10 Fun And Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

January 25, 2024
Gift Ideas
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Perfect gift ideas for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, her birthday, or “just because”

There’s nothing quite like those fuzzy warm feelings you get when you think about your partner, the ones that are always there in your stomach when you think about them- whether you’ve only just started dating or have been dating for years, these fuzzy feelings are what makes them special. And you’ve come here to show them just how special they are. It might be because it’s their birthday, your anniversary, or it’s just a  regular Tuesday and you wanted to give them a little something to show you’re thinking about them- whatever it is, you’ve come to the right place.

Today we’re going to give you a list of fun and thoughtful gift ideas for your girlfriend. From small knick knacks she might find cute to creative ideas perfectly suited to her personality, you’ll have a myriad of ideas to pick from and if you’re here for a simple, no fuss gift idea for your girlfriend then you should check out GiftYa.

GiftYa is a website/mobile app that sells digital gift cards to well known retailers, restaurants, local businesses, online shops & apps, spas, hotels, and more! It’s all online, so you can surprise your girlfriend while she’s at work with a gift card delivered via text or email. You can purchase up to $250 of value for a GiftYa gift card and you can add a custom picture, gift wrapper, and message to make the virtual card something special.

Learn more about GiftYa and send your first gift card here!

An Airbnb Gift Card

Plan a trip with your partner or your besties in a unique home rental anywhere in the world!

Buy An Airbnb Gift Card

air bnb

Surprise your girlfriend with an Airbnb gift card, whether it’s because you want to present it as a “guess where we’re going” gift or a gift she can use for her next trip with her besties. Airbnb is an online marketplace for vacation home and condo rentals all over the world. They have a ton of options in some pretty unique places.

There’s beachfront properties, countryside and lakefront homes that get you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, tiny homes, cabins, tree houses, castles, mansions, and more! Airbnb makes finding accommodation for your next trip easy, all you have to do is go onto the website (or download the app), search where you want to go, add your check in and check out dates, and the number of guests that will be staying. Airbnb will then give you a list of places available for your criteria in just a few seconds. Airbnb makes travel easy.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Airbnb here!

12 Custom Gifts tailored to her personality

Everyone enjoys a gift that’s custom made to their own likes!

couple taking a selfie

Even a fun date with just the two of you on a hike is a great gift idea for your girlfriend!

Custom gifts make for great reactions. It’s a gift that might not normally be personalized and it adds a little extra “something special” to really elevate a gift. It adds a touch of love and really shows how much you know about them and how much you think about them.

Custom Jewelry Boxes and Jewelry

Custom Star Map

This gift would make for an amazing anniversary surprise. The Night Sky is a website that creates a custom star map of an important date to you. Whether it be the first night you kissed, met, had your first date, or asked each other to be official- they will look at the stars from that date and create a picture frame for you to keep. You can choose how it looks and how it's made- (they even have a glow in the dark option)!

And they don’t just have picture frames, they also have pendant necklaces and bracelets, which she could add to her new custom jewelry box! Choose between a Star Map, Star Sign, or Moon Phase, pick between Black Onyx, Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Vermeil, or 9k Solid Gold as a base, and choose to do a grid or constellation. Lots of versatility at the Night Sky.

Custom Photo Album

Gather pictures of your memories together and create a scrapbook with pictures and mementos from your best dates and adventures. Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” like a handmade scrapbook full of your love. And if you don’t know where to start? Shutterfly is a website that takes your photos and puts them on a number of products like shirts, mugs, blankets, posters, and photo albums. You can pick a template and select the photos you want from your computer, pick and choose where you want certain things to go, and get it delivered to you for an epic gift! (You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Shutterfly here).

Speaking of mugs, if your girlfriend is a big fan of her morning coffee, tea, or other hot drink- (nothing wrong with a good hot chocolate) then getting her a custom mug would make for a great little gift. Choose to do something silly or sentimental, either way, we’re sure she’s gonna love it! Go through Shutterfly or get this Personalized Photo Coffee Mug on sale for $11.04+ through Etsy where you can add a text and a photo.

