Uniquely Groovy Gift Ideas For Hippies

A perfect collage of gifts for the boho-chic person in your life!

Hippies, those who stand up against conformity, violence, and war, in fact you’ll probably know the common phrase typically associated with hippies: “make peace, not war,” as one of their main principles- (and it’s a very good principle to have). Originally the hippie “movement” was first introduced in the counterculture of the 1960s which were glimpses of an alternative style of living life, meaning the ability, and freedom, to living communally, protest actions made by disagreeable politics, enjoy recreational drugs, and do what you want with peace and love at its core. 

Nowadays a “modern” approach to hippies includes spending time in nature, volunteering, and carrying the make peace, not war movement by spreading love and nurture when they can. Overall they’re a groovy group and since you’re here it sounds like you have a hippie in your life that you want to celebrate, so here’s our list of gift ideas for hippies that we think they’d really enjoy. 

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A Clean Juice Gift Card

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But Clean Juice doesn’t just stop at drinks, they’ve also got a bunch of food options like sandwiches, wraps, acai bowls, salads, toasts, and snacks like Apple Cinnamon Trail Mix and Raw Almonds Pack. Start your day with a nutritious healthy meal at Clean Juice.

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Free Woman Standing On Sunflower Field Stock Photo
Branch out your tastes and take a look into bohemian tastes, there’s a lot of great stuff out there!

In no particular order or category we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for a loved one in your life that identifies with hippie culture or is looking to delve into the world. There are a lot of really cool products out there that are perfect for hippies or for anyone really, so let’s get started!

All The Bohemian

We’re going deep with bo-ho chic apparel and decor, there’s a unique twinge of psychedelic swirl that comes with any bohemian-centric design and that’s a big draw for anyone.


  • LOVESTITCH is a clothing brand that has an array of really cool clothes including a whole Spring Collection that’s perfect for the warmer weather we’ve been getting recently. For instance they have a beautiful Andie Floral Maxi Dress for $84.00 that’s 100% cotton and is perfect for any special occasion. And if you want to keep it a bit more casual and less loud you might love their Ally Tie Front Top for $62.00.
  • Natural Life also has a bunch of really cool clothing that’s fun and colorful to show off your innermost self. Keep it cool in this Rebecca Midi Dress in the Purple Wisteria Floral Design- (there are 13 total designs which means if you like the fit you can get different colors and that means more outfit choices)! It retails for $75.00 on the website. And if you want to promote peace, quite literally, then you’ll love this Oversized Applique Tee with a Light Pink Peace Sign for $42.00.
  • Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our more masculine presenting patrons, Ametsuchi is a brand that has a ton of unique clothing options like this Mexican Fiesta Men’s Shirt for $42.00 or their Bi Color Harem Pants for $53.00.


Free Groovy Woman Holding A Bunch Of Flowers Stock Photo
Young or old, any of these gift ideas for hippies will make their day!

“Recreational” Gifts

For all those partake in marajuana every now and then, they will definitely love all of these gifts:


Some people really love jewelry and there are some hippies that feel super connected to their jewelry, it makes their whole ensemble complete and that can lead to a boost of self love and assurance.

Feel Good Products

We love natural remedies that make us feel good and provide us with a sense of balance after particularly stressful days. Essential Oils, Skin Care, and Aromatherapy are three things from the online store The Hippie Homesteader specialize in and their products can make for a really great gift.

  • If they don’t have an essential oils diffuser, first things first you need to get them one. There’s this really cool Raw Gemstone Essential Oil Diffuser with Light for $49.97 at Mindful Souls which could make for a nice gift to pair with an essential oil from Hippie Homesteader:
  • For our skin care lovelies Hippie Homesteader has got the right products for you like their Blueberry Hand Cream on sale for $9.99, and their Botanical Mineral Soak for $12.95 which comes in either the Relieve, Rest, or Restore blend(s). Or you can get all three as a gift set for $34.95. There’s also the Botanical Lip Balms for $5.95 with three blends of Lavender & Bee Balm, Peppermint, or Honey Orange Spice.
  • Then for aromatherapy, Hippie Homesteader has Essential Oil Serums like the Eucalyptus Essential Oil Serum for $12.95 which has a “strong pungent and herbaceous aroma with woody undertones” scent. Or get their Essential Oil Serum Mix and Match Gift Set on sale for $32.50 which is where you’ll get to pick three essential oil serums and have it sent as a gift set if you can’t choose 

between a few different scents.

Free Pink, Yellow, and Green Abstract Painting Stock Photo
Color is a big part of hippy culture and we want all the colors of the rainbow to be a part of their gifts.

Psychedelic Lights

Cool lighting fixtures have been all the rage, especially ones designed to add a level of ambience that isn’t normally reached with a regular old fashioned light. These “psychedelic” lights offer a unique flavor to any home and/or room.

  • The Lotus Flower Mandala Light Lamp for $49.97 from Mindful Souls is big and beautiful. It gives off seven different colors so you can select whatever one fits the mood in the moment.
  • It may be described as a “gaming light” but it’s really anything but, this Infinity Dodecahedron Gaming Light for $39.99 on Amazon is a great mix-shaped lamp that’ll be perfect for any room. It has seven colors and 365 changing modes!
  • Then we finish off our list by circling back to bohemian-style products with this LED Colorful Bohemian Decorative Lamp for $32.96 from ONkepe which features not just one stationary color but multiple colors of blues, purples, and a little bit of pink.

Those are some psychedelically groovy gift ideas for hippies that we’re sure they are going to love. Mix and match gifts or keep these ideas in mind for the next major holiday or special occasion you all spend together. 

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