is a hobby amongst plenty of homesteaders. Image courtesy of

I think this one is just kind of a fun gift that most homesteaders out there will probably enjoy. With a home brewing station of fermentation kit they can make their own beer and wine right at home. And when you think about it that can go a really long way in the pursuit of sustainability. Every time you drink a beer it’s coming out of a can or bottle and while you would hope they end up getting recycled, it’s hard to know for sure.

8 - Barnes & Noble

There’s Lots of Great Books Out There On How to Live Sustainably

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barnes and noble

Barnes & Noble is the largest book retailer in the country and the nice thing about that is it means they have a great book for almost anybody. And in this case you can check out this page on their website to find all kinds of great books on living a greener and more sustainable life that I am sure the homesteader in your life will be thrilled to receive as a gift.

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9 - Gardening Tools

Every Homesteader Is Going to Need Gardening Tools At Some Point

gardening tools in a shed
A nice set of gardening tools can make a great gift idea for homesteaders!

A big part of living sustainably is by having all the tools and essentials you need to grow and harvest your own food. Not only can you guarantee that the food is free from pesticides and other dangerous chemicals, but there is a lot of satisfaction that people find in growing their own food. So hook your homesteader up with a great set of gardening tools so that way they can grow their own food and live their life as green as possible!

10 - Visa

Your Homesteader Can Use One of These Custom Gift Cards to Shop Anywhere!

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If you made it this far down the list and nothing looked like the right kind of gift for the homesteader in your life, then you can always send them one of these custom Visa gift cards. The nice thing about these gift cards is that since they are Visa brand they are accepted by almost every business out there. And the nice thing about that is it means that your homesteader will be able to use the card to shop at all kinds of small and independent businesses. I am pretty sure that anybody who is interested in living sustainably will also be interested in supporting small independent businesses instead of the massive corporations that are poisoning the planet.

Anybody can grab a digital Visa gift card in an instant when they use the link!

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Gift Ideas for Homesteaders!

I hope something on the list looks like the perfect gift for the homesteader in your life. I tried to get some gifts on the list that were more extravagant on the list as well as some that were more affordable so that way there was something for everybody out there (no matter their budget) on the list today. But no matter what you go with, I am sure your homesteader will be thrilled you got them a gift and you can even feel a sense of pride in helping them live their life more sustainably. Think global and act local ya know?

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