10 Fantastic Gift Ideas for A Firefighter

Great Gifts That Range From Practical to Sentimental

I genuinely think that there are few working people more deserving of a gift than firefighters. I mean they silently do their job and save people’s homes and memories and they do it all without big parades or constant glowing news reports. And I’ve never heard anybody say “defund the fire department” so it seems like across the board they do a great job for very little credit or recognition. 

So if there is a firefighter in your life and you want them to know that all their hard work is appreciated by getting them a gift, but don’t know where to start, then not to worry. Today I have just the thing for you. Today’s post is going to be a list of 10 great gift ideas you can get for a firefighter. And the nice thing about this list is that none of the options on the list are really all that expensive. So that way anybody on any type of budget will be able to find their firefighter a great gift on the list today. And if you can use one of our convenient GiftYa gift cards to get any of the gifts today I will be sure to provide you with a link!

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But that’s enough with the introduction and the obligatory spiel about the “brand,” I’ll get right to that list of 10 great gift ideas for a firefighter that brought you here. And as always, thank you for reading!

1 - A Fireproof Wallet

A Great Gift for Any Firefighter Out There!

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A fireproof wallet can be a real quality of life upgrade for a firefighter. Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

If there’s one thing every firefighter out there could use it’s a fireproof wallet. I mean everybody needs to have their wallet on them most of the time. It’s where your Identification is and all your insurance information and all your money and credit cards too. Well for firefighters they run the risk of a standard wallet getting burnt up or melting in the heat of the fire. So one of these fireproof wallets that they can use whenever they are on call can really come in handy for them. And these aren’t even that pricey. You can find them on Amazon for like $30

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2 - A Glow In the Dark Facepiece Nameplate

An Effective and Affordable Gift for A Firefighter

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A Glow In the Dark Facepiece Nameplate
A luminescent nameplate can make an emergency situation that much more convenient for a firefighter. Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

Firefighters have to be fully prepared for an emergency situation in mere seconds even from a dead sleep. So something that could help your firefighter out is getting them a glow in the dark namepiece that they can put inside their mask. That way even if they are woken up at 3AM by the fire alarm and they are staggering around in the dark trying to get ready, your firefighter will be able to see exactly where his stuff is because his mask will be glowing with his name. Helping him get ready faster and sooner than he otherwise would.

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3 - Be Sure to Check Out Etsy for Firefighter Themed Gifts

A Personalized Gift Always Feels A Little Extra Special

USA Flag emblem
A customized gift from Etsy can make an amazing gift for your firefighter. Image courtesy of Etsy.com.

You can find all kinds of great gifts at Etsy for the firefighter in your life. And the nice thing about Etsy is that a lot of the stores offer custom or personalized versions of their products. That way you can get your firefighter a gift that is totally unique to him. Even something as simple as having their name printed on it can turn an ordinary gift into an extraordinary gift. And I think this one makes a great gift idea for any firefighter out there. People really enjoy receiving personalized gifts and Etsy is the place to find them!

4 - A Tactical Watch Cover

Another Great Gift to Help Them Protect Their Valuables

A firefighter can always use something to protect their possessions. Image courtesy of Etsy.com.

A fireproof watch cover can make a really great gift for any firefighter out there. It would suck to have your watch or smartwatch destroyed because you have to run into a burning building for work. So help them avoid that problem by getting them one of these tactical watch covers!

5 - Under Armour

A Great Material For Firefighters When They Are Around the Firehouse

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Under Armour gift card

Under Armour can make a really nice gift for a firefighter because Under Armour is made of a special material that keeps you cool when it's hot, and warm when it’s cool. So you can see how having Under Armour underneath a firefighters suit could go a long way in helping keep them cool under the pressure of a fire’s heat. And even if you don’t know exactly what to get them, you can send them a gift card to Under Armour and then they can pick out exactly what they want themselves!

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6 - Canceled On Scene

Like Cards Against Humanity for First Responders

Cards Against Humanity for First Responders
This game makes a great gift idea for a firefighter. Image courtesy of beyondthemeatwagon.com.

Firefighters can sometimes have a lot of downtime on the job. They have to do a shift where they are on for 24 hours straight and sometimes there’s not a fire during that time so they have to pass the time other ways. And if they are bored of all the regular card games down at the firehouse then get them Canceled On Scene. It is basically Cards Against Humanity, but specifically themed for first responders. 

So you can see how a firefighter would have a lot of fun with this one and it's really a gift the whole firehall can enjoy so it’s like you're getting a gift for all the firefighters at that firehouse. And I am sure it will add a sense of levity to a job that can otherwise be quite overwhelming and stressful.

7 - Calm

Help Your Firefighter Deal With Their Workplace Anxiety

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 Calm gift card

Firefighters have a pretty intense job when you think about it. Firefighters have to be under a ton of stress so one great gift you can get your firefighter is a Calm gift card so that way they can set up an account and get access to all the tools and features that Calm kas to help you manage your stress and anxiety levels! And Calm even has guided sleep meditations to help them fall asleep faster and get more restful sleep. I don’t know about you, but I want my firefighters well rested 😅

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8 - A Plaque Giving Thanks for Their Service

Any Firefighter Would Be Honored to Receive This Is A Gift

A Plaque Giving Thanks
Any firefighter would be honored to receive this as a gift. Image courtesy of firstrespondergiftcompany.com.

Like I was saying at the beginning or the post, I really think firefighters don’t get as much credit as they deserve. They always do a good job and they do it without parades and media coverage. Compared to cops and doctors nobody really thinks of firefighters as the heroes that they are. But what a firefighter does for work is put their life on the line to protect the homes and memories of others. 

It is a truly noble task that they perform and we as a society do very little to recognize it. So I think if you get a firefighter one of these plaques that gives thanks for their service then they are going to be absolutely honored and it could very well become one of their most prized possessions!

9 - Historic Fire Hose Nozzle Bottle Opener

Any Firefighter Will Get A KIck Out of These As A Gift

This makes a great gift idea for any firefighter out there. Image courtesy of Etsy.com.

These are a fun gift for just about any firefighter out there. The nice thing about these is that they are antique fire nozzles that have been turned into bottle openers. This is something any firefighter would be thrilled to have around their house or down at the station to open bottles with. And these seem like such a fancy gift for a firefighter but you can get a set on Etsy for like $20. So I think these make a great gift for a firefighter because they look pretty impressive, but they won’t break the bank!

10 - A Visa Gift Card

These Are Great Because They Can Use Them No Matter Where A Call Takes Them

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Visa gift card

Firefighters get called out to respond to various places all across the city. So if you want to get them a gift they can keep in their back pocket and pull out when they really feel the need for a special retreat then get them one of these custom Visa gift cards. The great thing about these cards is that they are accepted by everybody who accepts Visa card. Which means your firefighter will be able to use these at any business he stumbles across. Whether it's a dinner to get a sandwich or a convenience store to grab a cup of coffee, you will have your firefighter covered with these Visa gift cards!

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And There You Have 10 Great Gift Ideas for A Firefighter!

I hope something on the list looked perfect for the firefighter in your life. To be honest I had more fun coming up with these gift ideas than I thought I was going to. There are a wide variety of different types of gifts on here so I hope you found one that looks perfect for the firefighter in your life. And I tried to make sure none of the gifts on the list were too expensive so that way anybody on any budget would be able to get their firefighter a gift. I think there are few working people more deserving of a gift than a firefighter, but I am sure they will be pleased with whatever gift you decide to get them!

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