Gift Ideas for a Handyman Dad That Absolutely Nail It

For the dad that loves his own DIY projects, we’ve got the gift guide for you!

Is your dad someone that’s always starting a new home project every time you see him? Does he enjoy a good DIY that can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or months? If this at all sounds like your dad then you’ve come to the right place as today we’re creating our own DIY guide of gift ideas for a handyman dad exactly like yours! We’ve got all the tools and supplies he could need, along with a few fun goodies that will surely delight.

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A Lowe’s Gift Card

Need a random tool that you won’t find anywhere else? We got you!

Buy A Lowe’s Gift Card

Lowe’s Gift Card

We couldn’t give you the tools and then not suggest a GiftYa gift card as the first gift on the guide! Of course not. And where better to go than Lowe’s, the famous retail/department store for all your home project needs. They’ve got outdoor tools and equipment, lawn and garden care, paint of any shade, extra building supplies like wood, state of the art appliances, patio furniture, ceiling fans and lights, power tools, and regular nuts and bolts. Your dad will be able to find exactly what he needs to continue whatever he’s working on with ease at Lowe’s.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Lowe’s here!

In no particular order or category we’ve got our gift guide for our handyman dad ready to start, so here are gift ideas that will definitely be helpful and thoughtful because who wouldn’t be appreciative of tools to help his various hobbies?

Magnetic Wristband

When you’re working on a big project that involves a lot of nuts, bolts, and other magnetic metal things you’re probably going to be running from your tool box, drawer, and box of various trinkets quite often. But what if you had a way to keep all those little pieces on your person without having to go back and forth or dig through your pockets? 

  • The RAK Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws, Nails, and Drill Bits on sale for $16.75 (normally priced at $20.99) at Amazon is exactly what it sounds like a magnetic band that’s wrapped around your wrist that attracts all your little pieces you need for your next project. This way when you need a certain screw you can pick it up right off the band itself and get to work. It’s a strong magnet too so it can hold more than you think!

Portable Neck Fan

Working on projects that involve heavy equipment and/or cramped spaces can get very uncomfortable. Specifically for those individuals who run hotter than the average person. And the last thing you want when working on a project is sweat dripping everywhere. 

  • Luckily there have been many inventions out there perfect for these exact scenarios like this Portable Neck Fan on sale for $25.49 (normally priced at $39.99) at Amazon. It has three speeds and is rechargeable, perfectly light on the neck so it isn’t bothersome and keeps you cool while you work for long hours of the day.

Flashlight Gloves

As we just said, working in cramped spaces doesn’t always allow for a lot of space and when there isn’t a lot of room for consistent cool air, there might not be enough room for proper light so you can see all those intricate details of the machine you’re working on. And let’s be honest, holding a flashlight with one hand while you try and get something working with only one hand isn’t fun.

  • How about we introduce to you the LED Flashlight Gloves on sale for $12.99 (normally priced at $14.99) at Amazon. You slip these gloves on and turn on the lights and bam! You’ve got yourself a hands free flashlight you can use to light up those smaller details of your project without having to stick a big light in the way of your work or having to awkwardly hold a flashlight yourself.
A Bucket Organizer Sleeve

The LED Flashlight Gloves from Amazon comes with batteries already installed along with extra batteries once the ones in the gloves run out of juice. They are comfortable and lightweight so they shouldn’t bother you as you work.

A Bucket Organizer Sleeve

Okay from the title this gift seems a bit…weird, but take a look at this before you judge:

The Bucket Boss “The Bucketeer” Bucket Tool Organizer for $16.99 on Amazon is exactly how it looks. It’s a casing of sorts where you can put extra tools in the many accessible pockets the bucket case has. There’s three interior loops for hammers, drills, pry bars, and other long-handled tools, and it fits most five gallon buckets. Your dad can keep all of his necessities in here and carry it with him to the other side of the workshop for convenience sake.

A Meaningful Card & Shopping Trip

Overall, it’s hard to get the handyman dad in your life something he doesn’t already have. Since they are so handy and constantly looking for new tools to use, getting them something new and exciting is a bit difficult. We hope some of the gifts we listed are things he might not have or might need an extra of at least. 