“What You Love” Book

If you’re going for cheesy and romantic, then this is where your creative skills might come into play. Take your time and write out a list of things about your girlfriend that you love. It can be simple things like the way she ties up her hair to bigger things like her compassion. Get some index cards, colored markers, and a stapler, or if you want to go big, look at Blurb, a site dedicated to creating custom photo books!

Date Night Jar

Spice up your next date night by picking a date idea from your “Date Night Jar!” Get some paper, cut out some strips, write down a list of date night ideas you think she would like, what you both like doing together, i.e. going out on the town or staying in for a popcorn movie night, and put them in a jar. It’s a cute idea perfect for your next few date nights!

A Faux Leather Journal

Journaling is a great outlet for anybody, you can write your thoughts down and let them out if they are particularly bugging you. It’s a nice form of release and it can really make for a great daily exercise to employ and look back on. If she’s talked about journaling, has a journal, or you think she’d like one, get her this Vegan Leather Journal Terra Cotta Thoughts for $9.99 at Target. A great starter journal or one to add to the collection! Or if you want to go full custom, get her a custom journal from CustomInk or VistaPrint.

Make and Bake

If your partner has a big sweet tooth then you should try baking her her favorite baked goods! Baking may seem scary- (if you don’t find yourself particularly adept in the kitchen) but we promise as long as you follow the recipe to a tee and don’t forget about the oven, you should have no problems! If you aren’t sure what her favorite baked good is, you can’t go wrong with chocolate chip cookies. Here’s a recipe from JoyFoodSunshine for “The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever”!

An assortment of 7 gifts we think she’d like

Can’t go wrong with these “miscellaneous” gifts- (we promise she’ll love ‘em)

Beloved African American couple cuddling and smiling on couch Stock Photo
Can’t go wrong with simple, a gift from you is perfect no matter what it is!

If you’re looking for a “just because” gift then these next few gifts are perfect. Don’t get us wrong, they’d make for a good birthday gift too, but we think these are especially good gifts to get just because.

Glass Flowers (or real ones)

Flowers might be a “cliche” gift but they’re a gift that has stood the test of time for a reason. Both beautiful and thoughtful, who doesn’t love to be surprised with flowers? Especially permanent ones.

For those who don’t necessarily have the best green thumb in the world, these Glass Flowers from McFadden Art Glass for $25.00 will make for a great spin on your traditional flower gift. Though if you want, you can get both glass flowers and real flowers from Farmgirl Flowers!

Mug Warmer

Remember when we talked about the custom mug? Add to it with a mug warmer! Mug warmers are a great way to keep your drink warm all throughout your busy work day. Don’t want to accidentally take a sip or cold coffee? With this Coffee Mug Warmer (with an auto shut off) can be found on Amazon on sale for $19.99.

Hot Water Bottle

Speaking of keeping warm, a hot water bottle can do wonders for any aches and pains when your partner gets her period, is sick, or is just having some tummy troubles. This highly rated samply Hot Water Bottle with Knitted Cover for $9.99 is possibly the best purchase on this list. (There’s even some cute designs to choose from)!

Silk Pajamas

We all agree that sweatpants are great, and usually there’s no beating them- except when it comes to silk pajamas. Silk is smooth against the skin and makes for the ultimate comfort wear. Slip into bed and feel the glide of the silk against your skin with a set of SilkSilky pajamas. They’ve got robes, pajamas, and nightgowns.

Fuzzy Socks

Can’t have a silk pajama set and not have fuzzy socks to go with it! Fuzzy socks are always an appreciated gift, especially for those who run colder than others. Cuddle up on the couch with a pair of these Women’s Marl Calf Socks for $14.00 on Bombas. They’re designed to keep you cozy throughout the entire day.

Spa Kit

You know those days when you really feel like doing absolutely nothing? Well do we have the perfect plans for you! Truly relax with The Gift of Wonder self-care/spa gift on sale for $25.90 from The Body Shop. You’ll get Mango Lip Butter, Shea Body Butter, Shea Hand Balm, Mango Shower Gel, and Shea Butter Soap all in one package.

There you have it! Those are some gift ideas for your girlfriend that we’re sure she will appreciate. Great for an anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day gift, or just because you want to do something special for her.


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