One great “combo” gift idea that we came up with is presenting with with a hand written meaningful card, written by you, created by you, telling him all the things you appreciate about him and how his handiness both with DIY projects and fix-ups, is just as good as his in real life dad skills.

Then you can add a mini-shopping adventure where you give him a bucket or a cart, take him to his favorite big box store, and say he has x amount of time to fill up said bucket and cart and you will pay for whatever's in there. It’ll make him feel like a kid again and instead of getting candy and toys, he gets to have his pick at tools he’s been eyeing for a while. It’s a fun game you guys can play together and makes for a great gift idea!

Funny T-Shirts

Every dad loves a good pun or funny tidbit, so what’s better than to have that on a T-shirt he can wear out and proud when he’s with the family or when he’s working in his garage. Here are two we found on Amazon that tickle our funny bone, so we’re sure he’s gonna love them both:

The Handyman Definition tee Funny Dad Handyman Father's Day Gift T-Shirt for $19.95 comes in ten different colors: black, navy blue, asphalt grey, cranberry red, kelly green, brown, olive green, dark heather grey, heather blue, and royal blue, and has sizes from small to 6X. 

Then there’s the Funny Dad T-Shirt Handyman Hardware Store for $19.98 that comes in seven different colors: black, cranberry red, dark heather grey, sapphire blue, olive heather, purple heather, and red heather, and has sizes from small to 6X just like the T-shirt above.

Extra Tools

Every handyman dad loves having a set of extra tools lying around for a rainy day, especially if said tools are harder to come by and/or you need an extra set of hands with you so that tool could be used in the way it’s supposed to. Here are a few tools other handyman have raved about themselves:

  • A Channellock 8WCB 8-inch CODE BLUE® WideAzz® Adjustable Wrench is something that works as a small tool with an opening big to get the job done. It’s a quality tool too which means your dad will have this with him for a long time coming. It commonly can be found in two sizes: six inches and eight inches, and retails for $34.99 at ACE Hardware Store.
  • The Nicholson 21474U Universal File Handle is used for so many things for your most recent project, a long utility knife, flush cut saw, tap handle, pulling wire, and file handle- this multi-purpose tool is very useful to any handyman dad out there. A Nicholson 21474U Universal Handle can be found on Amazon for $9.89.
  • The OBD2 BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro Scan Tool is the easiest way to scan your car from head to toe, or in this case bumper to trunk, so you can know exactly what’s going on with your car like any other mechanic out there. Read any of your car’s trouble codes and check engine light, along with giving your car a full diagnostic reading that you won’t get unless you go to a mechanic shop. It gives you a verified fix for what you need to do so you can go on back to cruising like you normally do. There’s also so many other helpful utilities this scan tool has that it makes the price of $119.95 almost too worth it.
  • Every handyman dad needs a newly updated workbench and what better bench to get than the Worx Pegasus 2-in-1 Folding Work Table & Sawhorse on sale for $141.80 (normally priced at $149.99) at Amazon. This easy to set up portable workbench can be stored folded up for a great use of space and can be carried with little hassle to your next location. It can transition from a workbench to a saw table, with the workbench carrying a high load-bearing capacity up to 300 lbs and the saw table supports 1000 lbs. This bench has got its work cut out for it- that’s for sure!
The Worx Pegasus 2-in-1 Folding Work Table & Sawhorse on Amazon.

A Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny

Every handyman loves a chance to go out to get whatever he wants- here’s a gift card exactly for that!

Buy A Custom Visa Gift Card

Preview of your Build-a-Card

Like we mentioned in the middle of the gift guide, it’s hard to shop for the handyman dad who has everything, so giving him a gift he can spend on whatever he wants- tools or maybe just a sub from his favorite sandwich shop would make for a good gift. That’s why we included a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny. 

This Visa gift card can  be used at any store that accepts Visa cards, meaning if he wanted to both shop for a tool he’s been needing and that sandwich, he can pay for it all with this one card. At Gift Card Granny you can load up to $500 on the card, add a picture and message to the card, and then send it to him via email or have it be made as a plastic card and give it to him in person. It’s a great little gift we’re sure he will get use of!

You can Purchase a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny here!

And there you go! Those are some gift ideas for the handyman dad in your life. From workbenches to funny T-shirts, he will certainly have fun opening up whatever you get him from this gift guide.

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